Weekly Wrap 59 Fall Training

Weekly Wrap 59 Fall Training

Weekly Wrap 59 Fall Training

These weeks just keep flying by, as always THANK YOU for joining us for the Weekly Wrap, a link up to keep us all accountable in our active life. Training for a race? Just trying to keep active?? We want to support you in whatever you do! You may link up your posts with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin each week. We do our very best to read and comment on each post. For all the scoop and a few rules too, please visit the Weekly Wrap Link Up Tab at the top or simply click the words Weekly Wrap.

Fall Training Week 1

My sweet friend, Holly aka Coach Ho, has so generously agreed to help me this year with a training plan for my upcoming Fall races and if I do really good, maybe she’ll continue to provide me with plans through next Spring.

We only have one stipulation, we honestly communicate freely. Since Holly was my friend first, she can better understand when I’m bitching about a hard workout vs blaming her for it if she didn’t know me. So I’m going to do my best to follow her plan and keep her up-to-date of all my travel plans and she is going to do her best to help me train.

Continuing along the lines of change in training also comes a re-vamped in the Weekly Workout Summary. I’m really liking the new colors, how about you?

Fall training

In summary, I am very happy with how this week’s training went. It was a see-where-I-am kind of week but I did meet most of my goals. I couldn’t keep my HR < 150 on my long run despite bringing my pup along (maybe that was the problem) but I did end up with negative splits. I’m hoping this gets me a passing grade.

I’m in my final stretch on my #Stepbet challenge, and it could not come any sooner! I do have a post coming up this week related to steps so I hope you’ll look for it. I wrangled a few friends to help me with it.


This weekend we had dinner and a movie night on Friday. We saw When the Bough Breaks. Ever heard of it? Then after my long run on Saturday, we headed to our favorite sports bar for some college football, food and drinks! My Rebels didn’t pull off a win over Alabama but it was sure a nail-biter to the very end! That is SEC for ya!

Again we were home so my pictures are on the lacking side:

Fall training fall training fall training Fall training Fall training

Coming up

We are home (that I know of) for the next few weekends. Unless of course I can talk Mr. Sippi into a weekend getaway. Don’t be surprised if that happens. My next official plans are a trip to New Orleans for more football and an adult weekend with friends.

Did you race this weekend? I know a lot of you had races.

How about virtual runs? I am also doing a Halloween themed run in October.

Tell me something fun you did.

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Weekly Wrap 59 Fall Training


  1. Something fun? I volunteered at a local 5K/10K/15K event yesterday. The last runner to come in was doing her first-ever 15K, and was really having a hard time towards the end. The sweeper (on a bike) rode ahead of her and told us at the finish line, so a few of us found her and ran her in for the final couple hundred yards or so…with cowbells and all 😉 Pay it forward!!!
    Kim Hatting recently posted…I can do hard thingsMy Profile

  2. Love the pic of you with your pup. She’s so cute and I’m jealous that you have a canine running buddy! I haven’t been able to get my dogs to run with me (although, I think that’s partially my fault for lack of patience in training them to run longer than a mile). Good job on your training this week!
    Christine @ Into the Glimmer recently posted…Weekly recap (9/12-9/18): The training week that wasn’tMy Profile

  3. Your pup is cute! So cool that Holly will help you with your training plan. Tell me again how you do your weekly workout summary?
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted…2016 Chicago Marathon Training Week 15My Profile

  4. You had a great “first” week and I know you’ll try your hardest at whatever I throw at you. 😉 Just look at Thursday’s numbers up there. Incredible. That game could have gone either way. It surely kept us on the edge. YAY for being in the home stretch of the StepBet challenge! I hope the payout is huge!

  5. Looks like you had a great week! And thats awesome that Holly will be coaching you. This weekend was all about trying to catch up on life for me after being away for 11 days. My sleep schedule is all thrown off so I wasn’t nearly as productive as I would have liked!

  6. That’s so cool that “Hoho” made your plan! Looks like a great week, and yay for negative splits!
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…30 for 30 Bucket ListMy Profile

  7. Yes I did race yesterday! So fun that Holly is your friend and coaching you in your training!

  8. That Ole Miss/BAMA game was a nail biter. Even if Ole Miss did not win, it was a good game and shows that they are a great team this year. Carolina won but we are the worst 2-1 team in the country I think! Even at home we struggled big time, Clay and I went to the game so yeah. Glad you had a good week and that you’re getting ready for Fall training and racing. It’s neat that you have a friend coaching you and also that your friendship is strong enough for that because the coach/athlete relationship can be a tricky one.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Life Lately- Early September EditionMy Profile

