Weekly Wrap 86 BestDamnNOLAtrip

Weekly Wrap 86 BestDamnNOLAtrip


Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 86. Hello from the Big Easy aka New Orleans, LA. It’s been a busy weekend for me I sure hope you have checked out my Instagram feed. You may see me with some familiar faces. If you look to the right —-> yea right on the side bar and scroll down you’ll see my feed. Take a peek, I’ll wait on ya!

Weekly Wrap

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Weekly Wrap


Weekly Wrap 86 BestDamnNOLAtrip

How did I fair this week in activity? Let’s take a glance at my Workout Summary


Work got in the way of me getting in my “Leg Day” on Monday. When things happen out of my control I look at it like I needed the rest. Even though I had a race last week, I was thrilled to only be running 7 miles and I felt great after my relaxing weekend. Cut back weeks sure does the body good!

I didn’t push thing later in the week either. I had to remember I still have two more half’s before another break.


Normally, I’d recap the race later but I feel like for several reasons I did not fully experience all the activities this inaugural race had to offer and I know I would not do it justice, so I’m calling it a weekend recap.

Let the Fun Begin

We couldn’t wait to get our weekend started and left after work on Thursday. I got to wake up to this view on Friday morning.


The New Orleans skyline from the parking lot we stayed in overnight

We got up and decided to earn our breakfast by running to the place. Even though it wasn’t but a couple miles we were a hot sweaty mess afterward. It was warm and humid and exactly like what I’d remembered.

From there we wanted to check out the Louis Armstrong Park where the race was held. It’s a beautiful park and just a couple blocks from where the RV resort is.


By the time we got back we could check into the French Quarter RV Resort and we wasted no time by getting straight into the jacuzzi as we waited on Tammy and Anthony to get into town.


Once they got there we headed to Royal Oyster House to eat a late lunch.

We walked briefly through the French Quarter before it was time for them to check into their hotel.


We met back up at a place called Deanie’s Seafood for supper. It was a pretty good wait but I’ve learned that if there isn’t much of a wait, chances are it’s not a good place to eat.

We walked some more, actually a lot more. I ended the night with over 27,000 steps and logged just over 10 miles for today.


View of St. Louis Cathedral at night

We ended the night visiting and relaxing outside in the Grove in front of the big screen TV at Mannings.


I enjoyed my coffee out by the pool this morning as we awaited the arrival of Mary Beth and her husband from the airport. Once they got here we walked over to their hotel, meandered through the city and met up with Tammy and Anthony at Mother’s for lunch.



Rain was in the forecast for Saturday and it started while we were eating but let up until we got outside and headed to pick up our packets. Now earlier we received an email from the race director saying the expo was moved from the Louis Armstrong Park to the host hotel due to the rain.

I really hated the weather didn’t cooperate because I was looking forward to visiting all the vendors. When it was moved there wasn’t that many there and it was pretty packed in the small room. Despite the tight quarters, getting our packets went pretty smooth. We even got the choice of two colors (red or purple) in the comfort t-shirts and 3 color choices in the drawstring bags (red, purple & orange). I thought this was a pretty nice touch.


Red was my pick

We got a break in the rain in time for us to get both couples back to their hotels and us in the RV before the bottom fell out for several hours.


My view from the wet RV window

I think most of us took advantage of this time and took a nap, I know I did!

When the rain moved out Greg and I headed over to Mary Beth’s hotel and we took an Uber to Italian Pie Pizza place where Tammy and Anthony were waiting on us.


I had my traditional calzone the night before the race

I have to admit I felt like I was the host of this NOLA party and trying to decide where to eat and what to do was intimidating. I wanted everyone to enjoy their self and have a good time. I mostly picked places we had been before because I knew what they were like.

We found ourself back at Mannings as it was a nice place to just hang out and chat. After that, we parted from Tammy and her husband and the rest of us headed down the street to the River Walk mall and enjoyed coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde before retiring for the night. I didn’t even get the first picture either. 🙁


With a 7:30 race start and being not 2 blocks from the park, it was after 6 before I even got up. This was nice too! Tammy and Anthony parked at our RV and we walked to the Park to meet up with Mary Beth. We had hoped to see Judy but it wasn’t until after the race we’d run into her!


