Weekly Wrap 118 Countdown to Vegas

Weekly Wrap 118 Countdown to Vegas

Weekly Wrap 118 Countdown to Vegas

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 118 – I am on the downhill slide to Vegas! Yes, even though the races are not until next the Mr. and I will be headed out on Thursday. That will give us some time to take in the sights of the city.

Weekly Wrap

I thank you for joining us in the Weekly Wrap. This link up was created to help all of us support each other in staying active, whatever that may look like for you! Let us know what is going on in your neck of the woods. How do you balance this crazy thing called life? Link up your posts each week with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin.

I hated to leave the campground today if you are reading this on Sunday but I needed to get home and focus on getting ready to leave for Vegas later in the week. Before I get to what else went on let’s take a look how my week of activity went.

Weekly Activity

Sunday – Active rest
Monday – Leg Day
Tuesday – Run 4 Miles (3 Progressive, 1 cool down)
Wednesday – Shoulders at the gym
Thursday – Speed work 4 miles + .80 cool down
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 8 miles

I still enjoyed very much to be running at the campground but I have to say the temps towards the end of the week crept back up a little more than I would have liked! Thursday’s speedwork was just dang hard! I didn’t hit the paces I did the week before but it was about 20 degrees warmer too!

Sigh, Fall where did you go? At least I didn’t fall back into my 3 miler routine so that is a plus, right?

Weekly Wrap 118 Countdown to vegas


Tuesday was Halloween and we had a laid-back evening at the campground with my daughter and some of her friends dropped by. We had a huge pot of chili, a campfire and they even made smores. Does it get any better??

Weekly Wrap 118 Countdown to vegas

The Mr. got a new to him truck. He was so excited! It is very nice, much nicer than any truck we’ve had too. I”m very proud for him.

Weekly Wrap 118 Countdown to vegas

This was my view for my 8miler on Saturday. It was so foggy but beautiful at the same time.

Coming Up:

It will be a whirlwind the first part of this week, trying to get all my work done, trying to pack and still shop for Vegas! Lordy, I just want to be done with the prep and be there! Plans are being made if you’ve ever been to Vegas, tell me what is something we need to be sure to check out!

Did you remember to move your clocks back?

If you’ve ever run Vegas, give me the 411!!!

I’m still very nervous about my flights to and from Vegas. Tell me something to calm my nerves!

I hope you all have a great week! I will have my post ready in advance for next Sunday but you’ll have to keep up with me on Social Media as I post away about our Vegas Trip! Warning: I’m posting anything and everything, you only go to Vegas once right? I hope you’ll follow along with me!


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Weekly Wrap 118 Countdown to Vegas

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  1. Don’t stress about the race. I ran it a few years ago (well, the full) and it’s super fun. There is a lot of fun energy and running the Strip at Night is really cool. I’m not sure where you’re staying, but the Bellagio fountains and conservatory are must-see. I also recommend the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. There are tons to see and do, but those freebies are definitely worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The view during your 8-miler was amazing!
    Clarinda recently posted…Run Laughlin Half Marathon Training Week 6My Profile

  2. Woot woot woot!!!!! I am SO excited to see you in Vegas! Thanks for the reminder about the timing of our upcoming weekend…I hadn’t thought about my Wrap post for next weekend. YIKES! It might be a delayed post LOL because I’ll be doing other things ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Getting it Done!My Profile

  3. Have fun in Vegas! Is that a night race? For some reason I’m thinking it is so the lights of the city shine.

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Hilly Track Repeats And A Gorgeous Sunrise: OBX Half Marathon Training (Week Fifteen)My Profile

  4. I’m so so so sad I won’t be in Vegas with you all! I have been looking forward to it forever. Damn work.

    That is a nice truck!! Seriously, we drive old cars at our house. I need to go car shopping and get an upgrade.

    I don’t worry about flying anymore. The way I look at it is that the pilots want to get home too, so they are going to do everything to keep us safe. Have fun!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…And I Ran On Without Skipping a BeatMy Profile

  5. It’s crazy how long summer is hanging on! Enjoy Vegas- sounds like it will be a blast.
    Laura recently posted…Training recap and one more week to go!My Profile

  6. I love that your Halloween was on the campground! Sounds like such a fun and unique way to spend the day. I can’t wait to follow along with your Vegas adventure! I don’t have any recommendations – i’ve only been there once – but will enjoy following your updates ๐Ÿ™‚
    melissa recently posted…Another Rainy Weekend in the BurbsMy Profile

  7. The Vegas half was my favorite! I ran it 3 years ago. the crowd support is amazing, you don’t have to get up early and you have time to eat a normal meal and digest. You will love it! I will be back to the WW next week could not swing it this week w my travel
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…November Ultimate Coffee Date San Francisco StyleMy Profile

  8. Great job this week! I can’t believe that RnR Vegas is so soon. You are going to have to much fun!!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Weekly Wrap: Getting Back Into the Swing of ThingsMy Profile

  9. Have a safe trip! Love watching the Bellagio Fountains. I haven’t ran there yet but good luck and have fun!
    Sherry recently posted…CIM Training Week 16 and Weekly Wrap (10/30-11/5)My Profile

  10. I hope you have a great trip and race! Im sure everything will get done. Hopefully once you get there you can enjoy yourself and relax a bit before the race!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Workouts, Wedding Weekend, and Treadmill Tempo RunMy Profile

  11. Youโ€™ll have a blast in Vegas! Fun fact: we lived there for about nine months many years ago. Visiting is one thing, living there is quite another!

