Weekly Wrap 124 Looking like Christmas

Weekly Wrap 124 Looking like Christmas

Weekly Wrap 124 Looking like Christmas

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 124 Looking like Christmas, and with my 2017 races behind me I can start thinking about Christmas and it really is looking like Christmas around me.

Weekly Wrap

I thank you for joining us in the Weekly Wrap. This link up was created to help all of us support each other in staying active, whatever that may look like for you! Let us know what is going on in your neck of the woods. How do you balance this crazy thing called life? Link up your posts each week with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin.

Last weekend I was finishing up my running season for 2017 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This race is in my home state and it is put on by the same organizers who put on the Louisiana Marathon races in Baton Rouge and both are really a favorite of mine.

We had a great turn out this year too as far a friends go. If you’ll notice, Holly and I were together again for a race. It was a very last minute decision for her and it turned out great to see her again!

Looking like Christmas

Here we are in our throw away jackets

It was cold that morning not much above freezing but after about mile 3 I shed my jacket and tucked my gloves in my pants! You know how some races just seem effortless, yea that doesn’t happen very often for me but this was actually one of those. I got into a rhythm and just went with it. I ran the entire time slower but very steady except for the few minutes I lost in the potty line. Another first for me,  never have I had to stop during a race. I kept saying I’ll take a walk break when I need too and I actually felt great so I didn’t. I wish all races were like this!

Looking like Christmas

After the finish festival, we packed up the RV and went The Blind Tiger for lunch and drinks. Then coming back through Harrah’s we stopped at Star Bucks for a holiday coffee.

We had a fun group!

Looking like Christmas

Gingerbread Martini

This week did not have much activity in it period, #noexcuses either I just simply took a much-needed break. My next race isn’t until another 4 weeks so I’ll get in a couple longer weekend run but I’m not killin myself! I think I’ve adopted the “Finishing is Winning” motto.

Weekly Activity

Sunday – MS Gulf Coast Half
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Bi’s and Tris
Thursday – nothing
Friday – nothing
Saturday – 5 miles

I think 2017 has been a great year for me in a lot of departments. Instead of a recap post, I’ve been reminiscing on my social media with posts from the year using hashtag #my2017inreview.

Beginning to look like Christmas, yes indeed. This weekend was the first weekend we’ve been home in weeks so  what do we do? Roadtrip of course! My daughter was riding in a barrel race in Jackson, about 90 miles from me Fri-Sunday so on Friday I posted on my IG story I was getting to watch her via the webcast while at work. Saturday after my run and working we headed to Jackson to see her.

We visited, ate good and then went to Canton to see the festival of lights in the town square. I had never been so this was a great treat for me. There were families everywhere. They had train rides, horse pulled wagons, hot chocolate and smores along with penty of photo ops just for the taking.

looking like Christmas




Coming Up:

That will do it for me as far as races go this year and my 2018 schedule while it did get a slow start It’s coming together quite nicely. I’ve got Louisiana Half in January, Gasparilla in February, Wine 10k and Montgomery Half in March and new this week I signed up for Rock n Roll Nashville.


What is a family tradition you participate in this time of year? We usually make Christmas cookies one night and the whole family does it, some cut them out and bake them (me) some decorate (my mom, sister, and kids) and some eat them (the husbands and my daddy) So we all have our parts!

I hope you all have a great week leading up to Christmas!


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Weekly Wrap 124 looking like Christmas

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  1. I love races/runs that feel like that! My week was pretty mellow on the fitness front too – getting ready for two kids coming to spend the holidays with us!!
    AmyC recently posted…Hiking: Lantau Trail Stages 11 & 12My Profile

  2. I totally don’t blame you for taking it easy this week – you have been quite a busy bee!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Weekly Wrap: One Week Till Christmas!My Profile

  3. Looks like another fun race! You had a great year of running and it sounds like a good plan is already coming together for 2018.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…10 Days Until Christmas and 5 Holiday RecipesMy Profile

  4. Oh, it’s awesome when you can be on “cruise control” during a race. And so fun that Holly came for this one. That festival of lights looks like fun! We don’t have any major family traditions — but seeing the new Star Wars movie seems to becoming one.
    Coco recently posted…Why You Should Add Quick Strength For Runners To Your Fitness RoutineMy Profile

  5. Congrats on a great race! I love reading all your updates. Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for you, Tricia!
    Jessica recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

  6. Smores & hot cocoa? Sign me up! And congrats on yet another half! You’re a half machine!

    We do light the menorah. And I usually make latkes at least once (even if they are frozen & not done from scratch).
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Ice, ice baby: 12/11-17 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  7. I”ve enjoyed your reminiscing posts all week! I need to do my yearly wrap up but I’m waiting to finish the year so I can add up my miles plus I’m struggling with how to wrap up what was a fantastic year of running for me. Yep. In spite of everything that happened, I had a great year. Crazy, right?