With Tammy before the race


Don’t you love Mary Beth’s Shirt saying? “I may appear harmless, but inside I am completely BadAss!!!



Here I am with Erica

Once at the start we finally got to see Ricky, Jodi and Erica. We tried to get together this weekend but it just did not happen until today. Ricky and Jodi were playing host like I was for their kids and showing them the sights of New Orleans and Erica which doesn’t live too far away drove in for the race only.


There’s Jodi!

At 7:30 sharp the half marathon was underway. (Our guys Greg and Anthony did the 5k) We did a short down and back on Rampart Street and turned on Esplanade to do another short down and back then we headed to the scenic St. Charles Avenue to turn back right before the Audubon Park and we were home free.

Mary Beth and I stuck together and we usually had Ricky and Jodi in our sights. We quickly noticed how much we were sweating and we had only run 2 miles. It was apparent this was not going to be a repeat of Panama City’s PR race, no ma’am the goal was to finish and finish upright without having to visit the medic tent.


Mile 4 Photo Credit goes to Ricky

We took in the sights of New Orleans. At one point we went by a gym and they had moved their spin class outside to cheer us on. That was pretty awesome I thought. The course support was nothing to compare it to the Rock n Roll races. I have to remember this is the inaugural race so I do hope that the City gets behind it.


Jodi snapped this one after we caught up with Erica

I’m not even sure where Ricky was here, must have been ahead of us.


Don’t let the smiles fool you, we are all faking it!

Maybe I was in the middle of my GU’s or chews but I remember this is where it got hard for me and had MB not been there I’m afraid I would have done even more walk breaks. We may not have talked a lot when it got hard but we had each other to help the time go by.

I did loose MB right at the 11-mile marker. I walked a bit and waited but she was nowhere. I worried because we were both struggling but I got a reassuring text she was ok. I knew I only had a couple more miles and the less I walked the sooner I’d get there!


Close to the finish

I did find some pep in my step the last mile or at least to not walk any in it. I knew the finish was just beyond turning off the street. I really dislike when you still have a half mile after you get inside the park like you do in Rock n Roll in City Park.


One more turn

Greg caught me just before I turned into the park and ran a bit with me before peeling off as I crossed the finish line.

I came through with a time of 2:30:37, not my worse but considering how much I did walk and the conditions, I was OK with it and just happy nothing hurt. Half #28 is DONE!


Erica, Jodi and Me — Do you see the sugar skull and crown of flowers theme here?


Tammy rocked her finish


Being Silly












Caught up with Judy after the race

We did not spend a lot of time here after the race, another downside to a Sunday race, Tammy had to get on the road and we had to check out of the RV resort. I did see where they offered massages and there was a good number of vendors there.  Had it not rained yesterday it would have been a beautiful day to spend unlimited time with them.


Post-Race Picture with the Hubs!

Back at the RV we had time to take one last dip in the cool pool (good for recovery right?) Then warm up in the jacuzzi before showering, checking out and meeting Mary Beth and her husband for celebratory drinks and food!


There seems to be a pattern here?!?

The bartender at their hotel gave us a recommendation of Johnny’s Po-boys for lunch and it turned out to be a good one! I got the roast beef topped with fried shrimp. It reminded me of the Black n Gold they serve at the Saint’s games in the Superdome.

We then made our way to the Jackson Brewery Bar where we lounged on a couch for almost 2 hours listening to a guy who sounded a lot like Need to Breathe’s  lead singer Bear Rinehart.


Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar

After that, we found ourselves at Finnegan’s out in the courtyard with snacks. Last stop was at Fritzel’s Jazz bar listening to a guy who looked like he could by my accountant but sang and played the hell out of a piano. After a quick trip through Jackson Square and snapping a few medal pictures, we left MB and Mark and headed home.


