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TOL – Married to a Non-Runner

I’m married to a non-runner. Actually it didn’t use to be that way, after all he is the one who got me started. You see my husband and a friend got this idea they wanted to start running.  So peer pressure got the best of me. Ok, me too….  (Yea, right……WT? was I thinking???) Running was hard, really hard.  We started out with the couch to 5k.  My husband would run off and leave me and I could not keep {Read More}

Anticipation – Wednesday Word

Anticipation It’s the Word of the day for Wednesday Word. See what I’m anticipating… I had so much fun creating last weeks post on Appreciation, I thought I’d do it again. For today’s post, I’m linking back up with Deb over at Deb Runs for Wednesday Word. Thank you Debbie! What is Wednesday Word anyway? Each Wednesday you will have a single word prompt to write about.  Let your imagination run free and share with your readers your interpretation of {Read More}

Building Habits

Building Habits For today’s Tuesday’s Tips I’m talking about habits.  While doing some research for myself and for another post on motivation, I stumbled upon this article.  Not really sure exactly how but I’m glad I did.  It has some really great information, and I think you will benefit from it, keep reading…. I just have to share it!  When we find something really great (in my opinion this is it) we don’t want to hide it and keep it all {Read More}

Memorial Day Weekend Update

Memorial Day Weekend Update Happy Memorial Day !!!  I hope you had a long weekend and are enjoying it!  My family and I have spent the weekend at a Lake about an hour North of us. Our first trip here and we have really enjoyed it. Here is how my weekend turned out. Friday I worked until noon then made a trip to Walmart on the way home. (Something I should have done earlier in the week but didn’t) My {Read More}


Wednesday Word – Appreciation I thought I’d do something a little different today.  I wanted to join in on the Wednesday Word linkup hosted by Deb over at Deb Runs.  It’s my first time and this sounds like such a fun link up each week.  I love the idea of this because it gives me inspiration to write but lets me put my own twist on it! Thank you so much Deb for allowing me to join in! Wednesday’s Word {Read More}

Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, AL Review

Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, AL. RV Park Review This is a review of the Gulf State Park Campground in Gulf Shores, AL. I must say I feel like I just scratched the surface of this great park and all it has to offer. A weekend is not near enough time to really enjoy it and I believe this won’t be our last time to visit this park either! Back in September 2014 in fact right after we purchased {Read More}

Weekend Update 5.18.15

Weekend Update 5.18.15 Hi Yall!  It’s a Monday and a  shorter week for me.   I hate to wish my week away, but I am pretty excited about a family camping trip we have planed over the Memorial Day Weekend.  This past weekend was great and I hope it was for you too. Friday I came home to pick up my husband and we went back to town to eat. I chose Cracker Barrel where I had all vegetables an I {Read More}

Thinking Out Loud #9 5.14.15

Think Out Loud #9 5.14.15 I know some of you are just starting your marathon and half marathon season, and I’m so jealous of you. Ours is for the most part over.  🙁  I’m sad too.  Now there may be one here or there within 250 or so miles but not really doable for me.  The one that is in my state is on a date I just don’t see how I can make. On a lighter note, guess what? {Read More}

Mothers Day Weekend Update

Short n to the point Mothers Day Weekend Update Linking up with Tara over at Running n Reading’s Weekend Update. Thank you Tara for this, please go visit her page. Friday: I got off work and came home to G grilling port chops and vegetables.  I’m back to logging my food and watching my carbs and calories in general so this was doable.  I fixed me a salad and ate the vegetables  and a little bit of the port chop. {Read More}

Insane Inflatable 5k

INSANE INFLATABLE 5K This is my recap of the Insane Inflatable 5k in Tuscaloosa, AL on April 25, 2015. My husband saw this race and told me about and when I saw it I knew it would be fun to do.  My trainer organized a team from Snap Fitness of Meridian to participate and when she asked if I wanted to join in I quickly said yes for the both of us! My husband doesn’t like running much but this {Read More}