Rock n Roll Las Vegas Race Recap and Weekend Review

Rock n Roll Las Vegas

Race Recap and Weekend Review

This is my recap of not only the Rock n Roll Las Vegas 5k and half marathon but our entire trip, yes you have been warned! If you missed the play by play action on my Instagram story then this is your second chance! Live through me as a small town Mississippi girl visits Las Vegas, Nevada aka Sin City, to run in the 5k and half marathon!

Rock n Roll Las Vegas

This trip came about earlier in the year, a bunch of us blogger gals all showed interest in an epic runner meetup. What better place than Vegas. Some brought their spouses some did not. I not only brought mine but talked him into running his first half with me! How in the world is he going to top this I wonder? Spoiler: He even has already said he’d do another one! Yessss!

Our adventure started on Thursday bright and early! Our flight did not leave until 9:40 and our airport is very small and honestly, we could have shown up at 9:15 and still had coffee and donuts! With my coffee in hand, I got my sweet daddy to take us to the airport.

Rock n Roll Las Vegas

I was still very nervous. Don’t I look nervous in that picture? I have flown once before but it was before 9/11 and it was a non-stop flight, so it doesn’t count.

We had zero problems going through security and boarding our “crop-duster” plane. I got the window seat and just couldn’t tear myself away from the views.

Rock n Roll Las Vegas

About the time we quit climbing, the stuartist were coming down the isles with drinks and cookies! Are these not the best cookies? Still amazed at the views, I see landmarks getting more and more clear as we descend. In no time we touched down and are taxiing to our gate.

We had a connecting flight in Dallas/Fort Worth and had one hour before departure! That made me very nervous. I’ve heard of horror stories where people were sprinting to their next flight and even missing it. I didn’t know we didn’t have to go through security again so that was a relief. After taking a shuttle to another terminal and finding our gate we picked up a snack and sat down until they called us to board.

Rock n Roll Las Vegas

You can see here I’m a little more relaxed as we made it onto the flight to Vegas. Talk about a sigh of relief!

Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas rock n roll las vegas

I once again got the window seat and the views got even better! I entertained myself trying to figure out what it was I was seeing below. A little Jack n Coke couldn’t hurt for the nerves.

About 1:30 PM Vegas time we landed! Thank you, Jesus! Getting off the plane and walking into the airport, the very first thing I see is a row of slow machines, lol I’m truly in Vegas now I thought!

We waited only a few minutes around the luggage carousel for our bag and headed to the taxi line. After about 10 minutes we were being dropped off in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino.

Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas Rock n Roll Las Vegas

Our hotel was just fabulous! From the room to the shops and even the casino. They did have the Eiffel tower we could go up in and a restaurant and unfortunately, we just ran out of time doing either of these. So much to see and do it’s overwhelming!

Rock n roll las vegas

This burger was amazing!

Once settled in our room our first priority venturing out was to find food! This girl was starving! At a little strip of restaurants and shops between the Paris and Bally’s we found Wahlburgers. I had the best burger and sweet potato tots there too.

Next up was getting tickets to the Monorail. I did my homework on this. I found out this was the way to get to and from the expo and races. Rock n Roll runners even got a discount. You could buy tickets each trip for $5 or you could buy unlimited trips for 1-7 day passes. We got the 5-day pass for less than $30 each. It sure beat Uber and walking everywhere plus there was even a stop right at our hotel.

Next up was tackling the the expo. It was at the Las Vegas Convention center. Again the monorail took us right there. In my experience, with any Rock n Roll Expo it was very organized and being there early meant hardly any lines!

Rock n Roll las vegas

It was a pretty big one too. Lots of vendors. We did lots of taste testing, picked up the free products, listened to several people selling their products too. We replenished our supply of GU’s and Honey Stingers for the race.

rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas

After the expo we headed out to see some of the city sights. The picture of the gold champagne bottle that was cut off actually had a chain that went around your neck and of course it was filled with booze. About midnight we were hungry again and at Margaritaville for a snack. With a 5:45AM alarm, time difference, and traveling, we were exhausted!


I missed the sunrise by maybe 2 minutes! Really??? We got up showered and headed downstairs for breakfast. I am on vacation so I eat what I want!

rock n roll las vegas

Banana Nutella Breakfast Crepe

rock n roll las vegas

We took in some more sights today. We went to the Flamingo Hotel to see the Wildlife exhibit, Caesars Palace, Bellagio and the Stratosphere. I recommend going up if you can handle it ! The views are simply amazing.

rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas

Late that afternoon, I got word that Mary Beth had arrived so we decide to meet up at the Expo since we were close by.

rock n roll las vegas

It sure was good to see my friend! It is a good thing we don’t live closer, we would stay in trouble!! MB I already miss ya!

rock n roll las vegas

After the expo we hit the hotels, stopped at Caesars Palace for drinks, walked through the Cosmopolitan and a few others before we snagged an Uber to the Rio. There was this rooftop lounge I was just dying to go see.

rock n roll las vegas

Any Food Network fans recognize this name?

