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Weekly Wrap #4

Weekly Wrap #4 Hello Friends! Another weekend has come to an end! They keep getting faster and faster! I’m so very glad you stopped by and I hope you are participating in this link-up with Holly and I.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this each week, not only because of the obvious reasons meaning I’m a co-host, but I enjoy reading what everyone did and re-living my week as well. If your curious and want more info {Read More}

5 Things I did this Summer

5 Things I did this Summer I’m linking up with: Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What, and Mar @ Mar on the Run’s Friday Five Link Up. A big thank you to these ladies for hosting this, I always find a new blog to start following through these link ups. Each month they post theme’s for their Friday Five Link Up’s and this week’s theme is: 5 Things I did this Summer, but {Read More}

Adsorbion Review + #Giveaway

What’s that smell in your gym bag? No not your clothes, it’s your shoes Eeeeeek!!! Stinky Shoes are not Sexy!  I have found something that takes that smell away! It is called…. Adsorbion Shoe Freshener What I like about Adsorbion pouches is the fact that they are not laden with heavy chemicals, in fact even when you first open the bag, you do not smell anything.  What? No flowery smell, no rain forest smell? Nope, none of those. No chemicals {Read More}


am·bi·tious having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed. Am I ambitious? Yes, I think I am! Why? Because I want to accomplish things. Like what? For starters I want to: do well at the Tupelo Half Marathon I want to push myself harder in the gym I want to have better control over my diet I want to be successful at my blog I want to run faster I want to train hard for my marathon I {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #3 Kenny on the Beach

Gosh is it Monday already? I still have a weekend hangover! Hang on let me grab some coffee….(a few minutes goes by) Ok better. Ahhh, It IS Monday, Good Morning bright and early too! (Well I guess you could be reading this at night) Either way, good day to you! I am once again co-hosting this link up with my friend Holly from HoHo Runs! We would love to have YOU join in with us Wrapping up YOUR week however you {Read More}

Much to Focus on

Much to focus on Today when I woke up I focused on the fact that as I slept the giveaway I had going on ended. My very first one. Yay, Me! I focused on the fact that I did not know what to do next to allow the plugin to choose the winner or if it would be an easy process.  Sure enough it was. So as I type this I’m focused on getting the name and information right. Without {Read More}

Bulu Box Review #SweatPink

Bulu Box Review #SweatPink Have you heard of Bulu Box? As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was so excited to find out I was selected to review Bulu Box. What is a Bulu Box subscription? Bulu Box is a subscription you get delivered to your door once a month. If you are wanting to discover health, nutrition and weight loss products that are right for YOU look no further than Bulu Box! Have you ever bought a product to try that {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #2

Weekly Wrap #2 Guess what today is???  Yup, Monday and Monday means it’s time for the Weekly Wrap! We would absolutely love for you to join in on the party, tell us how your week went. Did you train hard? Run? Bike? Maybe did something else? Race? Vacation? Something fun, not that all of the mentions aren’t fun right?!? Tell us about it in a post and link up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin. I talked to Holly on Thursday {Read More}

Sick n Tired

Sick n Tired How is it already That Time of the Month again?  No, No not THAT time, this time…. The new link up from two great ladies I’m privileged to call my friends: Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home.  Please stop by both their blogs and find out just what has gotten under their skin lately. So what is all this talk anyway? Here it is in a nutshell…. Annoyed?   Irritated?   Ticked Off?   At {Read More}

Initiative is the Wednesday Word

Two posts in one day, I sure didn’t want to miss out on the great party that Deb is throwing over at DebRuns! Today is Wednesday Word Link Up! I’ve said it before how I enjoy participating in this. She throws out a word and you create a post around it, your style, your take, your way, how neat is that!?! I know she would love for you to join in too! in·i·tia·tive  (ĭ-nĭsh′ə-tĭv) n. 1. The power or ability {Read More}