Wrapping up February Goals

Wrapping Up February Goals Just like that, the second month of the year is –poof– gone! I am continuing to keep up with my goals and more importantly, checking in each month to see how I do. Let’s get to the action with wrapping up February goals right here! Just in case you’re curious here is a more detailed post sharing my Goals for 2017. Goals Check-In Fitness and Running Run – About as close to on-track as you can {Read More}

I’m Walking Across a Tightrope and How I’m Finding Balance

I’m Walking Across a Tightrope and How I’m Finding Balance Are you struggling with training for a marathon and still keeping up with the tasks of life? Find out what I plan to do in finding balance. In reality, this is what I’m searching for. In the next few months, I’ll be atop a 20 story building with only a rope and I must get to the other side. Ok, not really; metaphorically speaking anyway. Let me explain… I have {Read More}

Building Habits

Building Habits For today’s Tuesday’s Tips I’m talking about habits.  While doing some research for myself and for another post on motivation, I stumbled upon this article.  Not really sure exactly how but I’m glad I did.  It has some really great information, and I think you will benefit from it, keep reading…. I just have to share it!  When we find something really great (in my opinion this is it) we don’t want to hide it and keep it all {Read More}

Tuesday’s Tips – Rock Your Thing

Tuesday’s Tips – Rock Your Thing You’ve made a decision to start a new habit.  Super, that is the first step.  Now where do you go from here?  Discover tips to be successful at starting something new and “Rocking It” in today’s MissSippiPiddlin Tuesday’s Tips. Make a plan First things first, write down in detail, exactly what you want to achieve. We are visual beings.  90% of the things coming into the brain is by vision.  Seeing a plan down {Read More}

Here’s to NEW things in 2015

I know I know it’s February and I’m just now figuring out what I want MY 2015 to look like! Some make resolutions, others have goals to work towards, even others assign a word, quote or motto of the Year.  I’ve racked my brain trying to come up with that one great resolution, goal or word to no avail.  I actually have many mini goals 🙂  I just felt like without this one great thing I’m wondering aimlessly; ok, not {Read More}

First Monday of the New Year!

So today is the FIRST Monday of 2015! If you going to start new habits, goals, resolutions and you didn’t start on January 1st then TODAY is your day! Start! Ok so you have decided 2015 is your year and your going to make better, healthier choices, maybe get active with an exercise routine! Maybe get rid of something unhealthy…. Great!   Know that by making these changes it won’t be easy but not impossible.  We’ve all heard,  IF IT {Read More}