Inside the hotel we ate a late dinner at Guy Fieri’s El Burro Borracho. Then headed to the top!

Guy Fieri's El Burro Borracho

Guy Fieri's El Burro Borracho

View from the VooDoo Lounge

I have never seen anything like this!


Both MB and Darlene had adventures away from the strip today so we hung around until I heard from Kim from Running on the Fly. I had not met Kim before an I was very much looking forward to meeting her! Kim and I over the last couple of years have left each other comment after comment about our differences in weather! We have really hit it off and pick on each other all the time!

rock n roll las vegas

Even though we had not met, you could not tell it! We had a great time the whole afternoon with her and her husband Pat. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe out on the balcony overlooking the strip.

rock n roll las vegas

She briefly met MB when we got back to our hotel before they headed back to their B&B and we got race-ready for the 5K.

Greg and I headed to the monorail to get to the race start. It was nice out a little bit cool standing around in a tank and skirt but perfect for running.

rock n roll las vegas

How much fun are these huge glow sticks?

We had to go through security before entering the park. The SLS Hotel and casino provided us with glow sticks, which I thought was pretty cool. They had different settings to change the colors. After dropping our bag off I met up with Marcia and Darlene.

If you complete both the 5k and the half, you get the cool remix medal. I’ve done several races like this and I never race the 5k. Easy peasy pace all for the bling! This race was not on the strip but it was still fun. An out and back type race but they did make us loop and zigzag through the parking lot to the finish. In true Vaughn style when we run together we cross the finish line hand in hand. Greg did great, remember he’s running his first half so this was a new experience for him.

rock n roll las vegas

MB an Kim joined us at the finish too! We headed back towards the strip where we planned to head straight to eat dinner. Along the way we took a few detours inside hotels (we actually thought it was a shortcut) and well to put it nicely we got turned around which is easy to do in Vegas.  I got to see some very nice hotels and we all got to visit with each other. Both the Venetian and Palazzo are just something to see for me anyway!

rock n roll las vegas

Dinner was in the Grand Lux inside the Venetian and it was wonderful. Wonderful to be sitting down and wonderful to have food in the belly! It had a great variety of foods and we were all starving and tired!


After walking just over 30,000 steps yesterday, I decided today we’d take it easy in preps for our night half marathon. You know, prepping for a night race is tricky! I never run at night anymore and 13.1 miles is not something you just wing.

We hung around the hotel, had breakfast then some of us decided to have lunch at Giordano’s Pizza. I’m glad I can spell it right because I butchered the pronunciation of it! Marcia got tickled at how I said it. It’s that southern drawl twist I was trying to put on it. Hello? But I’m glad she told me the right way to say it. We got the deep dish and boy was it divine!

I dug in so fast I didn’t even get a picture! #bloggerfail We headed up to our room to get ready for the half.

rock n roll las vegas

About race time, Greg and I headed on foot right down the middle of the Vegas strip as they had already shut the road down! Did you know they only close the roads for this race and on New Year’s Eve? That’s it. The race start was in front of the New York New York hotel. We made our way to the back of it where we dropped off our bag and met up with the girls.

rock n roll las vegas

Did you notice the shirts we had made? Turned out great don’t you think?

At the start, we were in corral 13 and it was packed! We headed towards the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign where we made a turnaround. Mandalay Bay Hotel had a huge #VegasStrong banner. Running by it just had a somber presence.

rock n roll las vegas

Here are some other pictures taken on the course.

rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas

The race is mostly run right on the strip, there really is so much to see. I ran right with Greg the entire time he did great! It was sure nice to have him there too.

A few times during the race I face-timed my daughter back in Mississippi just showing her the sights and about a 1/4 of a mile out I got her on the phone and she happened to be at my parent’s house. My Mom, Dad, daughter and sister and her kids all got to see us cross the finish line. That right there was priceless.

rock n roll las vegas

At the Finish!

We met up with everyone afterward and then ate dinner at Johnny Rockets near the finish and very close to the monorail stop!

rock n roll las vegas

Greg and I enjoyed an AquaMassage on the way back to our room! As I laid down I look to see I had walked 40,000 steps today! Tired was an understatement! That’s how we roll, from can to can’t!


Monday morning came bright and early. We booked a tour of the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.

rock n roll las vegas

I wanted to see both and this tour met our needs! Bob our guide was fabulous! Grew up in Las Vegas and was just full of knowledge. We really really enjoyed today! Picked us up right at our hotel at 6:45 and had us back by about 5ish.

I have tons of pictures, as you would imagine. Here are just a few.

rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas rock n roll las vegas

It’s hard for me to put into words my thoughts after seeing the Grand Canyon. It’s just so massively magnificent! I enjoyed the glitz and glamor of the city but this today was the highlight of our trip! I’m so glad we were able to go!

