Weekly Wrap #16 Friends Food Finisher

Weekly Wrap #16 Friends Food Finisher

It’s that time again for the Weekly Wrap #16 Friends Food Finisher edition. So very glad you dropped in. We also hope you linked up your own post with us. Remember we are giving away a $75 gift card to use just in time for Christmas for one lucky linker. That’s right, earn an entry by linking up with us, and why wouldn’t you, right?


It was a busy week for me and my family not only getting ready to take our annual trip to Florida to see family but also getting ready to run in my home town’s marathon and half marathon. Let’s take a look at how the week went then we’ll get to the weekend. πŸ™‚


I made both sessions at the gym this week, however; I Β decided not run on Tuesday. When I ran myΒ 10.5 miles last Saturday, I felt that tightness on the side of my knee and then doing some lunges on Monday I felt it again. I thought it best to not push my luck. Β I did a slow 3 miles on Thursday with no problems at all.


I rested on Tuesday by not running so hopefully that aided recovery. I have been drinking Isopure Aminos during the day in my water to aid in recovery as well and I have been foam rolling religiously every single night!!!

Weekly Wrap

Getting a pedi is recovery right?

Yay, for the Weekend!

I’ve been so excited this week when I found out my friend Katie from Sole Sister Katie decided to come Friday night to run in my hometown race on Saturday. I offered for her to stay with me, but she declined because she doesn’t do well sometimes on the road. I certainly respected her wished, but I didn’t have to twist her arm to join us for dinner.

Weekly Wrap

My friend Leah met us at the host hotel where were picked up our packets then we all drove to Weidmann’s for dinner. I thought it would be a perfect place to treat our out-of-town guest. Weidmann’s is a local favorite, been around a long time since 1870 actually. It’s just a part of Meridian. They have some of the best pasta dishes in the city too!

Weekly Wrap

We arrived and sat upstairs in the bar area because the ever popular dining area was full. We had a wonderful time chatting about races, training, and everything in between.

Since we were so full dessert was not an option. We dropped Katie and Leah off and home we went to prepare for the race.

Race Day is Here!

I’d like to just highlight a few things, I am planning on doing a recap, but I’m not going to promise it in the next few days…

I got to see Katie and met her friend Jennifer who was doing her very first half ever, before the race. Since this is my hometown I saw lots of people I knew. It was my first time doing the half. I ran in the relay last year and I had the 2nd leg so some of the routes was a little bit different.

Weekly Wrap


Weekly Wrap

I also remember the reason I did not do the half was because it was exactly as it is this year, the weekend before our FL trip. Honestly, I don’t believe I was in the shape for it with the St. Jude the very next weekend after our trip too. I ended up getting injured for that run too.

It started just after 7 AM and it was cool at first, but you warmed up quickly. I had a good race. I had my watch set on % completed, I was not concerned with my time nor pace.

I did cheat the last 1/2 mile and I looked. I did know that I needed to be at about an 11:22 to come in under 2:30 and I was at exactly 11:24! It was downhill to the finish so that put me just where I wanted to be. No pushing, no real issues, it was just a great time!

We took lots of pictures afterwards, too. There were several people I knew competing for their first half or marathon too. My trainer included. All did awesomely!

I enjoyed a feast of a meal at a local church with the proceeds going to charity. Goodness, the food was so Southern and so dang good!!!

My knee bothered me after the race, go figure. I came home to soak, I was a little chilled so a warm bath really made me feel good. I then iced it on and off all afternoon and night. Luckily we didn’t have any plans, which is so unusual! I think I really needed a chill-lax day!


Today was dedicated to preparing for our trip! We had lots of clothes to wash and pack, food to be bought to take, cleaning inside the RV, cleaning the house, animals to take care of and oh so much other stuff! But it all pretty much got done!

We will be on the road Monday, I sure would appreciate you thinking of my family and me as we travel to Jacksonville, FL. Honestly, I don’t quite know what our schedule will be like until Friday anyway. I can tell you from Friday through Monday morning, we’ll be soaking in all the Disney experience we can possibly handle!

