Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon Race Recap

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon Race Recap

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

This is my race recap of the Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon Races that was held January 14th and 15th of this year with a bit of my weekend fun thrown in.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon Race Recap

Back in December, of 2016 if you’ll remember I ran the inaugural Mississippi Gulf Coast Half which is produced by the people who put this race on. I had no intentions of running Louisiana that time either. Well, I had such a fabulous experience that I hardly got home before I was in front of the computer with my credit card signing up!

Not to mention, if you run both the Mississippi and the Louisiana race you get a sweet third medal!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Beach to Bayou Challange

Just like in Mississippi they also offered the Déjà Vu Award by completing a race on both Saturday and Sunday, you receive a coveted crawfish tray. Which came in handy at the finish festival! So much food, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

If you ready nothing further let me say this Louisiana knows how to put on a finish with all the fixins!! You’d be pressed to find another race in our area like this. There is a reason this has been sold out!!

Taken from The Louisiana Marathon website:

We sold out all races in 2016 because our event is more than a race, it’s a festival and a culturally rich one at that. Louisiana is well-known for its festivals, where we celebrate with food, music and dancing.  The Louisiana Marathon adds running to that mix for a truly unforgettable weekend. Come run a fast, flat, & fun race course and then enjoy a true Louisiana Festival featuring local musicians, locally brewed craft beer, and some of the best southern cuisine around. 

This truly was one of the very best total race experiences I’ve had and remember I just completed my 25th half so I have a few to compare it too.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Valerie, Erica, Jodi, Ricky, Me and Greg

The Louisiana 5k and half marathon are held in the capitol city of Baton Rouge. I had visited this city before but never been downtown near the capitol and it was truly something to see.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Starting the Weekend off

Our weekend adventure started after work on Thursday when we headed out in our RV. We had some bad luck on the way before stopping for the night.  On Friday we made it to the KOA in Denham Springs which was about a 25-minute drive to downtown. (My friend Valeria and her family travel quite a bit with their RV and she told me about this place. Thank you, friend)  We met up with Ricky and Jodi at the Expo.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

The Expo

The Expo was located in the Baton Rouge River Center right in the center of all the activity of the weekend. We had no problems parking in the several nearby garages or we could have parked on the street.  They had about 50 vendors or so there but one I was simply tickled about was the Community Coffee sponsor!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

What’s better than Free Coffee? Mardi Gras flavored Free Coffee

I also got this cool visor and this is the race shirt I wore a week after pictured below!

We came away with all kinds of cool stuff!!!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

We were all hungry after getting away with all the loot so we stopped in at The Chimes. where out of three social media freaks, none of us got a single picture! What???

Afterward, we headed to Coffee Call for the best beignets, yes I said it better than Cafe Du Monde, #sorrynotsorry. We retired back to our RV where we got ready for the first race of the weekend.

Saturday 5k

We woke up early to get to downtown, which was a breeze compared to yesterday. The campground isn’t a mile off the interstate but it literally took us 20 minutes before we got on. Crazy! Not this morning, easy peasy made it to downtown in record time, pulled into a garage not a block from the start.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

We were supposed to meet Ricky and Jodi at the statue in front of the capital. I kept looking for a big building, thinking it would be obvious which was the capital, but we found them and the funny thing is it was way later in the morning before I actually laid eyes on this huge building!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

View from the finish festival later in the morning

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Foggy start

Louisiana 5k and Half MarathonMr. Sippi and I ran the 5k while Ricky and Jodi ran the 10k this morning. It was a real treat to get to cheer for them coming in too!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Here they come and what a backdrop!


Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

“I see the finish”

Did I mention, free race pictures??

After our race, we all headed to the finish festival! There was so much to choose from too.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

This was the very best gumbo I have ever had!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

They all had jambalaya but after eating everything else and several trips to the coffee stand, I waited until Sunday to try it!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

You’re not going to go hungry here!

With your race entry, you actually get an armband with 6 circles to partake in the food festival. On Saturday, not many of the vendors were scratching off your circles. You really could eat quite a bit or you could use all your circles to drink beer as well. I don’t drink beer but it didn’t appear to me they were cutting anyone off.

But on each day, you could eat all the jambalaya you could stand because as the cooks said,

“Everyone eats Jambalaya here”

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

At 450 ft tall and with 34 stories, it is the tallest building in Baton Rouge, the seventh tallest building in Louisiana, and tallest capitol in the United States.

