Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating

Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating

Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating – I was back in Oxford, MS this weekend for the Ole Miss / LSU SEC Football game. We took the RV and had a wonderful time with friends tailgating right on the campus from Friday morning until Sunday morning.

Weekly Wrap

I thank you for joining us in the Weekly Wrap. This link up was created to help all of us support each other in staying active, whatever that may look like for you! Let us know what is going on in your neck of the woods. How do you balance this crazy thing called life? Link up your posts each week with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin.

Jumping right into my activity for this week.

Weekly Activity

Sunday – REST
Monday – Leg Day
Tuesday – Run 3.24 Miles
Wednesday – Run 1.11 Miles
Thursday – Run 4 Miles & Chest n Tri’s
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 6 miles

I did manage to run and get my strength training in for the week. I knew we’d be in Oxford with friends so we chose last week to switch out long runs to allow us a cut back week. It was a great decision too. After our night out there was no way I was doing any more than I did on Saturday.

On Thursday I was able to run 4 miles. This hasn’t been done during the week for me since Holly was giving me training plans! As you know I like to stay around the 3-mile mark.

Other than that, my whole work week was pretty much uneventful so I’ll share a slideshow of pictures from my weekend.

Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating

In case you missed it: As a Move More Fitness Ambassador, I was one of the #lucky ones who received Lucky Rings not only for me but my spouse as well! They have some pretty cool silicone wedding rings available. I personally think I like the men’s thicker version, especially the ones that have the lucky clover image on them!

weekly wrap 115

Feeling Lucky?

If you tried to visit my blog between 5-6PM last Sunday to link up or comment and you saw only last weeks post, it was because I lost my laptop charging cord an, of course, my computer was dead as a doornail!!! I have since then replaced and already received a new one so hopefully that won’t happen again! My apologies to those of you stopped by.

What is your greatest blogging challenge when you are out of town?

Do you bring your computer with you when you travel via airplane? I’m already in quite a tizzy about my upcoming trip to Vegas. I may as well have never flown before as it was pre 9/11. Any tips for me?


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Weekly Wrap 116 Tailgating

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  1. I loves seeing all your fun photos this weekend on Instagram! It looks like you had a blast!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Weekly Wrap: The Past 2 WeeksMy Profile

  2. It looks like y’all had so much fun in Oxford this weekend!! I have not flown since I was in high school and it wasn’t even on a nice plane! Be safe going over to Vegas!

  3. I don’t really have any flying tips, as I only flew ONCE pre 9/11. But I can tell you my hubs was pulled by TSA on our way to Vegas once for a gum wrapper in his pocket. Also, a couple of years ago on my way back to the states from Japan, my carry-on got searched because I bought a LUSH cosmetics bath bomb that I didn’t put in my check bag. I explained myself and the guy was like “Oh, really? Cool.” but I still had a minor freak out! So my best tips……. Empty your pockets and check your bath bombs! 😉
    Jessica recently posted…Last Week’s Workouts, Wine & Dine Week 16 Recap + #TIU21 Week 2My Profile

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! I usually bring my laptop when I travel but I don’t really use it while on the plane. I guess I fly pretty often because I feel like I have the security process down to a science. I keep my laptop in a flat laptop bag with nothing else in it, and have a separate clear bag with any small liquids. So i just pull both of those out of my travel bag when I go through security. I’m sure you will figure it out and be just fine!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…The Benefits of Running 3 Days a WeekMy Profile

  5. I hate trying to blog while traveling, but I do it…just because 😉 I try to have any posts written and “publish-ready” (if at all possible) because it’s challenging to do the copy/paste thing (and last-minute edits) via my phone. Sometimes, I can manage on the hubby’s laptop (hello, 7-day hospital stay back in July!), but even that is not ideal.
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Ready to RALLYMy Profile

  6. If I’m going for more than a weekend, I bring my laptop, otherwise I bring my iPad. There’s an app called Blogo that I’ve been playing with. It’s kind of tricky but it makes it a little easier to blog when traveling!

