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Weekly Wrap 30 RnRNOLA

Weekly Wrap 30 RnRNOLA Edition Hello from the BIG EASY aka New Orleans! Oh, wow my family and I are having a blast, my partner in crime and lovely co-host, Holly is here with me too….. Life is GRAND! We are running in the Rock n Roll half marathon. Oh yea, it can hardly believe it’s already Weekly Wrap time. This edition is named appropriately: RnRNOLA! I am thrilled you are joining us in the Weekly Wrap Link Up. This {Read More}

Runfessions for February

Runfessions for February Let’s jump right into Runfessions for February Runfessions ♥ I temporarily lost my furry friend for about 20 minutes, to him chasing deer at the campground, a couple of weeks ago. Since then he has not joined me on any of my runs. I feel bad but, I runfess my paces have been faster without him. ♥ I runfess, or maybe I blogfess, I have struggled the last two weeks with feeling overwhelmed with Kristy’s blog hop and our every {Read More}

I’m Addicted to Race Bling

I’m Addicted to Race Bling Hello, my name is Tricia and I’m addicted to “Race Bling“. What do I mean by race bling? I’m talking about the medals. They come in all forms of metal, plastic even wood, they are all good! Last week the topic was  My Favorite Race Shirts and I was a little surprised at the amount of people who don’t keep their race shirts.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the most {Read More}

Weekly Wrap 29 Oxford MS Weekend

Weekly Wrap 29 Oxford MS Weekend Edition Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 29 Oxford MS Weekend Edition. Link up your posts with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin each week. We want to hear about your weekly recaps. You are encouraged to include anything you did to be active, this could include training, workouts, recaps or like me, I’m all about the FUN, anything you considered fun. We want to hear it all. You can summarize {Read More}

Using Evernote for Blogging

How I use Evernote for Blogging I wanted to share with you some ways I am using Evernote for blogging. I have found it saves me time and also helps me with creating post ideas on my blog.  I’m going to tell you in detail specific ways I myself use Evernote for blogging and I’m going to give you some examples. How I use Evernote for Blogging I’ve used Evernote, on and off for several years and quite honestly I’ve {Read More}

Building A Better Me – Who is MissSippiPiddlin?

Building A Better Me – Who is MissSippiPiddlin anyway? If you are coming from the Grow Your Blog Hop, let me give you a warm and fuzzy welcome! I am just thrilled you are here and if you are new to my blog, I hope to really, really impress you so much that you never ever, ever want to miss another post…. Ok well, maybe that was a little over the top???  (insert sheepish grin) I am very glad you {Read More}

My Favorite Race Shirts

My Favorite Race Shirts Today I’m writing about my favorite race shirts. Find out which ones I’m loving right now and maybe I’ll throw in a few I not! My favorite race shirts are number one, ones that fit! I sometimes have a hard time because I think I’m exactly between a Small and a Medium in most shirts. Some race organizers are great about letting you swap sizes, others are not. They look at you like you are an idiot {Read More}

Weekly Wrap 28 Surprise Birthday

Weekly Wrap 28 Surprise Birthday Edition   Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Link Up, a supportive community of women where you are encouraged to link up your own blog post, include anything you did to be active. This link up is a great place to hold yourself accountable each week, gain group support and motivate you to reach your goals. Wow, our link up has grown substantially from the first week of 14 linkers to a PR of 59!!! This is {Read More}

What is worse, failing or never trying?

What is worse failing or never trying ? What is worse failing or never trying ? What is worse, failing or never trying? I do not even have to think about this much, my answer is always never trying. There is not one person on this earth that has never failed at something and at the same time, you couldn’t write enough books with names of people who never even tried to do something. So yes, never trying is far {Read More}

All Things Mardi Gras – Happy Fat Tuesday!

All Things Mardi Gras Happy Fat Tuesday It’s no secret how much I love to visit New Orleans. As some would say it truly is the most unique place in the South and I do agree! Today they are celebrating Fat Tuesday! I wanted to tease your senses with all things Mardi Gras today. Happy Fat Tuesday Y’all! Enjoy! History and Traditions of Mardi Gras King Cake Anyone?? The King Cake is usually oval or round in shape, made from a dough, {Read More}