Mississippi Blues Half Recap

Mississippi Blues Half Recap 2015 Mississippi Blues Half Recap 2015 Friday was full of uncertainty, excitement and fear as I thought about the race before me tomorrow. I had looked at the elevations, had heard others talk about the hills.  I still have Tupelo in the back of my mind.  For me Tupelo was hard….. period.   It was hot, humid and I was not prepared enough for it and therefore I did not do as well as I had hoped {Read More}

New Race Bling

I am so very excited to report I was able to pick up a PR today at the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon. a race recap to come soon!  🙂

Hitting the Pavement Because???

Good morning!  I read a blog post from The Hungry Runner Girl (great blog, you can check it out Here) yesterday and she asked a question on her blog and I thought I’d answer it in detail on mine. Her question was: Do you hit the pavement for a run or go to the gym because: A) You aren’t happy with what you look like and you are chasing after changing your body. B) You want to give your body {Read More}

What Running has taught me about Dedication & Discipline

What running has taught me about Dedication and discipline.  It’s like the ol’ saying: USE IT OR LOOSE IT  Wait, No not that…………… Yea, thats more like it! 🙂 It’s just like any other muscle if you use it, it gets stronger if you don’t you loose it.  I’m not only talking about physical but mental as well. Our society teaches us from a very young age if it feels good do it. We don’t give ourselves enough credit and {Read More}


Isn’t if funny how in the face of adversity that you come out with a different pair of glasses on. In a post about slowing down and enjoying our lives, a good friend of mine commented that she had had some health problems in 2014 and how it really opened her eyes and made her appreciate every day of feeling better.  She thanked God for her new outlook and she’s more determined to keep improving because of what all she {Read More}

First Monday of the New Year!

So today is the FIRST Monday of 2015! If you going to start new habits, goals, resolutions and you didn’t start on January 1st then TODAY is your day! Start! Ok so you have decided 2015 is your year and your going to make better, healthier choices, maybe get active with an exercise routine! Maybe get rid of something unhealthy…. Great!   Know that by making these changes it won’t be easy but not impossible.  We’ve all heard,  IF IT {Read More}

In 2015 I want to Inspire

I’m not just talking about exercise either.  Ok so I have fell in love running an it’s  MY thing, maybe you can’t run, maybe you don’t even want to. That is OK!!!! It’s not for everyone and what works for one person may not be anothers “cup of Whiskey” as Frank Foster would say. Find what works for you.  Maybe it’s committing to taking a daily “Me Time” walk.   Just see where it goes from then on.  As you {Read More}

2014 Looking Back on the Memories

2014 – Looking Back Posted on December 31, 2014—- Wow, what a year it has been for me and my family! There has been a lot going on this past year!  A lot of ups, down, milestones, self-discovery, and building stronger relationships. I have really learned so much about ME about my husband, my kids and what makes us all tick!  🙂 Since this blog is new I go back to what keeps me from being crazy sane, my  Erin Condren Life {Read More}

And 7 bags later………..

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  I sure did.  Had a wonderful time with my family and even got a lot of things on my Christmas list plus more! After us being home more over the holiday we ate just about everything we possibly could in the house!   Sunday afternoon it was time to go to the grocery store to restock! When we got back and I started getting all the groceries out to put up I went {Read More}

Spin Class

I wanted to share my thoughts with you on my spin class………. Wait……..NO not THAT thought…….. I have been attending for the past month.  Before this I had never been to one before and quite frankly I really didn’t know what it was all about.   Ok well, I knew it was riding a bike but I thought……….how in the heck do you have a whole class on just riding a bike?   Hummm was I in for a treat……..yes that {Read More}