Mississippi Blues Half Recap

Mississippi Blues Half Recap 2015

Mississippi Blues Half

Mississippi Blues Half Recap 2015

Friday was full of uncertainty, excitement and fear as I thought about the race before me tomorrow.
I had looked at the elevations, had heard others talk about the hills.  I still have Tupelo in the back of my mind.  For me Tupelo was hard….. period.   It was hot, humid and I was not prepared enough for it and therefore I did not do as well as I had hoped too.   Now I know more than ever before those around you can either bring you up or pull you down.
in Tupelo I happened to strike up a conversation with a fellow runner, we were running about the same pace for a little while.  It helped pass the time but I got so involved in it that when she stopped to walk I did too without thinking, without even trying to push through it.
The Blues was a whole different story.
Took our Motor Home AKA “The Dutchess” to stay in
I took off work early to head home. My husband and I drove our motor home over to Jackson. There we met up with a couple of friends and headed on over to the expo to pick up our race packets.
It was so cold outside but still not as cold as it was going to be in the morning.
Mississippi Blues Half
Packet Pickup
We headed to the convention center. Packet pick up was very organized and quick. Could be cause we were later picking up everything.  There were several vendors there an we took advantage of the good deals to be found along with photo ops with the guitar. We then headed to a great place to eat.  They had live music an I filled up on some carbs!   We always eat at different places when we’re with these guys an while it wasn’t a place we would pick it’s always good!
Looking again at the weather report we had to make the infamous trip to Walmart, I mean we can’t go anywhere without needing something from there.  We’re scurried around looking for hot hands, wool socks an more layers.  We also ran into some volunteers that were doing the same thing.
Back at the ol Dutchess we got together our race layers, numbers an shoes and all settled in for a few hours anyway.
Alarms went off at 5:30AM, at 7:03 we were crossing the starting line with 13.1 miles ahead of us.  My friend insisted she was going to run this race with me. She runs much  faster than me and she’s hard-headed an didn’t listen to me when I told her to go on.   She is the one who lead me to signing up for my first half in the first place. I didn’t want to hold her back but I knew if I could stay with her she’d push me and I’d finish much stronger than on my own.
My husband is not a runner but he decided he was going to do the route on his bike. He couldn’t start with us, his first concern was not to get in the runners way so he spent more than half the race catching up to us.
I started off feeling great with a steady pace but after a little while really feeling fatigued it made me wonder, did I start too fast? Will I be able to hold out?   Nuun Energy in my water bottle and GU gel really helped an Jenn’s conversation made several more miles pass.  The hills were tough but I never ever considered walking.  I kept her within 20 or so feet an she slowed for me when I would drop further.  I was also worried about my husband as I had not seen him.  Another gel an I started to realize I had made it this far and I WAS going to finish this at a much better time than I expected. Just after this my husband caught up with us.  Boy was he a site to see an we all tracked on with some encouragement and even humor.  We passed mile 11, 12 and 13! We made a turn to face the finish line while Greg went around. Jenn an I picked up our pace an both finished with a 2:18:58 together!  Skip was waiting for us at the finish he came in at 1:50.  I got my metal, and then found my husband!  We did it, we all did it!!!



Mississippi Blues Half
Mississippi Blues Half
Mississippi Blues Half
We snapped some pictures, found the food tent, ate us some pizza We even thawed under the heat lamps.  From there we walked to the results tent an then finally it sunk in I had ran a 2:18, my best time yet!   🙂
The cold was starting to get to us all. It might have warmed up to 28 degrees. I would have liked to stay around and enjoy the post race events, but it was just too dang cold!!!
We all went back to the RV for showers and decided where to have lunch.  Genghis Grill in Flowood it was.  Skip and Jenn had never been there so it was a treat for us to show them around.  Afterwards we went out separate ways. It was a great race, great time with friends and good food!  Next half will be in New Orleans for the Rock n Roll in 2 weeks! (updated: Check out my review of RnRNOLA)
That is my Mississippi Blues Half Recap
Have you ever ran the Blues?
I would love for you to share your thoughts on it with me.


  1. Woo hoo great job on tackling those hills! 2:18 is my best time and it was at my very first half! Good luck at RNR!!!

  2. Congrats on the PR! I love that medal!