After we got back we changed and headed back out to eat at the Double Barrel Roadhouse for a casual dinner, we visited the M&M store and went to the Zumanity show! Wow, what a night! I truly had an epic adventure!

If you made it through all of that you deserve your own medal!  Make sure to stop by the other gals blogs and check out their review of this past weekend!

Vegas a yea or nah for you?

This was a major raccation for us. Which races are like that for you?

Thank you for stopping by!



Rock n Roll Las Vegas


  1. Oh wow wow wow!!!!! I loved reading this recap and all the pictures!!! What an epic adventure! I think it’s great you were able to meet up with fellow bloggers and that the Mr. was willing to do both the 5k AND the half AND wanted to sign up for another one!! I’m and I glad you had a safe trip. Looks like you had smooth traveling on the planes and mono rails. I just have to ask- what is the aquatic massage? Hydro massage? Anyways, great job to you and congrats to your husband on wonderful races and adventures!!! What races do y’all have planned next?
    Melissa Cunningham recently posted…Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  2. I am so glad you got to experience all this! What a great recap of your trip. It was fun to see it all through your eyes. For me, that kind of race adventure was Big Sur. Isn’t it great how we have running to take us on all these adventures?

    I’m so sad that I didn’t get to connect with you on this trip. I’m hoping to make a few trips south in 2018–hopefully, that will include connecting with you!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Book Review: A Beautiful Work in ProgressMy Profile

  3. I think a night race would definitely be tricky to plan for. I’d be scared to eat all day! But looks like you planned it well. Must. E so cool to run through the strip at night! One advantage on Las Vegas is it’s so close to a lot of other things. We have gone there then drove from there to the national parks in Utah. Glad you had a good time!
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…What’s Next: New Focus, No GoalsMy Profile

  4. I made it too the end! What a great recap! It definitely brings back memories from when I ran it in 2014! I wish we would have got glow sticks for the 5k, our course was quite dangerous. The half was great though. I love all the sweet pictures of you and Greg together! How awesome that your family got to see you both cross the finish line! Glad y’all had a fabulous time in Vegas!
    Fairytales and fitness recently posted…Holiday Card SwapMy Profile

  5. I loved reading your recap of your adventures in Vegas and the surrounding area! Congrats to both you and Greg on completing both races! I LOVE that your mom, dad, daughter, etc. were able to cross the finish line with you via the magic of FaceTime!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Celebrating Big With A Birthday Letter To MyselfMy Profile

  6. Wow! You did a lot! I took it easy to save my legs for the race, but I got to Margaritaville twice, including after the race. Once I got through the pedestrian bridges after the finish line, I was right by the restaurant. Dinner and a celebratory margarita!
    Lesley recently posted…Ethel M ChocolatesMy Profile

  7. We love Vegas & have pretty much done almost all of that (and it was my first half). I was tempted but . . . it was just too much $$ for a race I’ve already run, especially after all our travel this year.

    I’m glad you guys had such a fabulous time. We took a tour to the Grand Canyon the first time I went to Vegas, because I figured I’d never get back there — little did I know it would become one of our most visited cities (it was really easy to get to from Austin).

    It’s really, really hard to not get a lot of steps in in Vegas. The only time I’ve ever used the Monorail was for the race! Very convenient!

    That’s awesome that you guys will be running another half together at some point. But I just don’t know how you face time with someone in the middle of a race!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Pre Thanksgiving Shenanigans: 11/13-19 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  8. Lori Mayer says:

    Zumanity show is one of my favorites also O is a really great show too. I love that you and your husband hold hands crossing the finish line. That is awesome.

  9. Sorry I’m just now seeing this. Gosh, it was such a blast in Vegas, and hanging with you and Greg felt like more of a reunion than a first-time meet-up. Now, ya’ll need to get that RV up north, ya hear? 😉
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Let There Be RestMy Profile

  10. What a great recap. I felt like I was there. Oh I was LOL

    Anyway, you really made the most of Vegas. A smart move.
    So glad I decided to run both races and I got to see you again. Hopefully not the last time.
    Darlene recently posted…RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

  11. Your trip was truly EPIC. I’m so glad you and Mr. Sippi enjoyed your vacation and the races!! It sure was hard to watch you gals having fun with me. 🙁 I bet the Grand Canyon was magnificent. It’s on my bucket list.

  12. Sounds like an awesome trip! Congrats to you and your husband on your half marathon finish! It’s such a fun race! I did it last year but would love to do it again! So fun!!
    Sharon recently posted…CIM Training Week 17 & Weekly Wrap: 11/13-11/19My Profile

  13. I love the Vaughns do Vegas tank, that Mimosa and aquamassage! You guys really ‘did’ Vegas right and I’m so glad you had a great trip! Have fun in Florida and have a blessed Thanksgiving. See you soon!!

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