I had a super great weekend with all my friends. We had a lot of fun.

Next Race…

Why yes I do have another race in a new city and I pick up a new state as well. I’ll be running in Raleigh, NC for the Rock n Roll series races. I get to do the remix challenge by running the 5k on Saturday with my husband and the half marathon on Sunday! Wow, these weekends are flying by after this one I think I’ll take a rest…. maybe. 😉

I need Raleigh info. Anything you want to throw at me. Race, food, drink, sightseeing, entertainment, do they have Uber? Help me out!

I hope you have a great week!



Weekly Wrap

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Weekly Wrap 86 BestDamnNOLATrip

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  1. I don’t know much about Raleigh but I have family there and am thinking of running a half there in June (yeah, late for a half but I would mostly be doing it just to see the family, not as a goal race or for time). It seems like a nice city and I bet it will be fun with the RNR race and filled with runners. Glad you enjoyed your cutback week!
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  2. You have so much fun at your races, AND meet up with so many people!

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Oh Yes, I Did!My Profile

  3. Your NOLA pics were so fun! #jealous 😉

  4. Looks like you had another great race weekend in NOLA from all your IG pics! That medal is awesome! Best of luck in NC next weekend! I lived in Raleigh for a bit when I was in elementary school. Have a great week!

  5. I loved seeing your NOLA pics on Insta! Glad you had so much fun. I think taking a light running week is exactly what you should be doing with all your race weekends!
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…80/20 5K Training: Week 1My Profile

  6. NOLA is one of the places I would really love to visit! You pics on IG make me want to plan a trip ASAP 🙂

    I was considering doing the RnR Raleigh races since it’s my birthday weekend, but I couldn’t get the logistics to work – maybe next year! I hope that you have a great race experience there!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 4My Profile

  7. I ran the Raleigh marathon in 2014 and all I know is it was hilly! Im not sure if they have changed the course since then. I think the part of the race for the half-marathons was better than the full so you should be fine. We stayed right near the finish line which was perfect because there are tons of restaurants right there. I think I wrote like 3 posts for my race recap- you can start with this one if you are interested: http://www.milebymileblog.com/rock-n-roll-raleigh-race-review-and-performance-reflections/
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  8. Now that is a fantastic coffee mug! Can’t wait to hear all about NOLA!
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  9. Glad you got some recovery in there- it’s definitely needed at times, and you just don’t stop! Enjoy NC!!
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  10. Man, you have so much fun! I wish I would get to see you sooner than LV.

    Looking forward to your recap!
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  11. Gosh, you have a crazy race schedule! So much fun. No scoop on Raleigh from me but I’m sure you’ll have fun.
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  13. wow you really do get around! Seems like you are somewhere new each week. How fun! Could not get my act together to do a weekly wrap this week but having fun reading everyone else’s.
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  14. You’re certainly keeping busy with all of these races! Life definitely isn’t boring for you!
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  15. Now I’m missing New Orleans again! Such a fun city to visit! Enjoy and we’ll catch up with you when you get back 🙂
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  16. Looks like you had some fun times. Racing with friends is the best. Looking forward to Vegas. Too bad, it’s such a long way away.
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  17. Glad you had a fun weekend! The Raleigh race is one I was thinking about for next year so I look forward to hearing about it 🙂

  18. No info on Raleigh except that my friend is running it too!

    Isn’t it crazy when we’re excited to ONLY run 7 miles!? I loved following you all weekend on Instagram!

