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Running Friends

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Running Friends It’s Wednesday and when I saw today’s Wednesday Word from I knew I wanted to participate! Today’s Wednesday Word is Friendship I’m not very social, although I try to be on-line. My husband tells me this all the time, he is so much better at it than I am. I started running because of friends, my best friend and my husband. I met my best running buddy, Jennifer; who I attribute my addiction {Read More}

My Birthday Post

My Birthday Post Yes, today is my Birthday, July 28th! I was born 44 years ago and not ashamed to tell my age! 🙂 44 Things about me or this special day! There have been 16,060 sunrises, I’m not sure how many of those I’ve seen (not near enough) but I didn’t miss this mornings sunrise! I am a Leo! People born specifically on the 28th of July are believed to be pioneering, self assured, responsible and like most Lions motivated {Read More}

Little Seaside Adventure Weekend

Little Seaside Adventure Weekend It’s Monday again and I’m coming down from the high of another great weekend full of adventure! My weekend update wouldn’t be complete without linking up with my friend Tara from Running n Reading for her Weekend Update Link Up. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Jump on over here for all the great details My husband and I took a spontaneous getaway trip to the beach on our own Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I was able to {Read More}


Inspirational Today’s Wednesday’s Word is Inspirational I do pretty good at staying inspired to write blog posts, maintain my exercise routine and eat healthy foods. But like everyone I do fall by the way side sometimes. I find that reading others success stories, looking at inspirational pictures and reading inspiring quotes usually will snap me out of whatever slump I’m in. This post isn’t about so many words as it’s just a collection of pictures an quotes I find inspirational. {Read More}

7.20.15 Weekend Recap

7.20.15 Weekend Recap Good Monday morning….I think. My weekend seemed to fly by. So it’s that time again to link up with Tara from Running n Readings Weekend Update Link Up to find out what everyone was up too! Won’t you head on over to her page, I know she’d love to have you! Mine went something like this… FRIDAY Got off work an went to get pampered with a much-needed pedicure at the salon!! It had been awhile since my {Read More}


Commitment Commitment   Here within just the last few weeks, it seems like issues with commitment have come up all around me. I wanted to get some things off my chest about it. Why is it so hard for people to be committed? One of the instances had to do with a girl who started walking. She has, like so many of us, a few pounds to loose and two weeks later she said I haven’t lost anything, I’m just {Read More}

Race Swag

Race Swag Today I’m talking about Race Swag, and when I say race swag, this post is all about the finisher medals! Those gorgeous, sweat induced, hard earned medals you get for completing races! Who doesn’t like Race Swag, Right? 1. I did compete in several 5k’s before I ever placed and it was in my age group and they were great accomplishments, but the real Race Swag came when I started running half marathons. My very first one I {Read More}

It’s All about ME Fun Post

It’s All About Me Fun Post My good friend from HoHo Runs tagged me in a fun post (I love posts like this) where I answer some non-running questions about, ME! Thank you H for thinking of me! So I’ll jump right in with these…. What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?  I may have mentioned this on the blog once before but I think people would be surprised to know I was adopted. I was {Read More}

Bring out the Big HATS!

Bring out the Big Hats! Good Monday Morning my friends! 🙂 I have had a fabulous weekend and can’t wait to tell you all about it! I wanted to mention how grateful I am for Tara’s Weekend Link Up.  We are all nosey by nature and what a great way to find out what went on over the weekend with other bloggers!! Please make sure to stop by Tara’s blog: Running n Reading . She would love for you to participate {Read More}

Keeping Me Humble

Keeping Me Humble It’s the middle of the week and I’ve been busy at work, busy at home, busy with my workouts and busy eating, lol  Some things I need not be so busy at…. It is also Wednesday and that brings Wednesday’s Word from DebRuns! Love this link up! Today’s word is Humble I wanted to share some things that keep me humble. Running does keep me humble. I’m not a fast runner in fact I’m about as middle {Read More}