  9. How exciting to have Coach Ho doing your training plan! And what a great first week. The new Summary looks great too.

    Hmm, something fun. Well we bought some new dance DVDs, I’ve watched one but haven’t put any of the steps into practice yet!
    Nicola @ Running Happy recently posted…Weekly Round Up: Fragrant FieldsMy Profile

  10. Man, you had a very active week 🙂 How fun you have a new coach! I think being friends will have a nice benefit. Last week wasn’t a ton of fun for me lol but I did laugh a lot while Megan was trying to teach me snapchat
    I love seeing your dogs eyes 🙂 btw…
    karen recently posted…Decision TimeMy Profile

  11. Strong week and what a great coach! 🙂 football has taken over our house completely. If it’s not college, it’s pro. Good for you for getting started right!
    Sonia recently posted…NYC Marathon Training Week #13My Profile

  12. What a busy week. You are always doing something fun!

    Me? Fun? A half marathon…of course. And it was fun!
    Darlene recently posted…TOLT: Half Marathon, Work, Group Runs, etc.My Profile

  13. Coach Ho? LOL! I kind of like that coach of yours.

    Your pup is so cute!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…I Have No Shame…My Profile

  14. Coach Ho scares me! 🙂 CongratuIations on nailing all of your training runs, especially the negative splits. I’m so proud that I have converted you to a red wine lover! Maybe since we’re both going to be home this weekend, we can do our new ‘around town’ route for Saturday’s long run!! See you tomorrow for LEG day…ugh!
    Teresa recently posted…This Week’s Gallivantin’ ~Meet Aunt MinnieMy Profile

  15. Love that Holly helped you put your fall training plan together. So cool! I love starting a new plan–it’s so exciting! Sounds like a great week! Hope you have another great one coming up!
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Marathon Training Week 11: Marathon-Specific WorkoutsMy Profile

  16. Hmmm. Was that a horror movie? Nothing epic this weekend, but Saturday I went to spinning and brunch with a friend and Sunday I went to yoga and coffee after with a friend — I guess they were grown up play dates. 🙂
    Coco recently posted…Favorite Running CitiesMy Profile

  17. Nice job on your training! That’s cool Holly is coaching you for your fall races! I’ll be running a virtual 10k this Wednesday. 🙂
    Sherry recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 15 and Weekly Wrap (9/12-9/18)My Profile

  18. No racing this weekend but 13 miles on Sunday. I have some weekends away + travel + marathon training, so I have signed up for no fall races. I might at the last minute, but I am not in a racing mood at the moment.

    How fun to work with Holly !
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Leaden legs & 3 highlightsMy Profile

  19. Wow, nice job on this training! Having someone coach you should be great! No races for.me right now, but I did run with the stroller this weekend!
    Melissa recently posted…Mini Vacation with the BabyMy Profile

  20. HA! I can’t wait until we get Coach Ho and Coach M in one place! NIce work, that HR training is tough. I can’t hit 6 miles at a 150 HR- it is way to hot! It does make you train harder! WE we burn up that fall half together- can’t wait! Keep stepping sister, you are almost there!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Countdown to the Fit Foodie 15K- weekly update!My Profile

  21. Yay for Coach Ho! You two will be great together! OMG look at that bedazzled pirate! Loveit!
    Marcia recently posted…A Big, Fat Sciatic Nerve in the RoadMy Profile

  22. That’s awesome that you’ll be working with Holly for your training this fall, I can’t wait to see how it goes! I do love your graphic..can’t believe you got 18,000 steps on a rest and recovery day, lol! I ran a couple RNR races this weekend…I’m just letting my body recover for now!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…2016 Rock ‘N Roll Philly 5K RecapMy Profile

  23. I have a virtual run I have to do by election day, but that leaves plenty of time to build up the mileage for it. I’m lose, and this weekend’s run went really good. I just need to get outside so I can get used to that again, but that won’t happen until later.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 9/19My Profile

  24. Sounds like a good week of workouts. I don’t think I could handle a dog in my life right now although the idea of running with a furfriend sounds so much more fun that logging solo miles.
    Kelli recently posted…Off-season goals: Race SherpaMy Profile

  25. Sounds like a pretty good week! I love the way you do your weekly workout summary with the visuals 🙂
    Chaitali recently posted…Race 13.1 Baltimore Training Week 3My Profile

  26. Great job on your training. Since I haven’t had much fitness related I haven’t been blogging/linking up as much as I’d like. I keep saying I’ll get back in to it…but that hasn’t happened yet, LOL!
    Something fun…Took my daughters and niece to the city for the weekend!
    Michelle recently posted…Brussels sprouts, pancetta topped with a fried egg…what could be better?My Profile

  27. Nice week of training! Very cool that Holly is coaching you for your fall training! Good luck on the final stretch of your stepbet! You are doing awesome!
    Sharon recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 13: 9/12-9/18My Profile

  28. Something fun? I ran 206.7 miles with a little help from my friends (my legs only totaled about 21 miles)! We had so much fun at this year’s Ragnar DC.

