Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll Nashville

Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll Nashville Weekend

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap. Link up your posts with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin each week. We want to hear about your weekly recaps. You are encouraged to include anything you did to be active, this could include training, workouts, recaps or anything you considered fun. We want to hear it all. You can summarize your whole week or just a small portion of it. It’s up to you! We appreciate each and every one of you for supporting us and each other!


Weekly Wrap

I’m coming to you from Nashville y’all!!! Ran in the Rock n Roll Nashville Half Marathon on Saturday while Mr. Sippi did his first big 5k! We have had a wonderful time here but honestly, there was not enough time to do even half of what we hoped. I’m thinking another trip needs to be made. Before I touch on this weekend, let’s lets see how the week wrapped up.


SUNDAY – Travel, baseball and a concert….does chair dancing count??? 10,700 steps and in bed after midnight.
MONDAY – Training at the gym – legs & abs, 3 mile run alone then 1 mile with Mr. Sippi, 17,200 steps Boy was I tired too.
TUESDAY – Nothing! Just barely 10,000 steps an I had to fight for those.
WEDNESDAY – Morning walk, 3-mile evening run, rocked negative splits 🙂 18,100 steps
THURSDAY – very little morning walking, SO BUSY AT WORK!!! Traveled tonight 10,200 steps
FRIDAY – Only walking 10,800 steps
SATURDAY – #RnRNashville walking in and out of honky tonks, ended with 37,400 steps

I’m sad to say this was my last half on the calendar until Fall, I do have a couple 5k’s planned but I’m a little sad. I don’t quite know what to do with myself. Many would say I need a break and I’m not totally opposed to that (2-3 half’s every month is a lot) But I do need something. What, I’m not sure yet.


weekly wrap 39 rock n roll nashville

Ahhhh Nashville, I so love this place for many reasons. The people are awesome, I’m pretty country (ok, maybe an understatement) so I tend to feel right at home. Most all of the clubs we went in played music I knew. 🙂 Two of my friends from Meridian were also running here and we got to enjoy time with them, which was great fun!

The campground we stayed at was really nice, actually, there were several runners I saw here too. I always feel like I’m the only one who travels to races in their RV, it’s good to see others. I didn’t get a chance to talk to any of them this time.

I’ll have more on the race when I recap it. If you did miss my posts, we both had pretty good races. The rain was present but really did not pose much of a problem, more so for me than Mr. Sippi. He did have to stand in the rain before his race. Other than a light shower while running which felt awesome it was fine for me. Still much better than heat.

weekly wrap 39 rock n roll nashville


I’m always in a rush trying to get my post finished and most of the time am dealing with spotty wifi and computer not wanting to cooperate while on the road. This seems to be the norm for me. We’re leaving Nashville but hopefully not before we get in a little sight seeing.

Have you been to Nashville?

Ever ran in the rain in a race?

How do you get your blogging done while on the road?

I hope you all have a great week ahead. I heard a lot of you say how you live vicariously through me these past few months with many races and even more traveling, well I’ll be doing the same with you, my Northern friends as your racing season is just starting. Enjoy this time, each and every race is different no matter how many times you do the course. Take time to meet the people around you too.

Until next adventure and cheers,



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Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll Nashville

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  1. Sounds like another epic race weekend for you guys and I have to say RnR has certainly raised the bar on their medals. I am living vicariously through you with all these races while I’m sitting up here freezing still. How many halfs have you run this year so far?
    Cannot wait for the full race report!

  2. You’ve definitely had an active racing fall! I can see where you’d need to take a break with your weather though. Don’t worry – fall racing season will be here before you know it and you’ll be right back at it. 🙂
    Jessica S recently posted…Cooking Light Recipe Round-UpMy Profile

    • Yes Jessica you are right, I think once I get over the “oh no I don’t have another race” attitude I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m gonna loose everything I’ve worked for. But I do know I need something with structure or I’ll get lazy! Stay safe in your travels lady!
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a great race!! I love the medals! I have run a race once with light rain for about half of it and then a heavy mist for the rest. It was just a 5K, so it was over quick. But, I would take rain like that over the heat any day! Can’t wait to read your recap! Safe travels. 🙂
    Tara recently posted…Weekly Wrap: The Calm After the RaceMy Profile