  19. NOLA is very high on my list of places to visit – and soon! It just seems like such a great city.
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  20. Your Instagram was fun this weekend! You seriously looked so freaking cute in your flowers xo

  21. Quality time with friends trumps blogging! enjoy it! We will still be here!

    I loved seeing your adventures on Instagram! Have an awesome race this coming weekend!
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  22. Raleigh will be hilly, but gorgeous! Have a great time!
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  23. ive been loving your IG posts/pics lately (I just joined a few weeks ago, I’m SO behind the times!)
    I’m sad you wont be doing RNR Nashville this year, as I wont get to meet you IRL BUT I know your adventures in NC will be full of fun and good times! I don’t know much about Raleigh but know its beautiful and HILLY. Maybe the race course will have just the right mix of hills and flat land!
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  24. Lady, you are all over the place!!! Keep up your racing – I love following your journey. That skull medal was the coolest!
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  25. Cutback weeks can certainly come at the perfect times! I love reading your recaps and am looking forward to your NOLA one – and then your Raleigh one after that! Busy bee!
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  26. I am so so glad you loved the race, and so so jealous that I couldn’t be there! This was one I really would have loved to do, but there were so many other things going on! Well now I know to plan better for next year!
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  27. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE all the photos you took of everyone this weekend! So cute! It’s nice to see so many familiar faces. And that medal – I’m so jealous. Such an awesome one for sure!!!
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  28. What a weekend! You guys packed so many things in and finished a race! Impressive! I don’t always get to race expos but do try to enjoy them when I can.

  29. I actually finished just 2 minutes after you; I’m surprised we didn’t see each other then. I was so sorry we didn’t get much time to hang out, but thanks for all the tips! And I “ran” into Jodi on the course, but didn’t recognize her then.

    I did get a massage, but I had to wait forever for it! Did you know there are biting caterpillars in NOLA? I was so freaked out about that!
    Judy @Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Half #15, State #13: 3/20-26 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  30. It looks like such a fun race!! I would love to run in NOLA! It looks like even more fun that you had so many friends to run it with! And, I love the medal! All the food you ate sounds so good! Good luck on your upcoming race!
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  31. That’s some seriously gorgeous race bling. I love it!
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  32. Sounds like another great week! Nice that you got to see MB and meet other friends at the race! Love that you are always on the go. Have fun at RnR Raleigh!!!
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  33. So Damn Jealous.
    I really love the photos in this one. looks like you really had an amazing time.

    I know how you feel about being the “host” when you aren’t a local. It irritates me but at the same time it just means people see you as a take charge type of person and they trust your judgment. I feel like that a lot but then I also get irritated when people don’t make decisions. I need a decision! the Dance of “where do you want to eat/ what do you feel like eating” can go on too long sometimes haha!
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  34. Sounds like so much fun!!!!! That medal is to die for & you look festive with that crown of flowers!
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  36. Looks like a fun weekend! I am craving some calzone now…

  37. Sounds like a fun weekend! Congrats on another half marathon!! That calzone looks good! Have a great race in Raleigh, NC!
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  38. All these people doing the NOLA races makes me really want to do one!
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  39. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend trip! How nice you got to meet up with Mary Beth and Judy~!

  40. You are a fantastic hostess! You and the hubby made the trip even more memorable- I loved every minute! Thank you for the invite and I am looking forward to the next one! For the record, something about mimosas and running just go together 🙂
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…New Orleans bound- Weekly WrapMy Profile

  41. This sounds like such a fun weekend! And that medal is one of the coolest I’ve seen 🙂

  42. Seriously you have so much fun! It looked like a blast! That calzone looked scrumptious! And you had beignets! It all sounded so good. Best Damn is a Florida racing company. They have a local 1/2, 10K and 5K. They will have a 5K here in Tampa in June that use the leftover medals from all of the previous Best Damns this year. I’ve heard that the Raleigh race was pretty hilly. Btw, loved your tank!:)
    Zebra Girl recently posted…Vegas Baby!My Profile

  43. It’s very cool they give you three color choices, because sometimes the color is NOT at all what you want. I do like the red! Was everyone given flowers or did you have to purchase those? I know you had a lot of fun in NOLA. (Ha — I’m willing to guess it’s your favorite destination?) And, of course, sharing it with friends makes it even more FUN. It’s such a nice flat city but that humidity is killer for running. Just sayin’.

  44. I love the skulls and flowers theme, plus the colors too! Looked like another fun race for you despite the heat.
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