Weekly Wrap #26 #epicfail 10k

Weekly Wrap #26 #epicfail 10k EditionWeekly Wrap 26 #epicfail 10k

Weekly Wrap 26 #epicfail 10k

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap #26 #epicfail 10k Edition. Link up your posts with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin each week. We want to hear about your weekly recaps. You are encouraged to include anything you did to be active, this could include training, workouts, recaps or anything you considered fun. We want to hear it all. You can summarize your whole week or just a small portion of it. It’s up to you! We appreciate each and every one of you for supporting us and each other!

Let’s get right to this week’s Weekly Wrap #26 #epicfail 10k Edition

I know you are wondering what is up with the post title, #epicfail 10k. Well, I will get right to that part now. Last week my friends told me about this race and like the good friends they are, they suckered me into signing up. As you know I’ve not run more than a 5k since my marathon several weeks ago.

I am signed up for a half marathon in 3 weeks so in order to build back up my miles, I needed to get in about 6 or so this weekend. Along with the peer pressure from friends, and the cool long sleeve tech shirt, it was a no-brainer for me to sign up for the Frostbite 10k.

Weekly Wrap 26 #epicfail 10k

The starting time wasn’t until 10 AM and even with the 1.5-hour drive, I didn’t have to get up so early. I met my friend Leah and we were on the road by 7:15 and honestly it didn’t feel like it took no time to get there. I always enjoy when I get to spend some time with this girl!

This race which is held in the middle of winter and would normally be freezing weather hence the late start was quite the contrary today. At starting time it was right at 60 degrees and would rise to almost 70 before we were finished. It was a multi-race which included a 5k, 10k, and a half marathon. That Leah did.

Weekly Wrap 26 #epicfail 10k

Frostbite Starkville, MS

So the #epicfail part came into play when we reached the split for apparently 5k runners to go one way and 10k and half marathon runners to go another. One guess at which way I went…. yup I followed the 5k, but I didn’t realize it until I see the finish line. At first I thought this was a cruel joke to make us go so close to the finish, then I realized what I had done. I scrambled trying to figure out what to do. I ran through the finish, skipped getting the medal and just kept going. No one knew anything but me. I just kept running like I knew what I was doing.

I did do it :)

I did do it ๐Ÿ™‚

When I ran my 10k distance I headed back to the race finish met up with my friends, told them of my screw up, we all laughed and I went to the timing booth to make sure they caught what I did too. I realized all the medals were the same so I got my medal too.

Weekly Wrap 26 #epicfail 10k

All in all, it turned out just fine. Leah and I ate lunch then had Starbucks for dessert and hit the road to make the drive back home. Have you ever had a #epicfail like me running a race?

What else happened this week:

I was able to get in 2 runs before work and made it to both my strength training workouts. My trainer and I have been doing research on some exercises to help with my ITBS issues, also, one of our own, Rachel from Running On Happyย had a great post earlier in the week we both thought helpful. I hope you’ll check it out.

We did a lot of the exercises included in the post on Wednesday which left my hamstrings pretty sore. In fact, I ran on sore legs on Saturday. Thankfully it all turned out well.

My family and I had gotten into the nasty habit of going to the store every day to get supper for the night. While this is better than eating out every night it still takes a lot of time and I’d say more money because who can just go into a store to get only what is on the list??

Monday, I made a list and we got groceries for the entire week and two of the meals were made in the crockpot so basically we could eat when we got home. (Why can’t we do this every week??)

I was extremely busy towards the end of the week with end-of-the-year bookkeeping, thankfully all that is finished.

Coming up

I wanted to give Mar from Mar On The Run a shout out about her #14daysofself challenge. Find out the details here. I will be participating and encourage you to join me as well. We all need some self-love and what better month to kick it off in. You also may want to check out my post: I could use a little help being more mindful. It falls right in line with Mar’s Challenge.

That wraps up this weeks,ย Weekly Wrap 26 #epicfail 10k edition. Thanks for stopping by!

Share with me your #epicfail race stories below to make me feel better.

Are you joining in the #14daysofself challenge?

