Weekly Wrap 107 Weekend of Work

Weekly Wrap 107 Weekend of Work

Weekly Wrap 107 Weekend of Work

Weekly Wrap


Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 107 Weekend of Work. As our “Guest Host Series” continues, this week our guest host is Madhuri from Ponder n Wonder. Madhuri we are so glad to have you this week. Please stop by and visit with her.

Holly and I may be taking a much-needed break from the front lines but we are busy behind the scenes and we are celebrating our two year anniversary. To thank you all for your participation and making it the great group of ladies, we are having giveaways all month long. Make sure to stop by Holly’s blog to see what she’s giving away this week.


In case you missed it, last week I gave away a Leisure Loops Bracelet and big congrats goes to Vicki from Fueled by Carrots as the winner!

Leisure Loops RUN Bracelet

Weekly Wrap 107 Weekend of Work

This Weekly Wrap is about accountability and lets see how I faired this past week.

Weekly Wrap 107 Weekend of Work

Weekly Activity

Sunday – RnR all day
Monday – Heavy Leg day! Boy was I sore
Tuesday – Run 3 miles
Wednesday Back n Bi workout
Thursday – Run 3 miles, with intervals
Friday – nothing
Saturday – 7.5 miles

I have about decided I’m not going to stress over not running but 3 days a week. It will get me back Half marathon ready in plenty of time. I may not be breaking PR’s this upcoming season but I’m ok with that!

I again added another mile to my long run on Saturday. I had no choice but to get out before the sun rose. It was going to be a hot one. Even at 6 AM it had a feels like temp of 82 with 95% humidity. Next week though I’ll take a cut back week before I build up some more. I have to be half marathon ready the first weekend in October.

I sported my Spandits shorts on Thursday during my run and posted on Instagram. I was tickled I got some IG Love from Spandits with a repost! I’ll be honest I only have one pair of Spandits, and I do like them. I think I need to add some more to my arsenal of running clothes.

I called this week the Weekend of Work because the hubs and I finished our project we started last weekend, or was it the weekend before that? Humm, anyway we lost power to our barn and we had a water leak. So after replacing 200′ of underground wire and putting in a new water faucet, we are back in business. Boy, was it hot too.  I have to brag a little on the hubs. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He can fix just about anything and is not scared to tackle a project!

After out long day Saturday, the hubs worked on Sunday and so did I at my part time job. We were both pretty tired when we got home.

So that wraps up my week.

What is your favorite brand you’d wipe out your bank account for?

Labor Day is coming up faster than a speeding bullet. Do you have plans? Do tell!


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  1. I think that running 3 days a week is great! While I run 4 days a week for my marathon training, I only ran 3 days a week when I trained for the Brooklyn Half earlier this year.

    So awesome about the IG love from Spandits! One of my favorite running brands is Mizuno. I would rack up on all of their sneakers if I could!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Recap – Week 13My Profile

  2. That first picture is gorgeous! I don’t know how you handle that kind of heat. It’s bad enough here, but nothing compared to what you have to endure.

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…A New Place To Run Around In Circles And OBX Half Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  3. Great job with your workouts this week! For the most part, I just run 3 days a week training for my half marathon and I supplement with 2 days of cross training at the gym.
    About 80% of my wardrobe is Under Armour….they have the basics down. I love the tanks and the capris!
    Sara recently posted…Great Race 5k & Urban Bourban HM Traning: Week 3My Profile

    • That’s exactly what I do pretty much 3x running 2x strength training one of the other two days is completely rest or I try to make it that way.

  4. 3 days a week of running is great! And nice job getting in some strength training. I also cant believe how quickly Labor Day is approaching. Where did the summer go?!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Orthotics Update: It’s Not Meant To BeMy Profile

  5. I know a lot of people who run 3 days/week and crush their races. I think it’s all about the big picture. And working on the house/barn/yard counts as cross training.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Every Day I’m Shuffling….My Profile

    • Hey your right about working on the home projects. I was sore in places weights had not made me that way. I hope I find the balance with it all this upcoming race season.

  6. You know I am a 3 day a week runner and it works for me! All those house chores will keep you in great shape! I worked all last weekend and I have to say it was not bad! 🙂
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…MBJ 2.0 Update #1My Profile

    • I’m so glad to hear your enjoying the training time. I know you can’t wait to get home and put all your ideas to work!

  7. beautiful photo of the lake! I do keep spending lots of $ on skirt sports gear and I’ve been known to frequent Lululemon especially in the winter time.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Weekly Wrap College Move InMy Profile

  8. Great job on your long run! So glad I don’t have to deal with that kind of heat and humidity in the morning. Nice that your hubs can fix about anything! I’d have to go with shoes…Altras.
    Sherry recently posted…CIM Training Week 5 and Weekly Wrap (8/14-8/20)My Profile

  9. I always ran 3 days and it worked perfectly for me. I could wipe out my bank account at Athleta <3
    AmyC recently posted…My First SUP Race Review (+ my Weekly Wrap)My Profile

  10. I literally purchase so many Pro Compression socks I can’t even fathom how much money I spend on them. I just love all the colors! And they match my running outfits so well!