After some fun pictures in front of the capitol, we made our way to the car but not before going through the Main Street Market. Even more, vendors selling homemade goods, meat, boudin, oh and sweets!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

The Butter Cookie – Perfect after race treat

I did have to save my cookie for a little later. And I may or may not have had it with King Cake flavored Vodka…

We had a low-key relaxing afternoon back at the campground, I may have even napped before Valerie and her family got there. They had invited us to eat dinner with them and we ended up visiting until almost time for bed! Good food and good conversation make the time fly by!

Sunday Race Day

With a 7 am start we were up and out of the campground early and again had no problems getting to downtown. The garage we parked at yesterday was closed (bummer) but in fact, we parked in the legislative garage right next to the capital and just a short walk from the finish festival.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Me, Jodi and Erica

Pictured above in the orange is Erica, I got to meet her from the MS Gulf Coast race and at this time she had just run the Goofy challenge (That would be 39.3 miles in one weekend) which included her first marathon and get this 7 days before!!! Is that not unbelievable???

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

I had two goals for this race: #1 keep up with Jodi and #2 have fun. Course you can’t run with her and Ricky and not have fun!

Speaking of fun…

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Mimosas on the course

Yes, I’m afraid I’m going to expect mimosas at every race now! This was about mile 4, and I got to hit them up on the way back as well! 😉

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

My eyes are closed but I’m smiling!

There is great crowd support along the course too I mean you are in Louisiana! I finished in 2:22:53 and I was happy with it. I fell in the middle average for overall but I came in 68th out of 186 in my age and had a ball! Hard to complain about that!

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Once again we made our way to the finish festival what was different today? There was even more, food and drink! Every hour or so different food vendors would open and close this was a great idea that ensured the marathon finishers plenty of food choices.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Beach to Bayou Challenge COMPLETE!

Just look at all that bling above! I can’t say enough about this race and all the hard work that went into pulling it off. Each and every year it gets better. I hope you don’t miss out on this one! In fact, mark your calendars for March 1st for opening registration.

After our first walk through the finish festival, we headed to the levee of the Mississippi River a couple blocks away to grab some more pictures.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

2016 Louisiana 5k and half marathon medals overlooking the Mississippi River

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Beach to Bayou Mississippi 2015 to Louisiana 2016

We said goodbye to our Florida friends and headed to the campground to pack things up, but first, we made a stop to pick up a King Cake, where we took back to share with Valerie and her family before we headed home.

Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon

Wow, are you tired just reading all that? It was a fun filled weekend for sure!

If you need a Louisiana race, I hope you’ll consider this one.

What do you think about the latest trend of multi-races in the weekend? Too much or more bling the better?

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Louisiana 5k and Half Marathon


  1. Wow… that is a busy weekend – so much fun though.
    YIPPPEEE for free pics. That is always the best!
    & THAT FOG!!! WOW!!!!!!
    I love the vendors do that by opening & closing – assuring food for the back of the pack or the marathoners. I love a well thought out race like that.

  2. Now I am hungry for jambalaya! YUM I haven’t had that in years! Great job with the races and yay for free pics, I love it when they do that. Always fun to get free pics.
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  3. Oh wow, that sounds like such a ton of fun! And a food market! I want that! Wish I could put that on my calendar too. You always seem to find the best races.

    And I can’t believe you’ve run 25 halfs — in just 3 years? How is that possible?
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  5. Wow, what a fun weekend! I’m exhausted just reading this report. I swear, you southerners know how to party!!

    Great job!
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  7. Glad you had a great race! I was out there spectating. I’ll have to be on the lookout for you next year!

  8. Fun, fun, fun! You know how I love a pretty frosted cookie. That fleur de lis looks amazing!

  9. What a fun time you had. Well, you always seem to have fun. I want that cookie!!!

    I would love to run this one if I ever come to LA.

    We are close – I have run 23 halfs with 24th on March 5.

    What do you do with all those medals???
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  10. This was such a great weekend!! We were lucky enough to share both MS Gulf Coast and Louisiana with you and Greg!! Can’t wait to run with you again!!!

    So many laughs and so many memories!!

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  13. Loved all the pictures, loved the medals, loved it that you had such a great time. Holy swag bag batman! And wow such a great after party!!!!
    Glad you had such a positive race experience and I must say you are an AEROBIC BEAST for doing both the 5k and half over that weekend!
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    This looks like an awesome race. Putting it on my bucket list for when we have more freedom to travel.
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  18. Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment and it sounds like it was an amazing experience! You inspire me!