I hope each of you have a wonderful week. I look forward to catching up with you.



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  1. HaHa! At least you were able to continue running and get your medal, even if “your” course wasn’t exactly the same as all of the other 10K racers! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on getting the distance done on your own.

    Thanks for the link up!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Finally Digging OutMy Profile

  2. Oh gosh on the 5K split! I had something similar happen once before at an out-and-back half marathon. The turnaround point wasn’t marked, so I kept on going until I realized I was all alone. I ended up adding a pretty good chunk of extra distance to my half marathon as a result. =( It happens to all of us! Great job on pushing through and still finishing the distance on your own!!! I would have been really tempted to just call it quits and partake in the post-race refreshments right then and there, LOL.
    Emily @ Out and About recently posted…Training week recap: Jan 25-31, 2016My Profile

    • Oh my goodness Emily, I heard a volunteer later say there were not enough volunteers to tell people where to go. Apparently something else happened similar to mine on the course. Mine is all my fault, I should have looked at the race route before hand and not relied on everyone else.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap #26 #epicfail 10kMy Profile

  3. Oh my goodness! At least it wasn’t a 10K you’d been training for for ages! Good luck with the ITB. MY tip – focus on your CORE. No matter what hurts, strengthening your core seems to help. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Coco recently posted…What Running Does To My Heart RateMy Profile

  4. Ha ha ha ha…Glad I’m not the only one that’s done something like that! I ran down the wrong way in a triathlon and managed to miss the timing mat for the 10km split (It was a half Ironman) The announcer knew who I was and mentioned that I was going the wrong way – THAT was when I realized my mistake or else I probably would have kept running the way I was going. Oh man. At least the race timing got corrected and you got the medal!
    Phaedra @ Blisters And Black Toenails recently posted…#OperationTop5 Week 4: Not as PlannedMy Profile

    • Yes thankfully I’m not alone in my mistake. It could have been a lot worse but it did work out! Thanks Phaedra for sharing your story. I guess at some point we all could do it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week!
      Tricia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  5. Oh man, I almost did that once! I was running a half and there was a turn for the 10k…I almost did that…but I didn’t.

    Glad you kept it honest!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Big Sur Marathon Training–Week 0My Profile

  6. Oh no! I am always so nervous I will go the wrong way when a race splits! Glad you were still able to get your 10k in:)
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…5 Reasons Why Treadmill Running Is Good For Me Right NowMy Profile

  7. Ha ha! That’s hilarious! I love that you just kept on running like that was what you were meant to do. That’s interesting you would go to the store every day. I try to avoid the store as much as possible and get really irritated if what I bought for the week doesn’t last me the full week (looking at you, bananas.) good that you are experimenting with a new routine. Have a great week!
    Jenn @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Announcing My New Blog: Dashing in StyleMy Profile

    • I do not like going to the store every day but seems like that is the habit we had gotten into! We did do better last week, ummm this week is not looking so hot, as the hubs and I both are working late! We’ll see maybe we can get a plan together for the rest of the week! Thanks Jennifer for linking with us, I sure do like your new site!
      Tricia recently posted…I Could Use a Little Help Being More MindfulMy Profile

  8. That cracks me up! I have never actually taken the wrong way at a course split but I’m always terrified that I will. Or for multiple loop courses that I will do one too many or too few. Sounds like you had a pretty good training week, though!
    Kelli recently posted…Share the RoadMy Profile

  9. I love that you kept running and finished your 10K. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a race with a split off for 5K runners. I’m doing Mar’s Self Care Challenge too – great idea! And, now I’m off to check out Rachel’s post – still dealing with a cranky IT!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Weekly Wrap – January RewindMy Profile

    • I’ve about had it with my cranky IT! Dang I just want it to go away, I hope Rachel’s exercises help you too! I’m enjoying taking the time out for Mar’s challenge as well! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  10. I am glad you got to finish out your full race after all. I did do something like that once. It was the only really small half marathon I ever ran and I missed the turn around and kept going, not too much extra running, just enough to make me miss the time I was shooting for. That’s pretty cool that your Frost Bite run wasn’t as frosty as expected!
    Diane recently posted…ShipRockinโ€™ Miami to Costa MayaMy Profile