I think I say this all the time, but I’ll try to post updates on my Instagram page along with a few other social pages of what all we are getting into. I do know I’ll have and 18-mile training run to do on Thanksgiving Day so you can surely send good vibes then too! I would appreciate it tremendously!!!

If I don’t connect with you before then, I hope you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving Day! πŸ™‚



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  1. Safe travels!!!! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving week (all except that 18 mile training run ) πŸ™‚ The weather is great in Florida so come on down! Sounds like a fun race weekend, I will watch for your recap!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…The Heart doesn’t Lie, or does It?My Profile

  2. Congrats on another half!! I hope that knee cooperates and doesn’t give you too much trouble. Missing a short run or two isn’t going to hurt, so rest if you need it!
    18 miles! Go get it! Okay, well actually take it easy lol you don’t need to beat your self up training πŸ™‚
    Your red curls are beautiful πŸ™‚
    Karen recently posted…Grumpy and GratefulMy Profile

  3. Oooh, I hope that knee calms down. Congrats on a great race and I sure with I was there with you and Kaite! We need to do that…
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Road therapyMy Profile

  4. How wonderful to get to meet a fellow blogger! It sounds like a great race. Have fun visiting family next week and then at Disney! Just enjoy all of that wonderful time off and Thanksgiving food. Keep rolling that knee and don’t stress over that 18 miler. πŸ˜‰
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Not Gonna Do It (WW # 16)My Profile

  5. Good luck with your travel and your long run! Enjoy your Thanksgiving as well! What do you think of the aminos? I’ve used some periodically but not sure if I’ve noticed a difference.
    Kelli recently posted…A “Baller” WeekMy Profile

  6. Awesome week! Great idea listening to your body and resting. I hope it continues to heal.

    Yes Pedis are recovery for sure! I lost another big toe nail this week πŸ™

    Sounds like you had a good race. I am trying to really run on how my body feels and not look at my watch…so hard. I am only looking at it now when the 1 mile beeps.

    Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am thankful for you, your support and encouragement!

    • Oh no Tamieka, I have only lost one but I have a feeling that is going to change after this marathon. I cringe everytime I take the polish off my toes to see if one has turned black, lol. I really had no idea I was on pace with a 2.5 hr finish. I certainly was not trying but I was just running what I thought was my pace. I am too thankful for you and your friendship! πŸ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…12 Things on A Runners Christmas ListMy Profile

  7. It sounds like you have a wonderful week ahead of you! Safe travels and enjoy Disney! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…A Final Week Of NormalcyMy Profile

  8. Have a wonderful trip Tricia! You are wise to heed the whispers of that knee. I ignored them and learned the hard way many years ago. Can’t wait to hear more about your race. Sound like a good one!
    Marcia recently posted…Weekly Wrap: Snowpocalypse EditionMy Profile

    • Marcia I had a great time at my race! It is so neat for your hometown to host a race! I loved treating Katie and getting to enjoy her company the night before. It was fun introducing her to my friends too! Would love to treat you too, the invitation is open now! πŸ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…12 Things on A Runners Christmas ListMy Profile

  9. Pedis are the best way ever to recover!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time on Saturday, and that you are about to have an even more fabulous-er time! Have a safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving! 18 miles… you’re gonna earn seconds AND thirds for that Thanksgiving meal!
    Paula recently posted…Weekly Wrap – Redmond Turkey TrotMy Profile

    • Paula, I do plan on earning all the food I can get my hands on Thanksgiving! Oh my we have so many things I love so I’m gonna have a little bit of everything! I’m actually looking forward to running in a different place even if it’s 18 miles!
      Tricia recently posted…12 Things on A Runners Christmas ListMy Profile

  10. My town has a local race every February, to kick off the racing season around here. It is one of my favorites because I see so many familiar faces. Have a great week and good luck on your training run this Thursday ! I have a 20 K on mine for next weekend…. still 5 miles short of yours but I have some really long runs in Dec & Jan !
    Hope your knee isn’t bothering you too much. I don’t hesitate to walk, especially in the beginning, to really let my body warm up.
    Have a great Thanksgiving !
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…The zombies made me do itMy Profile