  4. Glad the rain wasn’t too bad during the race. I’ve run through heavy wind and rain during a race and it’s not fun when you’re waiting for the start, but then it’s fine (at least I think so). I’ve been to Nashville before–such a fun city!
    Sonia recently posted…Oh, the weather outside…My Profile

  5. Congrats on your finish! Looking forward to the recap. And I need to visit Nashville. You all make it look like a fun place!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Big Sur Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

  6. I’ve been enjoying all of your travels and races! Nashville is definitely on my list of cities I must visit so I can’t wait to read your recap of the races – such fun medals!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…April Wrap and May GoalsMy Profile

  7. Love me some Nashville too! I know you had fun. I don’t have another half on the calendar either. Boo. Although I admit to some searching this afternoon. I found a half & half marathon close to Birmingham in a couple of weeks (half trail half paved). Interesting. But really small. I saw your weather and was worried about your race. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t a factor. Have a good week!
    HoHo Runs recently posted…Tear Drop Half (WW # 39)My Profile

    • I think we got really, really lucky on the weather this past weekend. The radar told a much more unpleasant story than what actually happened.
      I have ordered me another battery so I hope by the time we go on our next trip my phone will last. It’s so frustrating!
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  8. I dunno, racing just takes a lot out of me so I don’t do it as often. And Mr. Judy thinks 2-3 halfs a yr is a lot!

    I’m closing in on maybe picking out my fall half, which makes me happy.

    The only rainy halfs I’ve done were cold rain, but both were great races, go figure. My very worst half ever was also pretty much the best weather ever!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Too Much Brotherly Love?: 4/25-5/1 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  9. Congratulations on your race
    My friend ran her first 5k this yr there and she said it rained the whole time!
    lacey@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Weekly WrapMy Profile

    • Congratulations to your friend! My husband ran the 5k as well. They started before us and actually got lined up and a pop of lightning brought them back in for a 20 minute delay. They did start in light rain. I waited where it was dry and by the time they said ours was going to start I casually walked to the start and slipped in the corral and was off within a couple minutes.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  10. I’m so glad the rain wasn’t too much of an issue for you! It sounds like you and Holly both will be going through withdrawal. 🙂 I don’t have any big races until the fall either, although I do have a 10K in June.
    Coco recently posted…Fitness Is Better With FriendsMy Profile

  11. Never been to Nashville but I’d love! I’d also love to travel in a RV.

    Unfortunately, I’ve run rainy halfs – mostly COLD rain – Yuck!

    I see why you did so many halfs.. I would have done the same. I can space mine out because when I live they’re spring-fall and then I go to Florida to run in the winter.
    Darlene recently posted…April RecapMy Profile

    • Oh Darlene as much as you love to travel, I think you would love it here. Lots of history.
      Now I think you have the best of both worlds, race near you when you can and travel when you can’t.

      Yup yall so need an RV! 🙂
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  12. This race is on my list… I can’t wait to hear more about your race! Running in the rain can be tough for a race… but it beats the heat in my opinion! Congrats!
    Michelle @ Run4Life recently posted…April Showers & Snowstorms… It’s a Wrap!My Profile

  13. I love the medals! I was so glad to see on IG you both had great races. I bet you will end up doing another half before Fall LOL just saying…
    I have never been to Nashville. I would love to do it one day.
    Karen recently posted…Meeting Some Blog Buds!My Profile

    • You could be right Karen, I admit I have been looking some for another half. I’m not sure I want to slow down just yet. But I do have a few shorter races.
      I hope you make some progress with your foot this week! Crossing my fingers!
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  14. I don’t mind racing in the rain if it’s warm. If it’s cold then it’s NOT fun. I haven’t been to Nashville but I’ve been to Memphis and that was AWESOME. I’m loving all your race adventures – you’re definitely adding to my race TO DO list, ha ha. Looking forward to reading the race report!
    Phaedra @ Blisters And Black Toenails recently posted…#OperationTop5 Week 17: Redefining My LimitsMy Profile

  15. I have a horrid time keeping up (especially with blogging) while on vacay….I HATE the touchscreen on my phone (numerous auto-corrects – that don’t need correcting) and LOTS of backspacing to then correct the auto- corrects. Sometimes the husband brings along his laptop, and that helps. But UGH. I’m not really into country music (or lifestyle LOL), but I do love Nashville. My race was dry today!!!!
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Some Proud Moments….My Profile