  11. I’ve run a poorly marked course and none of us knew which way to go. We ended up adding a lot of distance to that 5k. I’m glad your race turned out fine anyway! I try to go to the store just once a week, but many weeks I’ll have to make one extra trip. I like to go straight home from work and then not go back out once I get home. I could never stop by the store every day! LOL. I plan to try Rache’s ITB routine but I haven’t had time for anything these last few days. Happy a great week!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Another Recovery Week (WW # 26)My Profile

    • It has been a busy last few days, even end of last week for sure! I did not miss the extra trips to the store last week. With our water heater going out and the hubs working late, it was take out last night. I hope I can get a game plan for this week. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  12. Well gosh, it sounds like they needed to mark better or have some one out there pointing you in the right direction. Hubby and I had that happen at a 5K, we were directed the wrong way and it ended up being longer. At least it wasn’t a time goal race you trained for right lol and you got a medal and had a fun day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes at least not a time goal! If it had to happen it turned out to be a great race to make the mistake in. All is good, I kept it honest and ran my distance, I wasn’t winning any awards anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  13. OMG…that #epicfail is priceless! I always have that fear when running a half…what is I miss the turn off and end up running the full…LAWD!!!
    Great job recovering and getting the 6 miles in.

    Neat medal!

    Oh my, shopping everyday…that would be so difficult for me. I really try to shop and cook for the week.

    Yup…in on Mars #14daysofself ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a great week

    • Isn’t the #14daysofself great! Dang Mar has some great ideas too. I’ve got to get better about meal prep, heck I’ve got to start meal prep. Baby steps, I know this is a challenge for me to do with my family. Now I hope I wouldn’t make the mistake of running the full route, that would be a major #epicfail for sure! Thanks Tamieka for linking this week too! Appreciate you!
      Tricia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  14. My #epicfail wasn’t quite as extreme as yours. I did a 5-mile trail race back in July, and due to the heavy rain they re-routed most of the course on to the asphalt trail instead of through the actual (muddy, grassy, slippery) trails in the woods. The problem came for me when I passed a tiny water station. I had my earphones in (and probably some great tunes), so I couldn’t hear what the guy said to me as I ran past him. Onward I go,probably a good 100 yards or so and the trail came to an end. Like with a fence and nowhere else to go but back from where I’d come. As I was running back, I realized there were no other runners coming my way…and they all were turning around at the guy’s water station. DUH. Why he didn’t come after me or grab my arm, I’ll never know LOL But, I did manage a 3rd overall finish for ladies, and a 2nd place AG award despite the extra distance I ran. #doublebling ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Goals vs. Priorities:Thoughts that made me go, “Hmmm…”My Profile

    • Oh no Kim, yea why didn’t that guy stop you, dang. Hey it sounds like it did turn out well for you anyway. I can’t complain either, if it had to happen this was a good race to do it. You can bet I’ll pay more attention from now own! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  15. Whoa! I have never done that but good on you to keep going. I don’t know if I would have had the strength and mental toughness to go thru the course again! I am impressed!
    Smitha @ Running with SD Mom recently posted…Weekly Wrap, Original Worm #GIVEAWAY and Craft Classic Discount Code!My Profile

    • Girl I was on a mission to get my miles in! No way I was stopping til they were done. I think I was just so glad my knee wasn’t hurting lol! Thanks Smitha for joining in !
      Tricia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  16. Oh my, way to keep going to finish your 10k lol! I haven’t done anything like that yet. I need to start using the crockpot again. Hope you have a great week!
    Sherry recently posted…Last Weekโ€™s Workouts Recap and Weekly Wrap (1/24-1/31)My Profile

  17. That’s a great story about your race! I think it’s pretty easy to miss turn-offs at some smaller races when the signs for which way to go aren’t big or the directions aren’t labeled well. But good for you for getting in your miles…somehow! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in on Mar’s challenge too. Such a great idea for this month! Have a great week, Tricia!