    • Karen I’m so nervous about my run. Not at all about the fact of not being able to do it but I”m so afraid my knee will bother me. I know I shouldn’t worry but dang it’s hard to not think about it. We will see come Thursday. I am going to take it slow and if I need to walk just walk. I’ll be in a different place and I’m actually looking forward to that part of it. I just don’t want to be hurt for Disney the next day, nor my other runs.
      Tricia recently posted…12 Things on A Runners Christmas ListMy Profile

  11. Nice job in that race! I tend to look at my garmin too much, but its awesome that you were able to know your pace so naturally. Hope your knee doesn’t give you any more problems. Have a great trip!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Route 66 Marathon Training Week 16My Profile

  12. Sounds like it was a great race! Congrats! Enjoy your week on vacation, and good luck on that 18-miler on Thanksgiving!
    Jenn @ Running on Lentils recently posted…Weekly Recap: 11/16 – 11/22My Profile

  13. I did my race this weekend too. I decided to do it the weekend before Thanksgiving so I can have this as a recovery week. I wake up early for work, and this year I didn’t want to wake up early on Thanksgiving. Safe travels and have a great holiday!
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 11/23My Profile

  14. 18 mile training run on Thanksgiving day?! Girl, that is impressive. You are going to earn your Thanksgiving meal. Great write up and thanks for hosting.
    Amy recently posted…The Weekly Wrap up and The (one day late) Sunday Set-upMy Profile

  15. Congrats on a great race!! Enjoy Disney! I wish I was in Florida right now!

  16. I hope your knee is feeling better soon! Travel safe this week!
    Jessica S recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: Back to the real worldMy Profile

  17. A pedicure sounds like a great way to spend a recovery day. I’ve had some aches in my knee and ankle, maybe I need a spa day instead of icing. πŸ˜‰ Have a great Florida trip! And good luck on your Turkey day 18 miler.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Naples Half / Broke Man’s WWU Training Week 3My Profile

  18. Sounds like a great week! Great job on the half marathon in your home town! So cool to see so many friends do the race! Have a great trip to Florida! I’ll be thinking of you on Thanksgiving doing your 18 miler!
    Sharon recently posted…Last Week’s Workouts and Weekly Wrap 11/16-11/22My Profile

  19. I am adding a mani/pedi to my post run routine πŸ™‚
    lindsey recently posted…Weekly WrapMy Profile

  20. Congrats on another half marathon! So cool that you got to spend some time with Katie. I hope to meet both of you at St.Jude. Sorry your knee is bugging you. Hope it feels better soon! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck on your 18 miler!
    Debra @HappyRunningSole recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Week 16 Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  21. Congrats on your awesome race!! Was that a PR? or just an oh-feels-so-good-finish? Hope your knee feels better. I am SO jealous…we love everything Disney πŸ˜‰ I’m doing a local turkey trot that my husband and a friend (and myself) have organized the past few years. Rain is predicted, but temps in the 50’s, so it will be bearable (this is Iowa, after all, 50’s feel like a heat wave this time of year).
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Triumph on the Treacherous Trails: Weekend Wrap-upMy Profile

    • Kim it wan’t a PR, course I’ve never done this course so yes a PR on this one, lol, That counts right? πŸ™‚ Ha I’m smiling at 50 being a heat wave there! Mississippi usually has pretty mild winters but hey we think 45 is freezing but right at the same time we’re use to running in the 90’s in the summer at 7AM.
      Tricia recently posted…12 Things on A Runners Christmas ListMy Profile

  22. Congrats on your half! Hope your knee issue goes away! Good luck on your Thanksgiving 18 miler!!
    Sherry recently posted…Last Week’s Workout Recap (11/16-11/22)My Profile

  23. I hope that y’all are having a wonderful trip and a good time at Disney World! Safe travels when you head back home. Big trips like that take so much planning and preparation, but they are so worth it. I also hope that 18 miler on Thanksgiving Day went well. That’s a big run!
    Meagan recently posted…Thanksgiving RecapMy Profile