    My boyfriend is super handy too and I don’t know what I’d do without him! I’m horrible at DIY stuff…he’s great in that area. The power thing sounds annoying, sorry that happened to you guys!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 13: 8/14-8/20My Profile

  11. The humidity crushed me last week, so I’m definitely “team morning runner” FOREVER. I thought I could play with some evening runs, but I was wrong!

    Aren’t handy husbands the best? Mine is too, and I can’t even imagine all the things we’d be paying to fix if he didn’t jump in & do it himself.

  12. That’s awesome that your husband has such good fix-it skills 🙂 The spandits shorts look really cute! Recently my athletic purchases have been fabletics and skirt sports. I love both 🙂
    Chaitali recently posted…Heart rate training week 12My Profile

    • I do love my fabletics gosh I’d say out of all brands total I have more of their stuff. I tend to buy more in the cooler months though.

  13. I have no doubt that you’ll be half marathon ready despite not running 3 days per week right now. Once the heat and humidity go away it’ll be so much easier to get back at it.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Log – Weeks 10 and 11My Profile

  14. I keep trying to add a fourth day of running to my week, and somehow I can’t seem to manage to incorporate it very well. So I’m definitely behind the 3 days a week – it works for me so far! I hoping once it gets cooler, it’ll be easier to add days.
    Heather recently posted…Weekly Wrap: August 14-20My Profile

  15. I love your water pics!!

    I struggle to fit in the runs. It’s hard when you work full-time.

    I’m with you on speed. I want to be faster but don’t have the time to make it happen. So I am happen to run and finish all my races. Looking forward to LV.
    Darlene recently posted…Running Update: 8.14.17-8.20.17My Profile

    • At some point Darlene we do have to decide if we want to run as much races as we do and do pretty good or have only a few PR races and really focus on it alone. I think for me it’s more fun the more I do.

  16. ** happy not happen
    Darlene recently posted…Running Update: 8.14.17-8.20.17My Profile

  17. I can’t even think about Labour day! I feel like it’s so far away but really it’s just around the corner. No plans for that weekend other then relax and enjoy the last few days of my vacation!
    Anna @ Piper’s Run recently posted…Week 8 Half Training Maritime Race WeekendMy Profile

  18. Some training cycles are for going full out and aiming to break PRs, and others are just about getting the miles in and enjoying the runs. Nothing wrong with either! I’m also feeling more relaxed about this training cycle than others, and I’m enjoying that! I’m actually debating not doing as many miles as I planned when I chose my training plan. I think this cycle is more about the journey and enjoying myself than anything else.
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Marathon Training Week 4: Trying Out MPMy Profile

  19. My nephew’s birthday party is Labor Day weekend, so those are our plans! Not too exciting, but I’m looking forward to some serious rest when it rolls around!
    Jessica recently posted…Podcasts to Listen to: More of My Favorite PodcastsMy Profile

  20. Running three days is great. I am trying to get in 3-4 consistent runs each week. With me getting back to ‘serious’ half-marathon training this week, I see that may be happening. That blue spandits – looks so pretty!!! Thanks SO much for hosting this weekly wrap and bring us all together. It’s just SO much fun to guest co-host this week.

  21. For clothes, I am a Nike fan. We have an outlet store here and that’s where most of my gear comes from. I used to love Under Armour shorts but they changed how they made them a few years ago. The sizing seems bigger now and they don’t fit me right, so I mostly do Nike. Even if you are only running 3 days a week, you’re still consistent and you’re doing other workouts which is really great!

    • Don’t you hate when brands do that? I know a few years ago my running shoes took a complete change with the new model. My feet did not like it at all and it took me several years before I gave them another shot.

  22. I’ve never run more than 3x/week so yes, it can be done. No worries there. You are adorable in your Spandits. I just got the 2 new pairs I ordered today! Fun new patterns, just saying…
    Marcia recently posted…The Best Ways to Optimize Post-Workout RecoveryMy Profile

  23. How cool that you had a Spandits IG feature! I’ve never tried them out but everyone seems to love them!

    Ugh, work can be so stressful sometimes, especially when unexpected things come up! Hopefully this week is a lot more relaxing for you!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Rock ‘N Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Week 4My Profile

  24. I’ve discovered that Ink n Burn skirts are the bomb. So, I’ve already dropped some dough there. I consider them an investment. 😉 Three days of running is not only enough — it’s smart. There’s no need to burn out or over train. Plus, you doing other things on your off-running days.

    • Hey it is easy to do with ink n burn but dang that have the coolest stuff. I gotta give the skirts a try they look so dang cute.

  25. Okay, tell me more about those Spandits! LOVE the wild patterns that I’ve seen you and a few other ladies rocking. Do they ride up or no? Any shorts that don’t ride up, even on the hottest, sweatiest days, is a win for me! Cute patterns are a major bonus 🙂
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Third Time Around | B3 Week 28My Profile