    Have so much fun!!!!
    Rachel recently posted…Rest Time: Marathon Recovery Week 2My Profile

  12. Love that foggy pic! Can’t wait to see you in Vegas! Your flight will be fine. The airport is so close to the strip its a quick Uber away. The race is just crazy, no-pressure fun. They even cut out the one “boring, dark” part of the race course. Soak it up and enjoy. It was unseasonably warm here too until I woke up to 30 this morning. Eeek!
    Marcia recently posted…Still Dancing On My OwnMy Profile

  13. Yayyy for a new truck! That looks super sleep! And similar to the one we want to get in a year or two. We’ve never had a true full sized pickup. But they’re so expensive that it’s hard for us to justify right now when we both have good vehicles with lots of life left in them.

  14. Beautiful photo from your 8 miler. Have fun in Vegas!
    Chaitali recently posted…WDW Marathon Training Week 9My Profile

  15. I went to Vegas a few years ago for a girlfriend’s birthday – I said I wasn’t really interested in going back… however, Rock n Roll might be a good reason to go back! Oh how times have changed! Have an AMAZING time!
    Heather recently posted…Weekly Wrap: October 30 โ€“ November 5My Profile

  16. I’m counting down too.

    I booked a shuttle to the hotel since I am alone don’t want to figure things out. I also booked a bus tour of Red Rock for Sat. am LMK what you are up to Fri? I’ll probably hit the expo but have no other plans and no dinner plans.

    Looking to have a #hottafun
    Darlene recently posted…Running Update: 10.30.17-11.5.17My Profile

  17. Halloween at the campground sounds so fun – especially with s’mores! Enjoy your trip to Vegas! I’ve been there but only to sit in the airport or to stay in the hotel before hitting the road/air again. It definitely overwhelms me but I bet there are a ton of amazing running opportunities there!
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Snacking Smart | Health Warrior ReviewMy Profile

  18. Haven’t been to Vegas, but sounds fun! I hope you have a great time!

    It did jump up all of the sudden this weekend…right before my marathon! It couldn’t have waited a few more days? Lol.
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Race Recap: Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon 11/4/17My Profile

  19. That foggy morning picture is just gorgeous! You will have a blast in Vegas. Enjoy!!!
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Weekly Recap: Did Marathon Training Make Me Depressed?My Profile

  20. Are you going to rent a car in Vegas? If so get out of the city for a bit and check out Red Rocks Canyon. Clark County Wetlands Park & Nature Preserve is interesting too. Both are basically right outside the metro area, so you don’t have to drive far.

  21. Love the foggy morning picture and what a nice truck! Have a great time in Vegas! It’s a fun race! Enjoy the bright lights. Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back!
    Sharon recently posted…CIM Marathon Training Week 15 & Weekly Wrap: 10/30-11/5My Profile

  22. Hate getting ready to travel! Flying is way more boring — hurry up & wait — than anything else. And cramped. And no way to move.

    The first time I went to Vegas I thought the same thing, which is why we took a tour of the Grand Canyon (it’s a loooooong bus ride from Vegas). And wouldn’t you know it’s one of our most visited cities?

    Have a great time — I know you will!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Love is all you needMy Profile

  23. I love the new truck! I was on vacation last week but the weather here is really, really hot. It got up to 80 yesterday. I’m going to start listening to Christmas music and hope that helps it cool down.

    I have never been to Vegas but my husband has. I’ve heard it’s definitely a cultural experience and way different than the south but I’d love to visit someday. I hope the flights go well, I hate very long flights and it always messes up my head/inner ears.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: October 30 โ€“ November 5My Profile

  24. Sounds like you had a great Halloween!! Have fun in Vegas!

  25. I’m so excited for you about your vegas race!!!! try not to stress to much about the flight. remember to eat a light meal a couple hours before your flight and try chewing gum during take off and landing-will help with your ears popping…
    anyways, I hope you have a fun and safe trip-looking forward to the recap!
    melissa cunningham recently posted…WK 11 HMTMy Profile

  26. I always pray on flights!! That calms my nerves every time. Both times I’ve been to Vegas I’ve seen Cirque de Soleil. Those shows are just too cool. The athleticism amazes me.
    Jessica recently posted…November Goals + an October RecapMy Profile

  27. The odds are in your favor for a safe flight. Planes are by far the safest mode of travel, although they cause more anxiety for many people than other kinds of travel (myself included). Data and statistics are on your side!

    Good luck with the Vegas race!
    Christine recently posted…Weekly Recap – Kiawah Half Marathon Training Week 8 (10/30-11/5)My Profile

  28. Hello, Tricia.

    I just have to say this: I love your hair! It looks so bouncy and healthy. Ohhh, I love your new truck! How did Vegas go? Did you enjoy it?

  29. That foggy picture is fantastic! I know you are having a blast in Vegas – can’t wait to hear about it!
    Coco recently posted…2017 Wilson Bridge Half Marathon RecapMy Profile