    • Isn’t that the truth about our phones. They are not very blogger friendly. I try to catch up and read some on there but it takes me twice as long and a lot of the times the comments don’t work I’ve found out. I’m glad your race was dry and mine didn’t pose much of a threat when all said and done.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  16. You had a busy week & chair dancing absolutely counts!! 🙂 I LOVE Nashville, such a fun city, my kids remember their Gigi’s cupcakes from our last visit there. It is so hard to blog on the “go”, so i totally get it & you are doing a great job! Have a wonderful week!! 🙂

  17. love love Nashville-it is probably my favorite city in the whole country and if I could figure out a way to move there, i would! RnR Nashville is definitely on my list!
    and if you can figure out the way blog on the fly-please let me know! what i have found that has helped is to write as I can while I am traveling and also try nd prewrite some posts for while I am gone. Last month I tried to blog on the fly and post but the posts from my phone ended up out of order (which was SO annoying) and the internet was not fast enough for me to post in the hotel. I definitely learned my lesson

    • It is so very hard to blog via the phone. This is always a challenge for me. I get as much done as I can before I travel but it still needs work. I guess we are all human, it’s hard to have a continuous blog life and an active real life like I do. All we can do is try.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  18. Those medals look cool! I have never been to Nashville but I have a friend who brought up the idea of meeting there for a short vacation in the next year or so. Looks like a fun place! I have only run 1 race in the rain (that I can remember) and that was the Disney Marathon in 2015. It was only off and on and it was warm enough that it didn’t bother me at all. Glad the rain didn’t bother you much!

  19. Nashville sounds ,like a fun place! Im sure it will be nice for you to have a break from the long races, and to do some 5ks. I was trying to do blogging stuff from the train on Saturday but the wifi was terrible and I couldnt get anything done. Have a great week!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Weekly Wrap: Bridal Shower Weekend and Half-Marathon ReadyMy Profile

  20. Very exciting that your husband raced this weekend too. It’s always great to get the other half involved in running. Running in the rain is not bad if you are wearing the right gear/accessories. I ran the Boston marathon in the rain last year and really did not mind the rain but the wind, that was brutal.
    Pam recently posted…Weekly Workout Roundup: May 2ndMy Profile

  21. I can see you going through withdrawal without another half until fall! You’ve been on quite the HM roll, and it’s obvious you really enjoy them. Congrats to you and the Mr. on this weekend’s races! Glad you enjoyed Nashville. I haven’t been but would like to visit some day.
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Weekly Recap: When Speed Feels GoodMy Profile

  22. You are rocking it with traveling and races this year! Rnr Nashville sounds great- I love Nashville!

    It seems I have a lot of races to add to my bucket list after this baby arrives- 2 more months!
    Melissa recently posted…Three Weekends In OneMy Profile

  23. Running in a light rain always trumps running in the heat! I don’t have any halfs until the fall either, I missed the one I was signed up for in March due to a back injury. There is one next weekend that is local and tempting me, but I don’t feel ready,

    I haven’t been to Nashville but would like to someday! I don’t tend to blog while on the road, although if I do it’s from my phone
    Christy@ My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted…That’s the end of AprilMy Profile

  24. Congrats to both you and your hubby on running strong races this weekend. It sounds like we all had to deal with some nasty weather this weekend. I think we’ve all earned some bright, sunny, warm days!
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon Training Log – Week 13My Profile

  25. Congrats on you two finishing the race. I would love to race with my husband, hopefully I can convince him soon:) I’m always in a rush, too, finishing my poss on time and it’s so frustrating when technical issues keep you from finishing a post on time – that has been happening to me quite a bit lately. I’ve never been to Nashville – but I so want to go! And yes, I ran the second half of the Long Island Marathon in the pouring rain.:):)
    Have a Great Week Tricia!
    Ilka recently posted…Mango Ginger Turmeric Smoothie And Sunday Fitness & Food Link-UpMy Profile

    • Yes Ilka, you do know about the pressing schedule of co-hosting a link up. Yours is quite big too. You know I didn’t want to run in the rain had I had the choice but at the time I just had to suck it up and say this is what we have to deal with today. No backing out, no quitting, just get it done! Thanks for stopping by and your support.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  26. WOW! 2-3 halfs a month is impressive!! I suspect some pangs of withdrawl will creep in before you get to Fall! 🙂
    meljo @ a year in running shoes recently posted…♥ a rekindled flameMy Profile

