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Rock n Roll New Orleans Recap 2015

Rock-n-Roll New Orleans Recap 2015 Half Marathon This is my review of the Rock-n-Roll New Orleans Recap 2015 Well our weekend started out wet Friday.  Trying to load up the RV in nasty weather wasn’t much fun, but we got it all in.  It did quit raining once we got on the road so that was good. After a trip to Walmart to pick up weekend snacks, we were on the road and Louisiana bound.  The time flew by as {Read More}

NOLA Bound

Tomorrow I along with my running buddies, Jennifer and Skip and our ever so needed support man, my husband, will be traveling South to New Orleans!  We will be running in the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon.  We again will be taking our friend “The Dutchess” Motorhome along.  Please pray we have safe travels, to, from and during our time in the Big Easy! This time last year was my very first half marathon I ever participated in. {Read More}

That one comment…..

You learn so much about what others think about you  by their comments and/or side remarks.  You know one of the reasons I started this blog was for me, I was looked back on 2014 and all the old pictures in my phone and thought wow I have really done a lot this year.  I wanted somewhere I could go back an visually see everything.  In a way I use it as my own motivation. I’ve done a couple scrapbooks {Read More}

New Ambassador for Girls Gone Sporty

I am very excited to announce I am a newly Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!!Woop Woop! Why I am so excited about this ambassadorship?  Well this year is going to by MY year!  It’s started off great with trying new classes, a new PR, and making new friends just to name a few.   Girls Gone Sporty motto for 2015 is all about  Pushing Your Boundaries, Challenging Your Expectations #PYBCYE –To me that means trying new things and pushing myself beyond the {Read More}

1st 5k of 2015

First 5k of 2015! – MPSD Race for the Future It was Friday night and I had truly NOT decided for sure if I would participate in a 5k in the morning. I knew I needed to get in a run in between the half marathon of last weekend and the half coming up this weekend.  I knew it was a good cause and the route would be different than the normal routes near me. This I really liked. Even {Read More}


I love, love, LOVE this verse!  I go back to it over and over, I even chant it when the running gets hard.  Sometimes its getting up that steep hill, sometimes it’s a quarter of the way into a long run, this past weekend it was keeping up the pace with my friend.   I know my God will always come through for me  and he always does!  When things get tough for you what do you do?  Is there {Read More}

Mississippi Blues Half Recap

Mississippi Blues Half Recap 2015 Mississippi Blues Half Recap 2015 Friday was full of uncertainty, excitement and fear as I thought about the race before me tomorrow. I had looked at the elevations, had heard others talk about the hills.  I still have Tupelo in the back of my mind.  For me Tupelo was hard….. period.   It was hot, humid and I was not prepared enough for it and therefore I did not do as well as I had hoped {Read More}

New Race Bling

I am so very excited to report I was able to pick up a PR today at the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon. a race recap to come soon!  🙂

Hitting the Pavement Because???

Good morning!  I read a blog post from The Hungry Runner Girl (great blog, you can check it out Here) yesterday and she asked a question on her blog and I thought I’d answer it in detail on mine. Her question was: Do you hit the pavement for a run or go to the gym because: A) You aren’t happy with what you look like and you are chasing after changing your body. B) You want to give your body {Read More}

What Running has taught me about Dedication & Discipline

What running has taught me about Dedication and discipline.  It’s like the ol’ saying: USE IT OR LOOSE IT  Wait, No not that…………… Yea, thats more like it! 🙂 It’s just like any other muscle if you use it, it gets stronger if you don’t you loose it.  I’m not only talking about physical but mental as well. Our society teaches us from a very young age if it feels good do it. We don’t give ourselves enough credit and {Read More}