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Just A Little Ragnar TeaseMy Profile

  29. 18 thousand steps on a recovery day? Was it a walking recovery day? Wow!

    I love that you are always on the go! Can’t wait to hear what fun plans you have coming up!
    Ana recently posted…Weekly Wrap- Wrapping up SummerMy Profile

  30. I love that your friend HoHo is coaching you! HoHo has been a great inspiration this Summer. She is training so hard in this heat with some impressive results! I can’t wait to read all about your team work together! Your dog is very very cute! Love those eyes!
    Linking -up later tonight! Have a great week Tricia!
    Ilka recently posted…Sunday Fitness & Food – Welcome to the Party!My Profile

  31. Wow – you had a productive workout week! I like when that happens. I had a busy week of two mini trips and a half. I almost switched to the 5k, but everyone commented on my weekly review post last week saying I shouldn’t. 😉 I’m glad I listened!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Week 14: Anniversary Week + Indy Women’s HalfMy Profile

  32. Whoooo I ran Ragnar this weekend, so a trip + a race all rolled into one. The next few weekends around here are crazy. Moving, weddings + a weekend getaway. And Lord knows a weekend getaway is no excuse for relaxing! Haha. But, I do think the hiking will be a welcomed reprieve from life’s chaos by then.

    I’m always so impressed by your steps! Even your rest days are more active sometimes than my normal days. But I’ve been loving those Weekend Warrior Fitbit challenges!

  33. I think that is awesome that Holly is being your coach- GREAT start on the first week of training!
    LOVE the picture of your pup!!!! My golden mix loves to run, but I shes not able to go long distance due to her hip dysplasia. she can do 2-3 miles at a time though and is in complete puppy heaven when she runs (or swims after ducks)
    : )
    melissa cunningham recently posted…Week #5 HM training.Sept 12-18thMy Profile

  34. Great week to start up Fall training, Tricia! Your pup is adorable – is Wrangler a Blue Heeler? I couldn’t tell but I love his eyes!

    My marathon is THIS SATURDAY – eek! – and then sugar beet harvest begins on the October 1st. Sugar Beet harvest means trucks and farmers are going crazy 24 hours a day until all of the beets are off the ground… So after that life will resume! I just pray that our Fall is less rainy than the summer has been 🙂
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Training Week 11: Now For The Easy PartMy Profile

  35. There just isn’t a whole lot of fun in my life lately. The closest I came last week was that I got to run in cool temps for a change!

    I’ve got a little R&R coming up, so I’m hopeful I can relax — I don’t even need a whole lot of fun, I just need some good sleep!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Aging isn’t for sissies: 9/12-18 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  36. I love your weekly chart! The new colors look really good! I’m a visual person, so that looks like a lot of fun to make! You are doing so good on your steps!
    Tara @ Run and Live Happy recently posted…One Mile At A TimeMy Profile

  37. That’s so awesome Holly’s going to coach you. Yay Coach Ho!
    Rachel recently posted…Marine Corps Marathon Training: Week 12My Profile

  38. I think it’s great that Holly’s going to coach you! You’ve been doing great with you FitBit Challenge – congrats on reaching the hose stretch!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Wrapping up Race WeekMy Profile

  39. SEC football is definitely one of my favorite things about fall! 🙂
    Jessica S recently posted…Best Running AdviceMy Profile

  40. Great job with your training! And love the colorful workout recap!
    My weekend ended up not being as fun as I wanted with a touch of a tummy virus…But one of my nanny kiddos asked me if the bug was done living inside us, so at least we had a funny moment 😉

  41. Looks like you had a great week of workouts. So nice that you have help with planning, that has always been a struggle for me. Love your dog she looks really sweet. Hope you have a great week.
    Ruth Christensen recently posted…Weekly Wrap 21My Profile

  42. Love that Holly is your Coach! My coach is my friend as well and it works great!! I could see where it might not in some situations though, but I think it boils down to respect & trust. Sounds like another great week & glad you take time to enjoy relaxing with a movie & some nice wine too 🙂 have a Great Week Tricia!! As always, I really appreciate your support!!
    Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com recently posted…30 Minutes or Less: Quick & Easy MealsMy Profile

    • I think that too is why Holly and I work so well together! We can laugh an joke like sisters! Plus I so respect her and her opinions on running!