  18. Ooops indeed! I have never done that but I did follow another runner and cut a 10k course about over a mile short once. I wasn’t wearing my GPS watch for the race but I knew when I crossed the finish line that there was no way I could have just run an 11 minute PR on a 10k. I was pretty bummed since I felt like I had been running strong.
    Christy recently posted…Weekly Wrap, The Wheels Fell off the Bus and that concludes JanuaryMy Profile

  19. Thanks for reminding me of the challenge — I guess I better sign up!

    Thankfully, no, I haven’t had a fail like that. Yet. But it happens all the time! And yes, I’ve done races where you do the 5k loop twice so you have to run by the finish line before actually finishing.

    Good job making sure you got your miles in!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…I love you, Old Faithful, but letโ€™s not see so much of each other!: 1/25-31 Weekly WrapMy Profile

    • In our area, we have several 5k’s downtown. A few of them follow the same route which is doing a few blocks twice. TWICE??? Really I mean can’t you just move over a block or two to make it different. I hate to run the same route twice. This is a pet peeve of mine, come on race directors it shouldn’t take up that much time to get a route you don’t have to run twice in a 5k!!! Geeeze. I’ll get off my soap box now Judy! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…Is Your Heart Into It Or Are You Just Settling For What You Are DoingMy Profile

  20. I always fear that I will miss my turn especially in larger races. Sounds like you hid your mistake well and just kept on running. Way to keep your cool. I would have freaked out and probably just tried to make up the miles later. Of course I would have told the officials I took the wrong turn and only ran the 5K. I’m going to recap the Big Beach Half and link up with y’all before Wednesday.
    Debra @HappyRunningSole recently posted…Weekly WrapMy Profile

  21. Awww that’s too funny about your 5k 10k experience. I hope you’re laughing now?at least you still got it in? I have dreams about stuff like that!

    Once I missed a turnaround for a small 5k but realized it shortly after. That’s the only fail I can think of now!
    Melissa recently posted…Weekend Update: So Long, JanuaryMy Profile

  22. Going the wrong way is totally something I would do. They should have had more signage so it would have been impossible for you to do that! Crockpots are a total life savor ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Redirecting energy, races, and Diners, Drive Ins and DivesMy Profile

  23. I’m so careful if I’m running a course with multiple distances. I obsess over the course map so I know where the split is, then get really focused so I don’t go the wrong way. My fear is doing just that and not getting an accurate time at all.

  24. Too funny. Sounds like something I would do.

    Congrats on really running 6.2 miles.
    Darlene recently posted…Monday Running UpdateMy Profile

  25. Never done that at a race, but I give you props for continuing your run. I think I may have just stopped, laughed it off & called it a day. Haha.

    Also, if you’re into crockpot meals & would encourage you to make & freeze a lot if you find a good sale on a certain cut of meat. Meat + marinade & sometimes veggies, then into the freezer it goes, write instructions on the bag & then you’re ready to just dump it in the crockpot on one of those days when you don’t want to go to the store. Pork butt + BBQ is a favorite. Add some buns & a side salad? Super simple.http://

  26. thanks for the shout out!! will be a fun couple of weeks. I admire your tenacity to run 6.2 regardless! I got lost on a trail half marathon once and crossed the finish not realizing until 20 minutes later I made a wrong turn in the woods. I had been out there for hours and ran the complete distance just not on the right path, lol. So I’ve been there! No way I was going back out after removing the timing chip and getting my medal.
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Friday Five: 5 Ways to Practice Self-CareMy Profile

  27. That’s always a fear of mine taking a wrong turn in a race. Ooops – glad it all worked out!
    Rebecca Jo recently posted…The weekend that we finally had our last Christmas for 2015… in 2016….My Profile

  28. Haha I like the title and the story. At least you were honest and got your milage in! That medal looks really cool. Great job on another race so soon after Disney. I’m going to participate in Mar’s challenge, too. I have a hair appointment scheduled today and they include a mini back massage. Wonder if that counts? Have a good week!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Paradise Coast (Naples) Half Training Week 13My Profile

