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Looking Ahead to 2016

Looking Ahead to 2016 I am looking ahead to 2016. Are you looking ahead? Do you have a plan for 2016, maybe make a list of goals? Do you make a New Year’s Resolution? In the past I have made goals, I had to go back and look to see what my goals were for this year and if I posted about it and guess what? Nope, I didn’t…. Humm, not that I didn’t have any, I’m sure I did. {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #21 Stone Mountain Christmas

Weekly Wrap #21 Stone Mountain Christmas What a great Christmas week we had! I want to welcome you to the Weekly Wrap #21 Stone Mountain Christmas edition. If you are new here, Holly and I are glad to have you join us. For those of you who have not joined us, what are you waiting on? Come on and join in the fun. This link up is all about YOU! Tell us what you did this past week, how you {Read More}

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!! From my family to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin Follow me on Instagram to see more pictures from Stone Mountain 2015

My Year in Review 2015

My Year in Review 2015 My year in review 2015   2015 brought many adventures, many challenges and many accomplishments, all in all, I had a great year! Here are some of my highlights: I did (5) 5k’s, (9) half marathons and trained for 19 long weeks for my first full marathon all in 2015. We took numerous trips, some as a family, some just my husband and I and most of them were in the RV, The Dutchess! In {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #20 Marathon Ready?

Weekly Wrap#20 Marathon Ready? Welcome to the Weekly Wrap #20 Marathon Ready edition. We are so excited you joined us for yet another week. Only one more Weekly Wrap in 2015! Oh wow, can you really believe it? I can’t either. Holly and I started this Weekly Wrap to support other active women. We want to hear what you’re doing, how you train, have fun and stay active. We encourage you to make it a point and visit a blog {Read More}

MealEnders Review + Giveaway

MealEnders Review + Giveaway Raise your hand if the Holidays bring on overindulgence? Me, that would be ME! I do fairly well with cravings and watching what I eat most of the time, but, this time of the year I always struggle. If you are like me, then you may want to try out MealEnders. I was given the opportunity to give these little lozenges a try through my affiliation with Sweat Pink. About MealEnders: They were designed to help you {Read More}

Runfessions December Edition

Runfessions – December Edition Let’s dive right into Runfessions December Edition right now. ♥ I surprised myself with running a 10:19 pace yesterday morning, I have not seen those paces well in a long time with this marathon training. Course it did help I didn’t have my dog with me. Shhhh, don’t tell him. ♥ One minute I think there is no way I’m going to be able to do this marathon, the next, I’m beast and can’t wait to {Read More}

Weekly Wrap Winner

Weekly Wrap Winner We have a Weekly Wrap Winner! Holly and myself have been hosting a giveaway on the Weekly Wrap.  Today was the day to select the winner. We appreciate every linker we’ve had this year. For the record, we’ve had 65 different linkers since our start 19 weeks ago.  Before we get to the BIG winner we would also like to congratulate a few who have been with us since the beginning. When exactly was the beginning? The very first Weekly Wrap {Read More}

Ice Cream Winners!!!

Ice Cream Winners Ice Cream Winners: I wanted to hop in here real quick and announce the winners of the Ice Cream gift cards that I gave away during my 1st Blogiversary! a Rafflecopter giveaway A super thank you to all that visited, commented, brought gifts, ok just kidding 😉 to my party! I’ve emailed all the winners and I’m waiting on addresses to send the card out! FYI: The flavor of the months is OREO® Cool Mint Chocolate Ice {Read More}

Why am I Stressed? Let’s Count the Reasons

Why am I Stressed? Let’s County the Reasons… In today’s post: Why am I stressed? Let’s count the reasons I’m listing just some of the things that stress me out during the season. Christmas alone is enough to be stressed about, add in a trip, or two then a Disney run and you have a major stress concoction! I should be used to this, I try to buy the gifts for my kids and family. I use to really enjoy {Read More}