Local Weekend Warrior Day Tripper or Racecation

Local, Weekend Warrior, Day Tripper or Racecation, what are you?

Local Weekend Warrior Day Tripper or Racecation

For the Tuesday on the Run link up, I’m asking you which category do you fall into the most? Here are your choices and my definitions for each.

a)Weekend Warrior – A race weekend getaway

b)Locals – A race in your town or very close with not much travel involved

c)Racecations – This is what I call a destination race plus some vacation time added in

d)Day trips – Races that don’t require an overnight stay

Local, Weekend Warrior, Day Tripper or Racecation??

What category do I fall into the majority of the time? Looking back on 2016 I did a total of 18 races. I fall into the Weekend Warrior category for the majority of these, in fact  11 of the 18 races went here. Hands down I live for the weekends and I make the most of them sometimes that means getting home past 10PM on a work night and even when some of these could be considered just day trips. Yall know I love to travel in my RV and I don’t need any excuse for a trip!

My second most category my races fell into is the beloved Racecation. Ahhh, yes to me it takes quite a bit of travel time and planning to pull one of these off. My races I considered racecations this past year was Walt Disney World Marathon which is a no brainer, of course unless you live in the Orlando area. Disney IS a racecation, right! Rock n Roll Nashville was also a racecation for me because of the amount of travel time we are on the road. Last but not least, Panama City Beach was definitely a racecation!

My third category is the local race which is tied with Racecatios. I surprisingly only had 3 races in this. Two of them were actual local to me and the third I put in here because we were visiting family for Thanksgiving and I did a local race there.

Lastly, is the “Day trip” race. I only did one of these this past year where I met up with my friends and we drove almost 2 hours to run then came back home.

I was curious, so looking back even further in 2015 I tied local races with weekend races both had 7 in it. My local races were on the decline but I hope to turn that around this year.

What will my trend be for 2017? I’m going to bet on continuing with the “Weekend Warrior” at my top choice. That being said, I’m sharing what I have up my sleeve so far and I’m linking it with Deb with her Race Link Up. It was created to see where people are racing to promote meetups and such. Thanks Debbie for doing this!


Louisana 5k and half marathon – Baton Rouge, LA


Rock n Roll NOLA 5k and half marathon – New Orleans, LA


Tuscaloosa Half – Tuscaloosa, AL

Montgomery Half – Montgomery, AL

Best Damn Race Half – New Orleans, LA

I am linking this post with the great trio of ladies, Patty, Erika, and Marcia of Tuesdays on the Run for their weekly link about running topics. Won’t you join in too? Make sure to go visit the others participating in this link up and see what they are writing about.

Tuesdays on the Run


What category do you fall into the most?

Will I see you at any of these? I have a few holes to fill and I have a few on my radar I’m considering.


Local Weekend Warrior Day Tripper or Racecation


  1. This year I was definitely a racecationer and that’s the way I LOVE it! I’m sort of embarrassed to admit I only did 2 5ks that were super local. Even the ones in downtown Chicago require an hour of driving and parking chaos so I don’t think of them as super local. Thanks for linking up!
    Marcia recently posted…You Say Race Local, I Say RacecationMy Profile

  2. FOMO. Seriously.

    I would do what you do if my hubby & I could just jump in an RV and get to a race.

    Not running those races this year. Maybe next year for one.

    I am still hoping for a late fall #holottafun reunion half.
    Darlene recently posted…TOTR: Do you travel for races?My Profile

  3. The “vast” majority of my races are local. And I’m talking within a 30 minute drive tops.Only 3 racecations — one was tied to a family visit, the other 2 were basically long weekends.

    I hope to see you in NOLA. We’ve booked our hotel & have our plane tickets. 🙂

    I am still looking around for another state . . .
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…5 Reasons I’m Team RacecationMy Profile

  4. Oh cool! I didn’t know there was a race linkup. I should add mine to it. Once I figure out exactly what I’m doing of course… 🙂

  5. Of the 15 races I participated in (*one I couldn’t actually run, so I was on medal duty, due to a recovering foot surgery) 3 were day trips, 5 were local and 7 fall under the “weekend warrior” / “racecation category. Usually if we go away for a weekend to a race it’s always + 2 working days but the further we go the more time we take off. We have the advantage here in Europe of having eleventy billion vacation days and believe me, we use them all. I prefer to travel to a race, especially if there is a group going or if it’s a city I love or a city I’ve never been too. My 3 marathons last year were Paris, Berlin and Athens. <3 It's a slight addiction.

    I luckily got to meet Marcia in Dublin! What a treat!! (that was a weekend with the Friday included)
    Renee recently posted…Getting in the Flow:: Week 1/2017My Profile

  6. I love how you go go go! I could not get my hubby on board to do that lol
    I usually stay local or go to things in a driveable distance. Of course my most fun of last year was #holottafun racecation 🙂

  7. I don’t do that many races, but I like a mix of races I can do at the last minute and not have to travel for, or races that I can get vacation in. It depends on the race, but bucket lists normally involve some travel.

  8. Marathons require a race cation or at least a weekend getaway. Other than that, I try to race locally. Racing is just so time consuming with the kids’ busy weekends!
    Jolene recently posted…Disney MarathonMy Profile

  9. Look at all those awesome races you’ve got on your winter/spring calendar for this year, love it!
    Since I only ran one race last year and it was home town I guess there is my answer. But in the past before the work injury I just recovered from, in the past 10 years and 35 races I racecationed all of them, so normally I fit into that route!
    Wish I could see you at one of those races, unfortunately this year my race calendar might only have a couple on it. School just has to take the priority, however that won’t mean I won’t be out there running and training anyway:)
    Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Job that Won’t Accept My Resignation, Snow, Wedding & Weight Loss, Car Issues and The Best Parents Ever – How’s that for a Mouth Full of a Post Title!My Profile

  10. I tend to do racecations most, but I did manage a few races in every category. I was like “I did only one local race” and then I remembered that MCM and RNR DC are local LOL. They just take so much logistical planning because of their size that I forget that they are near me.
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…TOTR: Tips for planning a racecationMy Profile

  11. Definitely not a Day Tripper…I wish, but nope!! Majority of my races were Weekend Warrior type, I had a few locals and one or two racecations for 2016.

    I’ll be seeing you a few times in 2017!!

    Cheers to Runner Buds!!
    jodi recently posted…The Best of 2016…in running!!My Profile

  12. Other than the Chicago Spring Half Marathon, my races last year were all locals. This year, I’m thinking about another Chicago race in the spring or early summer and perhaps a fall New York race; otherwise, my scheduled races are local.

    Thanks for linking up, Tricia!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Home Gym BasicsMy Profile

  13. Most of my races were racecations too! How about that?

    I hope to see you on another racecation this year.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Why Run if You Hate to Run?My Profile

  14. I don’t have any southern US races planned!! What’s a good fall race? Most of my races currently are local, with the exception of my Bahamas Half this weekend and a weekend getaway triathlon.

  15. Yes ma’am you will see me for sure!!! I love the little local races, no fuss no muss! But you know I love me a fun race cation ! One planned and many more to go!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…I am 2 weeks out! 1st Half of 2017!My Profile

  16. Your RV definitely makes it easier on the wallet to do lots of weekend races. You guys sound like you have so much fun!
    Jessica S recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: Cruising to RecoveryMy Profile