Weekly Wrap 81 Repeat

Weekly Wrap 81 Repeat Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 81 Repeat. I’m calling this Replay because much of my week hasn’t been all that different from last week. Hey, I am not complaining either. Think you may get bored? Hang tight with me over the next 6, yes count them all; weeks and I’ll pretty much be in a different place each weekend. But first Coffee, no no I’ve already had my coffee, how about… THANK YOU for joining us {Read More}

What do you love about running right now

What do you love about running right now ? Got a quick question for you for this Valentines’s Day! What do you love about running right now? The girls of Tuesday on the Run threw out the topic of love and running and I wanted to share with you something I’ve recently fallen in love with. That would be running with my LOVE! He’s my biggest supporter and I love to share the road with him! I also love that {Read More}

Weekly Wrap 28 Surprise Birthday

Weekly Wrap 28 Surprise Birthday Edition   Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Link Up, a supportive community of women where you are encouraged to link up your own blog post, include anything you did to be active. This link up is a great place to hold yourself accountable each week, gain group support and motivate you to reach your goals. Wow, our link up has grown substantially from the first week of 14 linkers to a PR of 59!!! This is {Read More}