    Looks like you had a really fun weekend!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Never Underestimate the Power of New ShoesMy Profile

  7. I can do all my blogging on my phone while I am away.
    My tip for flying to vegas is to wear layers on the plane so you don’t have to pack as much luggage….haha. I did that when I went because the airline we took charged per bag and it was just riddiculous! I got away with just one carryone.
    Fairytales and fitness recently posted…Weekly Wrap…October 22My Profile

  8. I have to bring my computer if i want to blog – so yes, I do bring it most times. I know I could do it from my phone, but it’s just much easier on y laptop! looks like you guys had a great trip!! Love the pics!!
    melissa recently posted…Why Can’t Weekends Last Forever?My Profile

  9. Looks like lots of fun was had on the weekend! I bring my laptop since it’s so much easier to blog with it than on the phone. Time is my biggest blogging challenge when out of town.
    Sherry recently posted…CIM Training Week 14 and Weekly Wrap (10/16-10/22)My Profile

  10. I only ever travel with an iPad because I’d rather unplug from the blog when I’m away. Hard to schedule things in advance though! You guys sure know how to have fun! Can’t wait to see you in Vegas!
    Marcia recently posted…Running Burns Off the CrazyMy Profile

  11. My friends and I were just talking about tailgating today – comparing notes and telling stories! I take either my laptop or iPad – depends on how long I will be gone and how much time I will have to blog.
    AmyC recently posted…Sweaty Saturday 5K, GRIT and a Walking TourMy Profile

    • We sure did have a great time tailgating this past weekend, makes me want to do it more often. We met some pretty cool people there too!
      After reading all this I think I’m going to post ahead and update on my social media outlets while in Vegas.
      Thanks for the imput Amy!
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 116 TailgatingMy Profile

  12. Sounds like you had a great weekend tailgating!
    Clarinda recently posted…Run Laughlin Half Marathon Training Week 4My Profile

  13. Fun pictures! I usually don’t take my computer with me when I travel for fun. It just seems like extra weight when I want to unplug on vacation and relax anyway. So that means I end up usually not blogging on vacation and just sharing on instagram 🙂
    Chaitali recently posted…WDW Marathon Training – Week 7My Profile

  14. Like most everyone else, I try to have my post as close to ‘publish ready’ as possible before traveling but I still have to have my laptop.. I just hate trying to edit and blog on my phone.

    Flying …gosh, there’s so much crap to know now with all of the security measures in place since 9/11. I’d say just be sure to read the TSA website regarding what you can put in your carry-on and what is not allowed. They are really serious about that stuff! Other than that, I’d say dress comfy and with shoes that can be taken off quickly because you have to remove shoes, belts, etc when going through security. I always have a light jacket because it can get cold on the plane once you are up in the air. If you take your laptop, sometimes they ask you to take it out and turn it on, so be prepared to do that. And above all, be sure to put all running gear in your carry on in case they lose your luggage!! 🙂

    Looks like fun was had by all in Oxford! Sorry for the loss 🙁
    Teresa recently posted…Marathon Training Week 7: Fall’s ArrivalMy Profile

    • Doing it on your phone is such a hassle, mine don’t half work right anyway then if it does, I hit post thinking I was saving to post later. I have about decided I’m not taking my laptop to Vegas, like when am I really going to have time to blog???
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 116 TailgatingMy Profile

  15. We have similar rings (Qalo) and love them! My husband wears his all the time. As a paramedic, they bend with his finger and won’t catch on the stretcher.
    I actually don’t travel a whole lots so I don’t usually travel with my lap top.
    Anna @ Piper’s Run recently posted…Weekly Workouts; Run, Soccer, Cycle.My Profile

  16. Your weekend looks so fun!! That is great you are getting your miles in…it certainly isn’t easy to fit it all in.
    Just remember no big bottles of lotion or shampoo in your carry on 🙂

  17. I never fly with a computer (I don’t travel for work, just pleasure!), so blogging doesn’t happen. I try to have some posts scheduled ahead of time; otherwise, I just update when I get back!
    Heather recently posted…Weekly Wrap: October 16-22My Profile

  18. I don’t fly with my laptop because I usually don’t travel for work. I don’t like to lug it around either! Tailgating atmosphere is always contagious and fun!

