Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer Review

 Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer Review

Have you seen the new Polaroid Zip?

Last week I mentioned loving my new Polaroid ZIP Mini Mobile Printer in my Weekly Wrap post and I got several questions about it. I wanted to take this opportunity to go into more detail on it and give my review of it.

I found this Polaroid ZIPone day while browsing through Instagram. Someone posted a picture of their planner and had these cute mini photos that were decorated with cute sayings and such.
I immediately thought this is a great idea BUT realistically, I am NOT going through the trouble of downloading pictures to a Walmart or a printing service then having to go get them and spend more time, decorating my planner.  Just too much sugar for a dime ya know.
Well, I got to looking more into this and figured out this was a mini mobile printer. I had never heard of these before and was curious so I then started searching the web for info.
Well, it did not take me long to find this sweet little printer and since July is my Birthday month, I thought it would make the perfect gift for myself.
Polaroid Zip

2.9 Inches x 4.7 Inches x 0.9 Inches and it weighs in at 6.6 Ounces

The things I like about this Polaroid ZIP printer is it prints images right from your phone (iPhone or Android) or even a tablet via Bluetooth or NFC Technology. It uses this special Zink paper which means it doesn’t have ink. Now, don’t expect me to explain this one to you just take my word for it, it is COOL! Who remembers the old Polaroid pictures? You know the ones you waited for and had to air dry before they exposed? Not here, it comes out nice and mess-free and from the time it sends the image to the printer to the time it prints out it is LESS than 1 minute! Oh and I almost forgot the paper is sticky paper so no taping or glueing!!!!

After I tore this package out of the UPS delivery man’s hand I quickly unboxed it and plugged it up with the charging cord, included into my USB wall charger, not included for about 1.5 hours. After the light came on indicating it was fully charged I skimmed through the instructions. You may not want to do this, I would guess it would be much better if you read them line by line but I only do that when I can’t figure it out!

I opened the top and loaded the 10 pack of paper that came with it and downloaded the free Polaroid ZIP app on my phone. The paper is only 2×3″ but I use the collage option and print several pictures on one page to make my sheets last. Now don’t do like me and wait to purchase more paper later, you ARE going to LOVE this little printer and you will need more paper.

So here are the paper options, they come in packs of 20 for $9.99 all the way up to 500 for $249. I purchased the 30 pack below for $14.25!

Polaroid Zip

Click to order the 30 pack

The printer comes in black, red, blue or white what I got.  I read it will print about 25 sheets on one charge. I’m sure I will test this out but I’m going to have to wait for my paper to get here first!

Polaroid Zip

So how do I use this printer? Well, I love my Erin Condren Life Planner and I use it to keep up with my races, travels, and just memories.  The pictures I print out really make the pages come to life and I think when I look back it will be a great memory book.

Polaroid Zip

You see I told you this was pretty awesome!!!
Not only do I print out pictures I also print out sayings and words to use as well.
polaroid zip
I actually used a third party app for these pictures here called Pic Collage. I made the collage and then used the Quick Print option on the Polaroid ZIPapp.
If you are interested, I would really appreciate it if you would use one of the affiliate links through out this post or on the side of my blog page to order your own Polaroid ZIP Printer. This is the first time I’m trying out Amazon affiliate links and I will make a little pocket change if you purchase using my link. Every bit helps right? 🙂
I also wanted to publically thank Judy from Chocolate Runs Judy for her help when I inquired about her using the Amazon program. Thanks friend!
I appreciate you reading and the comments too.
How do you think you would use this printer?
I did think of using it to print out my official race times to stick on the back of my running medals. What other neat ways could you use it for?
If this was helpful to you, please share.
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