    I hope we can meet up at a race in 2018!
    Wendy recently posted…Baby It’s Cold Outside!My Profile

  8. I love that picture of the two of you! That looks like a really fun race. I just signed up for a Rock ‘n’ Roll race for 2018 this week too. Man, those things are expensive, but I’ll run anything a friend asks me too. Looks like you’re the same way. 🙂

  9. I’m dying to know, what’s in the gingerbread martini?
    WENDY recently posted…Trudging Through the SnowMy Profile

  10. You ladies sure do get around! Too fun. Thanks for the link up
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Weekly Wrap December MadnessMy Profile

  11. So fun that you saw Holly again! Congrats on another race! It’s always nice when you get in a rhythm. How cool to see a festival of lights. We haven’t gone to see any lights this year yet.
    Sherry recently posted…Week 2 after CIM and Weekly Wrap (12/11-12/17)My Profile

  12. That sounds like a fun race. And a gingerbread martini?? Ooooh- now that sounds amazing! Hope you enjoyed the lights!

  13. Gingerbread martini? Yum.

    So lucky to run with Holly! FOMO

    Congrats on a great year.

  14. Your half sounds like the perfect finish to a great year. Can’t wait to see you again at Gasparilla! Now I suppose I should train for that. Are you doing one of the challenges there?
    Marcia recently posted…Poison Control, Birthdays and Burning Off the CrazyMy Profile

  15. It’s great to have those races. I think Vegas was one for me. I just felt good the whole time. My mom and I made cookies last weekend, and I brought them to work. If I bring anything to work, it doesn’t last long.

  16. Yay for the race feeling so good! I love it when races turn out like that 🙂 The cookie tradition sounds delicious!
    Chaitali recently posted…WDW Marathon Training – Week 15My Profile

  17. That sounds like a great week – because the occasional break week is necessary! And the gingerbread martini sounds delicious.

  18. I’ve had a few “auto-pilot” races – they’re AMAZING! Congratulations – and save one of those gingerbread martinis for me!
    Heather recently posted…Weekly Wrap: December 11-17My Profile

  19. It’s an awesome feeling when a run/race feels effortless!
    vicki recently posted…Houston Marathon Training – Week 8My Profile

  20. Looked like a great race on the coast despite the cold temps! I hate that we couldn’t get together while you guys were in my neck of the woods, but it sounds like it may have been a spur of the moment road trip for you guys. I do love the Canton lights…they really do it right! As I mentioned to you in our texts, we ran a Christmas 5k at night last year that took us all around the square …it was beautiful. We should all try to get together next year and run it as a group!!
    Teresa recently posted…Marathon Training Week 15: Falalalalalalalong RunsMy Profile

  21. What a great way to end the 2017 running year! You and holly always seem to have so much fun! There’s a chance I’ll be doing rock n roll Nashville too-The 5k though. I’m not a half marathon machine like you!! I hope you enjoy your week 🙂
    Melissa Cunningham recently posted…Half Marathon Recap! (And a 5k recap)My Profile

  22. That gingerbread cocktail looks so good! Congrats on your last race of the year – it’s nice to end on a high note! 🙂
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…2017 Racing AwardsMy Profile

  23. I’m so glad I did this race on a whim! 1) It was a fantastic event and 2) I got to spend some extra time with you in 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2018.

  24. How cool that you got to see Holly and some of your other running friends at your race last weekend! I love seeing friends at races, and it’s probably one of my favorite things about running races.

    Your Christmas cookie baking tradition sounds very similar to my mom’s and mine. We’d do the work and my dad and husband would be the official samplers. 🙂

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Buddy’s Late-Night Return To The GymMy Profile

  25. Congrats on your effortless race! It’s so awesome when a race just falls in place.
    Clarinda recently posted…My Year of Running 2017My Profile