  19. I used to travel with my laptop prior to having the little ones… now I would be afraid to because I’m sure they would crush it or spill milk on it?! Looks like you had a fun crew to hang with this week! And those silicone wedding rings look really fun. My husband has one for on the farm to avoid electrocution and having his finger pinched off… I thought it would be nice to have my own – especially to keep my normal ring in better shape!
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Home Stretch | B3 Week 37My Profile

  20. I don’t bring a laptop when I fly…because I don’t own one. Basically I live in the year 2000 still. Not a big deal to bring one though, just have it where it’s easy to take out to go through security. I like to bring an empty water bottle to fill up after security.

  21. Looks like a fun weekend! I do bring my laptop but find it hard to blog on vacation! :p
    Sharon recently posted…CIM Marathon Training Week 13 & Weekly Wrap: 10/16-10/22My Profile

  22. Hooray for getting your workouts in and TAILGATING! I love tailgating and games, and we are SEC people (Go Gamecocks!). I bet it’s even more fun tailgating in an RV, I have seen quite a few at Carolina games and also at The Citadel which is here in Charleston. Plus with an RV, if you party too hard, you don’t have to worry about driving home- you can just go to sleep :).

    I don’t blog on vacation… I did take my laptop on my last one because we were in the US but if I am going out of the country I probably wouldn’t take it. We’re going on a cruise soon and I doubt I take it there. Sometimes it’s better to disconnect…
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: October 16-22My Profile

  23. It is really challenging to blog while traveling. I am away the next 2 weekends so don’t think I will be able to join in but I will be back in 2 weeks! Loving the link up
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Sheet Pan Eggplant Cous Cous + Cookbook GiveawayMy Profile

  24. Looks like you had a fun time away! I have not figured out a reliable way to blog while away without my laptop being involved so I usually just unplug for a few days and enjoy the break 🙂
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Weekly Wrap – Here we go againMy Profile

  25. Yay for getting in the workouts before a fun weekend of tailgating! I loved seeing your pics pop up on IG this past week btw. I’m not much of a traveler but my husband travels frequently and takes his work computer with him. He takes it in his carry on bag so everything stays together. I’m sure your going to have a great time in Vegas!!
    Melissa Cunningham recently posted…WK 9 HM training and a 5k recapMy Profile

  26. You guys certainly do know how to tailgate in the south! I’m exhausted if we show up for ours more than three hours before kickoff. Bill and I have been known to leave our hotel at 5 AM to get a 10-15 mile run in before tailgating though, so I guess that’s a pretty good excuse.

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Hills, Gravel, And Crescent Moon Laps: OBX Half Marathon Training (Week Thirteen)My Profile

  27. I love those fun photos and that slideshow feature! Looks like a great time was had by all – big, beaming smiles! Plane advise – travel as simply as possible – wear shoes that can easily be removed; avoid things like belts (if possible); don’t have unnecessary bottles of stuff/ toiletries. If possible, carry very little hand-luggage – you can take your laptop, but again make sure it can easily be removed when you go through security check. So let me say be as “minimalist” as possible – I have really found that is the secret.
    Shathiso recently posted…Road to Soweto: Training Recap, Week 6My Profile

  28. I know you had so much fun tailgating at the game this weekend! If I’m driving somewhere, I take my laptop. Sometimes, I fly with it (like Utah). It is very hard to edit a post with an iPhone though so I have to have a post prepared if I’m without it. My advice for flying? Go with the flow. The TSA agents aren’t consistent. What they do in one airport will be different in another. It drives me nuts. Do not put your finishers medal in your luggage on the way home. Wear it around your neck.