  27. Chair dancing definitely counts!
    Cassi recently posted…Motivational InterviewingMy Profile

  28. My daughter and I felt the same way when we went to Nashville- there is so much to see and do! Sounds like you had a great time! and you made great time- that course was tough! Looking forward to your recap- happy Monday!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…May equals Marvelous!My Profile

  29. I like seeing the RnR medals since bling is always fun. I have not been Nashville, which is crazy because it’s not that far from Dallas. You deserve a break now that it’s warming up, and I plan to take a break after Tink. Even if I don’t sleep in, there’s no reason to get out of bed if I’m not running. I can take my time waking up.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 5/2My Profile

  30. I LOVE Nashville – & not because my grandbabies are there 🙂
    My step daughter ran that one … & I HATE its always the same day as our Kentucky Derby marathon/miniMarathon … I want to do both!
    Rebecca Jo recently posted…The weekend that had me cross a finish line & I finally lost a canoeMy Profile

    • That is so funny reading this RJ, how in the world can you be old enough for grandbabies, I just can’t imagine! I so want to do the Kentucky Derby race it is on my bucket list and has been since I started running, well thinking I could actually go that distance lol.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  31. Love the look of those medals…I have to say I’m starting to get sick of the standard round medal. They’re nice…but races change up their shirts every year, why wouldn’t they make an effort to do the same with their medals?

    Ever thought about traveling up North to join in on their racing season?
    Jessie @ The Acquired Sass recently posted…May 2016 goals + April Goal ReviewMy Profile

    • Well yes I’d love to travel up North but it’s so hard to travel so far in our RV and still try and make it back to our full time jobs on Mondays. As much as we travel airline tickets are simply out of the question too. So I guess I’ll stick with fall through spring races in the South for now.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  32. I saw the Twitter post for Nashville and kept thinking of you! I’m glad you had a good race!

    What is the plan between now and the fall?

    I did a 5K in the rain, and it went by really quickly!
    Ana recently posted…Recovery Week and RunfessionsMy Profile

    • Well Ana there is no plan between now and the fall. I’m already stressing over it. I know I shouldn’t but I also know I need something or I’ll slip into thinking I can run twice a week. I don’t want to do that. I’ve been thinking about picking back up the run streak but not really keep up with the days meaning If this week I can run 7 days great, only 6 the next, fine too. So we’ll see.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  33. Congrats on another half marathon! Love that your husband ran the 5K too! Love both medals! Looking forward to your race recap!
    Sharon recently posted…Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon Training Week 4: 4/25-5/1My Profile

  34. Congrats on finishing RnR Nashville!! Cool medals! I’ve never been to Nashville but looks like a fun place! Have a great week Tricia!

  35. Congrats to you and Mr. Sippi on another great race! I actually like the 5K medal better. It’s so cute!

    My marathon PR was in the POURING rain for the ENTIRE race! For pre and post race fun, I prefer no rain, but rain during a race usually isn’t a bad thing unless it’s blowing sideways or it’s 35° and raining.

    Thanks for providing the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Another Ragnar Trail Under My Belt, But First…My Profile

  36. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Tennessee, but it sure is beautiful! Great job!!!
    Michelle recently posted…Going on 7…weekly wrap!My Profile

  37. This sounds like it was a fun week for you! I’ve never been to Nashville but I’d love to check it out. I hear it’s a fun city.
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

  38. I cant wait to read more about your race in your recap!!!!!
    If you like authentic southern food, next time you are in Nashville you have to check out Clearviews, a soulfood restaurant in Murfreesboro (about 25 minutes from nashville) and Karens Custard (in Smyrna/Murfreesboro)
    I advise to visit after racing because that type of food and sweet treats are NOT the best to have pre race,lol!
    Let me know if you race this again next year- I may just have to sign up!
    I usually only do about 1-2 half marathons a year, I don’t see how you can do so many!!!
    I’m sure you will suffer some withdrawal symptoms before the fall–just listen to your body though-it never hurts to rest when you need it!
    oh and I love racing in the rain-ive had some of my fastest times on rainy days! id take rain over the heat and wind any day!!!!
    melissa cunningham recently posted…leg day and training for april 25- may 1rstMy Profile

