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7 Ways to Know If You Have Found Your Passion?

7 Ways to know if you have found your Passion? Happy Wednesday Y’all! I hope you are having a great week, today on the blog I’m talking about passion and knowing you’ve found yours. There are so many things we can be passionate about. For me if you’ve read my blog long you know I use the term “Building a Better Me” all the time. It’s right at the top of my twitter page and in most of my profile {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #8 – Wedding Fun

Weekly Wrap #8  – Wedding Fun Week #8 really? Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since our baby was born! Holly from HoHo Runs and I welcome you to join in with us each week for the Weekly Wrap. You can wrap up your week or even a weekend, it’s up to you. It can be anything fun or fitness related. This week’s version for me is Wedding Fun. My BFF’s daughter got married so we were getting everything ready {Read More}

September Runfessions

September Runfessions I have some Runfessions I need to get out and clear my head. What are Runfessions? They are little or big confessions about running. I hope you’ll join me and the other bloggers for September’s version of Runfessions hosted by Marcia from My Runfessions for September are: I skipped the very first week of Walt Disney World Marathon Training….sighhhh. I told my trainer I could handle more weight in deadlifts…..boy did I pay for that later! I did {Read More}

5 Fun and Family Friendly Activities to do in the Fall

5 Fun and Family Friendly Activities to do in the Fall Fall is Fabulous Y’all! I’m going to give you 5 fun and family friendly activities to do in the fall. It is truly my very favorite season, I just love this time of the year. I love the colors, the clothes, the weather and, of course, the food. Number 1 – Camping My family is camping right now and this time of year is so nice at the campground. {Read More}

Self Intro Video

Self Intro Video – This is why I very much dislike hearing my voice. As I tell you in the video I am way out of my comfort zone today by posting this. I am taking steps to better my blog and I thought this would be a step in the right direction. I want you to get to know the Tricia behind MissSippiPiddlin a little better. I want you to feel like you have met me and wouldn’t think twice {Read More}

Do you play the Comparison Game?

Do you play the Comparison Game? The Comparision Game – I think it is a game we all play in some form or fashion. In this post I’m going to give you some inspiration to try not to get sucked into the game. YOU, yes you reading this; YOU are unique, YOU are one-of-a-kind, special and unlike anyone else. You do not need to compare yourself with anyone else. You need to be YOU! Find out what your hidden talent {Read More}

Winners for RooSport Giveaway

Winners for RooSport Giveaway I wanted to jump in here and post the winners of the RooSport Giveway.  If you will notice, I did say winners(s)! I have been in touch with Ms. Brenda from RooSport updating her on my giveaway and when it ended at midnight on Sunday, I emailed her Monday telling her I had Rafflecopter pick a random winner and she told me to pick another one! Yup, she said let’s give away 2 RooSports! So here {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #7 – Camping Football Fun

Weekly Wrap #7  – Camping Football Fun Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap this weeks version is  Camping Football Fun. Join Holly and I for the Weekly Wrap and wrap up your week or weekend of fun, training, racing your choice! Show us how you do it! Marathon Training – Week #2 Last week I was taking a break after my Tupelo Half  and rested pretty much the 1st week of Marathon training. Well, this week I dove right in with {Read More}

That Time of the Month Link up – September

It’s That Time of the Month Link up – September Edition The days are getting shorter, I think that right there constitutes irritation right? Just when I get to liking this morning running routine too. With the sun coming up later it shortens my time I get to run before work. I can’t really run any faster so I’ve been running with less light, another reason to be annoyed. I have a great place to run, it’s a reservoir and {Read More}

Being Cautious While Running Solo

Being Cautious While Running Solo Here are 5 things you should know while running solo! It is Wednesday and a favorite link up of mine is Wednesday Word with Deb over at DebRuns. Please stop by her page or even better join in with us! Wednesday Word – Won’t you join us? The word for today is Cautious Let’s face it, it’s not a pretty world out there and there are bad people who only want to do harm to {Read More}