  29. Oops. Lol. Way to keep running and get your 10K done! I haven’t done that but if it happened I probably would have stopped at the finish and ran my extra miles later. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really need to get my crockpot out and use it again. They are great and so easy to use!
    Sharon recently posted…Davis Stampede Half Marathon Training Week 6 & Weekly Wrap 1/25-1/31My Profile

  30. I’m impressed you finished out your 10K and they gave you a medal. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I would have been so flabbergasted I’d just give up on the race at that point.
    Jessica S recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up: Crazy busy week!My Profile

  31. That’s funny, I shouldn’t smile at it, but I did. That is a mistake I have always worried about making. My very first larger marathon Disney Marathon they ran the half and full at the same time. I almost made the mistake of following the half runners, caught my self at the last minute.
    But seriously, I hate races that run all the distances starting together, its one of my biggest pet peeves. I like the ones that have each distance start separately, and preferably at different parts on the course.
    But kuddo’s to you for finishing your 10k on your own, and earning your medal the right way – that says a lot about the type of person you are who finishes what they set out to start, even if it’s not how they planned! Great job!!!!
    Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Thank Goodness For Great ReadsMy Profile

  32. Although that has never happened to me, I can totally see that happening. At least you had a good laugh over it.
    nicole recently posted…Weekly Re Cap # 5 and Running With CongestionMy Profile

  33. I have to admit I am kind of chuckling about your race! The half I did this weekend was also a full and they had to run the loop twice so at 12.5 miles the half runners finally turned, I was so worry I would miss the turn! All is well that ends well! Happy Monday! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Celebrate every Mile!My Profile

  34. When there are 5K and 10K races at the same time I am always nervous about going the wrong way. I don’t find it is always very well marked…. and if things have thinned out, then I get REALLY nervous !
    Hope your IT band issues work themselves out. My thighs were aching today along with my Achilles tendon from yesterday’s race….so while I did some walking to get the blood flowing, I am taking a couple days off.
    Have a great week !
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Weekend awayMy Profile

  35. That is really funny!! At least you weren’t running the half marathon and had to retrace. A half marathon that I did last year was like that. At one point in the race, the half went one way and the full went the other. It wasn’t marked and I panicked for a good couple of miles thinking I had accidentally gone the wrong way!
    Tara recently posted…Marathon Training Week 8My Profile

  36. At least you caught your mistake and made it right! I often wonder about those turn offs. I well remember the turn off for the full marathon in Vegas. I was SO grateful to NOT be running that sucker on that rainy, windy night. Thanks for the linkup!
    Marcia recently posted…Scenes From My RunMy Profile

  37. I have never done that a race but always been so terrified it would happen to me! sometimes they are clearly marked and sometime they are not!

  38. My epic fail was my first marathon attempt . . . got the flu 3 days before and wasn’t able to hydrate enough to complete it through the desert. I bailed at the halfway point. Sadly did not get a medal ๐Ÿ™

    Will check out the self love thing, I am starting a Add Joy campaign for lent!
    Wendy @ Wholistic Woman recently posted…Weekly Update: Playing in the KitchenMy Profile

  39. I have to laugh at that ๐Ÿ˜€
    So funny and you are a good sport over it.
    Smitha @ FauxRunner recently posted…Let’s Get Speedy: Weekly RecapMy Profile

  40. Oh my gosh, girl! Haha! That’s hilarious!! Well at least it looked like you knew what you were doing? Haha. Congrats on your finish!
    Rachel recently posted…Injury Recovery: Movinโ€™ on Up!My Profile

  41. Oh no! What a bummer! Good thing it was the same medal ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never had that happen to me, but have had a few friends that it has happened to! Something to laugh about later!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Weekly Wrap: Snowstorms, running ruts, and wine…lots of wineMy Profile

  42. What a story! Applause to you for not cheating yourself and still doing the 10k distance on your own! Sometimes I get confused with the directions of races too!

  43. Oh no! I’ve never done that during a race, but I’ve definitely worried about doing that. I’m glad you still got your 10K in, ha!

    I love doing crock pot meals for dinner. It makes the evening, post-work, so much more relaxing.
    Meagan recently posted…Pros and ConsMy Profile