    • This past weekend taught me one thing, that is I must come back to visit this great town! Just not enough time to do what we wanted to do.
      I love love running in half’s course I’m at a snails pace to you but still love it. I have a feeling this won’t’ be the last race here either.
      I totally agree running in the rain is better than heat and wind any day! Thanks Melissa for stopping by
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  39. I’m so happy it didn’t rain after the initial 5k delay! The occasional sprinkles were ok – I’ll take it over the heat. Man, it was a hilly one for me! Glad you had a good time sightseeing in Nashville and have a great week!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Race Recap: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half MarathonMy Profile

  40. Congratulations on ANOTHER half!!! You’re on a roll! I have never been to Nashville before but would sure love to go someday. It sounds like a blast. I love that you and your husband both raced it! Maybe some day I can get my husband to run-cation with me 🙂 🙂 🙂 Some day when the kids are out of diapers perhaps!
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Training Week 17: Motherhood Has Changed My RunningMy Profile

  41. I’ve always thought RnR Nashville would be a fun race!
    Congrats to both of you!!!
    I think it’s awesome you RV your way through these races! I’ve taken our 5th wheel to a few races locally that I have to travel for, its great especially when hotels raise their prices and charge a small fortune race weekend. Hey, it probably saves a little money to enter more races!
    Love the pictures, sounds like a great time in Nashville! One day, I’ll make it there!
    Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Last Chance to Join UsMy Profile

    • Hotel prices are ridiculous! I guess it’s a give and take but for now, I’d rather spend the bulk of my money on gas and sleep in my own bed. Plus there are so many people you meet at a campground vs a hotel lobby any day! I hope we will be able to do this for a long time!
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  42. Congrats on your RNR half! I think traveling to races in an RV would be an awesome way to go!
    vicki recently posted…I shop for deals…My Profile

  43. Congrats on Nashville! I had quite a few friends run that race, the RNR ones seem really popular. I think it’s awesome you travel to races in an RV. Sounds like a great idea, you can save hotel costs that way and really see and enjoy the sites. Plus RV parks seem full of friendly people you can meet. In a hotel, everyone just keeps to themselves.

    Glad your half went well and you have some 5Ks coming up… half marathons are pretty much over around here, it just gets too hot out for running long.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: April 25- May 1My Profile

    • Your right the people you meet in RV parks are way more likely to go out of their way to talk to you than in a hotel lobby. Heck we’ve even been invited to dinner. You just never know what stories people have.
      Same here, it gets too hot for racing. I need to quit wishing it wasn’t so and just focus on other things. We’ll still be traveling as much as we can in our RV it just won’t’ be to races.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  44. This race is on my bucket list! Can’t wait to read your recap
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Cauliflower Rice & Black Bean Tortilla Pie-Cinco De MayoMy Profile

  45. I really wanted to be in Nashville for this race, but it was my son’s 8th birthday, so it didn’t seem quite right to skip out on that. I have never been to that city, but it looks like it would be loads of fun.

    I have raced/run in the rain and I hate it. I just don’t like being wet. It’s distracting and uncomfortable.

    Looking forward to your recap!

  46. I haven’t been to Nashville in the longest time. When I was growing up, every vacation may parents would take us down south. Till this day, when I think of vacations, it always brings to mind grits and biscuits and gravy. I love the medals you got. I wish up north we got medals for 5k

    • Ha that is so neat Nicole, grits, bacon and biscuits are staples in the South! Oh and you forgot sweet tea! The medals were awesome and yes we paid dearly for that 5k medal because he signed up late but still it is something! Thanks Nicole for stopping by.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  47. I LOVE Nashville to the point we almost moved there instead of Denver. Love those medals, too!
    Savannah recently posted…How I Lost It, Part 2My Profile

  48. See I would think Denver is pretty cool too! Another bucket list state for me! Thank you Savannah for stopping by.
    Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 39 Rock n Roll NashvilleMy Profile

  49. I am so impressed with how many races you have run since your first full in January! That’s really something. I felt so tired after my first full I barely ran anything over 3 miles for several months. I hope y’all had a wonderful time in Nashville – there’s so much to do there! I look forward to hearing what all y’all got up to and all about your race.

    As far as camping for a race – as you know that’s often how we roll, too. And like you I always feel like we are the only ones camping for the race. I love when we see others there getting ready for the race, too! Creates some camaraderie (probably much like others feel in a hotel when they see other racers).
    Meagan recently posted…The Google MachineMy Profile