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Weekly Wrap #17 Florida Vacation

Weekly Wrap #17 Florida Vacation Hello from the happiest place on earth, yes I am in Disney World right now! In fact this is our last night here, I know I’m sad too; so we are soaking as much in as we can. Welcome to the Week Wrap Florida Vacation. I’m so excited you are here. If you did not know, Holly from Ho Ho Runs and I are giving away $75 gift card in a few weeks and it {Read More}

12 Things on A Runners Christmas List

12 Things on A Runners Christmas List – Small gifts Is your family like mine, always asking me what I want for Christmas? Sure, I’ll take a paid Disney race entry, maybe the latest GPS Watch or even a new pair of running shoes. Well in keeping within a budget what they mean is what can I get you that I can afford. I’m going to tell you and hopefully my family who does not ready my blog what I {Read More}

Running Skirt Holiday Giveaway

Running Skirt Holiday Giveaway As a thank you to my loyal followers I am joining Kristy from Runaway Bridal Planner and co-host, Mary Beth from Tutus and Tennies in the Holiday Giveaway Hop. Yay, I signed up for a race, oh no? What am I going to wear? You know I love to dress up for races! Yes, I’m the one who wears the colorful socks, bright skirts, wild headbands! So in deciding what I wanted to giveaway it was a no {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #16 Friends Food Finisher

Weekly Wrap #16 Friends Food Finisher It’s that time again for the Weekly Wrap #16 Friends Food Finisher edition. So very glad you dropped in. We also hope you linked up your own post with us. Remember we are giving away a $75 gift card to use just in time for Christmas for one lucky linker. That’s right, earn an entry by linking up with us, and why wouldn’t you, right? It was a busy week for me and my {Read More}

5 Favorite Fall Adult Drinks

5 Favorite Fall Adult Drinks Fall is a great time for drinks, wait Anytime is a great time for drinks! Yea, that’s more like it. 🙂 Here my favorite fall adult drinks list. Now be aware this list could change any minute.  😉 Amaretto Sour This is a great drink to order out at a bar if you are not used to ordering mixed drinks. It is a simple drink to mix up and commonly ordered. It has a sweetness {Read More}

Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

ADVICE I WOULD GIVE MY YOUNGER SELF Have you ever wished you could jump on a time machine go into the future, write yourself a letter and fly back in time to actually read it? What about meeting your younger self? What advice would you give to your younger self? This is going to be a fun post to just see what I would change and what advice I would give my younger self if I could. “Quit trying to appease others {Read More}

It’s All About That ROLL Foam Rolling

It’s All About That ROLL – Foam Rolling It’s all about that Roll, that roll, that ROLL…. We are talking about Foam Rolling today! Discover everything you need to know to get you started foam rolling. I admit, I have been under a rock for the most part of my running journey when it came to foam rolling. Now….. I swear my foam roller is the best thing since sliced bread, handier than a shirt pocket, and it’s ALL that {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #15 Knockout

Weekly Wrap #15 Knockout Welcome to the Weekly Wrap #15 Knockout edition. What a great week it’s been! Let me tell you I’ve had a blogging ball participating in Week 1 of the Grow Your Blog Hop. As part of the Hop, you were given a Spotlight day where you tell a little bit about you for the new visitors. If you missed mine and want to know more about the person behind MissSippiPiddlin you can take a look here. {Read More}

I’m in the Spotlight!

I’m in the Spotlight! Wow, I’m in the Spotlight today, will you look there! Wait, turn off the light so I can see you all. Ahhh, hey there, yea you. I am so glad you stopped by my blog, MissSippiPiddlin. For those of you who visit my blog often I’m participating in a Grow your Blog hop which is hosted by my friend, Kristy from Runaway Bridal Planner and today is MY Day to be spotlighted! Hi, I am Tricia and {Read More}

What are the Benefits of Compression Socks in Running?

What are the benefits of Compression Socks in Running Disclaimer: I was given a pair of Soxxy Air Compression Socks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. When I first started running and getting into races I wore compression socks. I have to admit my reason was purely superficial! The reason I wore compression socks was to complete my outfit or to add warmth to my legs without having to wear tights or capris and {Read More}