Weekly Wrap 98 Still Floating

Weekly Wrap 98 Still Floating Weekly Wrap 98 Still Floating   This week I’d like to welcome Tara as our Guest Host series continues.  Tara shares her life with us over at Run and Live Happy. Please stop by and visit her to show appreciation for being our host this week!  You can even link up from her blog! Holly and I may be taking a much-needed break but we are not lagging. Did you see what all Holly did while {Read More}

May I just be brutally honest here

May I just be brutally honest here? I’m the co-host of the Weekly Wrap and for the first time in 79 weeks, my post is not ready and our link ups is live…sigh. May I just be brutally honest here? I am passionate about this link up we have built and with our success also comes more “work” for both Holly and I. I feel like I need to insert a disclaimer here that the following opinions are my own {Read More}

My 5 Things Starting the Year off Right

My 5 Things Starting the Year Off Right Jumping in here quick today but I did not want to miss the opportunity starting the year off right with the very first Friday Five 2.0 of the new year! It know it has been a long time coming, linking up with these two, Running On Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday Five 2.0 My 5 Things Starting the Year off Right I am hitting the ground running this week here are 5 things I did {Read More}

The Day After

The Day After – The Day After my marathon. This is a few thoughts that I wanted to share the day after my big race. The day after my marathon and I’m still trying to process everything from not only yesterday but the last 20 weeks. Why 20 weeks, you ask? Because that is when I started training for this race right here. I don’t feel like I got to bask in the accomplishment after the race. You see after {Read More}

Weekly Wrap #10 – Cajun Country Fun

Weekly Wrap #10 – Cajun Country Fun This is a weekly link up that I’m co-hosting with my very good friend Holly from HoHo Runs. We want to connect with you and support fellow active women! We want to hear about your weekly adventures.  You are encouraged to include anything you did to be active or anything you considered fun. You can wrap it up for the week, weekend or an event. Yes even race recaps, we’d love to hear about it! If {Read More}

Sick n Tired

Sick n Tired How is it already That Time of the Month again?  No, No not THAT time, this time…. The new link up from two great ladies I’m privileged to call my friends: Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home.  Please stop by both their blogs and find out just what has gotten under their skin lately. So what is all this talk anyway? Here it is in a nutshell…. Annoyed?   Irritated?   Ticked Off?   At {Read More}

My Birthday Post

My Birthday Post Yes, today is my Birthday, July 28th! I was born 44 years ago and not ashamed to tell my age! 🙂 44 Things about me or this special day! There have been 16,060 sunrises, I’m not sure how many of those I’ve seen (not near enough) but I didn’t miss this mornings sunrise! I am a Leo! People born specifically on the 28th of July are believed to be pioneering, self assured, responsible and like most Lions motivated {Read More}

All American Youth Barrel Race Weekend

All American Youth Barrel Race Weekend Good Monday Morning!  I am back at work after taking off Thursday and Friday of last week and I am here to get some rest! Yes I need a vacation from vacation! I’ve had a full plate going from can to can’t over the last few days but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m once again joining Tara over at Running n Reading for her Weekend Update Link Up.  Jump on over {Read More}

Naturebox Healthy Snacks Review

Naturebox Healthy Snacks Review – March This is my review of my first full sized subscription order from Naurebox!  Oh wow I just have to say I love this subscription!  I get to pick the snacks I want and there are no surprises, unless of course I want them to surprise me and there is an option for that too! 🙂 I did a review on the trial size that I received last month.  You can see it here! One thing I {Read More}

Thinking out Loud #5

Thinking Out Loud – For this Thursday I’m linking Up with  Amanda over at Running with Spoons Blog for Thinking Out Loud.   First Random Thought:   I need more sleep!  I HAD gotten into the habit of getting in the bed early because I was getting up early and then it all changed.  Well it changed with Day Light Savings and the fact that we were camping then and one of my morning tasks (feeding animals) was moved to the evening. {Read More}