Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome Summer

Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome Summer

Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome Summer

Hey friends, I’m so glad you’re joining us for another edition of Weekly Wrap, a link up to keep us all accountable to our active life. You may link up your posts with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin each week. For all the scoop and a few rules too, visit the Weekly Wrap Link Up Tab at the top or simply click the words Weekly Wrap.

This is the 47th edition and is named Welcome SummerΒ since last Monday was the first day of Summer! I guess you could say I celebrated by enjoying camp life with some grilled food and a little water therapy aka kayaking. Oh and I almost forgot, did you happen to see the Strawberry Moon? Wow, we had a fantastic view of it over the water.

Speaking of Summer, I reckon I have fallen into the Summer blogging trap. I just can not get ahead and seems my posting is getting less and less frequent. Thankfully, what is happening quite often is working out. Let’s take a look at how this past week went.

Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome Summer


If you’ll notice I took 3 different classes. Yup, I know my husband thinks I went overboard! That’s what Summer is for right? Doing what you want to do? When I’m training or racing or tapering I don’t get to enjoy that much other stuff so I’m getting a double dose now.

I’m still liking my photo slide so here goes this week in pictures:

  • Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome Summer

One night this week we decided to cook a dish we really like called Black Bean Soup. We serve it over white rice and top with sausage, sour cream and cheese. It is wonderful but I’ve been trying not to eat so many carbs at night so I picked Holly’s brain for a substitute for the rice. She immediately came through for me with Chick Peas. Oh my goodness, this was so very good and it was perfect. Thank you friend!!!! I wish I had a picture but seeing how I’m not a food blogger, I’ll spare you trying to figure out how something so messy could possibly taste so good!

Just in case you are interested:


Sausage (We use Turkey Sausage in the links and cut into bite size pieces)
Rice or Chick Peas
6 cans of Black Beans
1 can Rotel
1 can Chicken broth
Puree 1 can of the beans, mix rotel and broth. Bring to a boil then simmerΒ 30 to 40 minutes. While cooking, cut up sausage, and cook in a pan. Serve over the rice or chick peas and top with cheese sour cream and sausage.

And that’s a wrap for Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome Summer. I’ll still be camping for the most part of this week then we will be beach bound to celebrate July 4th! I hope you all had a great weekend don’t forget to check out my Instagram and other social media channels for more of what I’m getting into.


Before I go I did want to share with you a quote I saw on Instagram and reposted. It was comforting (or just helped me justify) with as busy as we seem to be here lately.

weekly wrap 47 welcome summer

What would your suggestion be for substituting rice?

Do you watch carbs at all?

How was your active week? Play along and rate it 1-10. πŸ™‚



Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome Summer

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  1. Yes, I think we mentioned this last week, but my blogging has also gotten so behind! But that last quote is so right. Sometimes there are just more important things…like summer! And I agree about trying new classes and activities now while you can. It’s fun & exciting to try new things!
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Weekly Recap: Summer LovinMy Profile

  2. Loved seeing all the pics from last week!I i have also had to cut back on blogging as the summer has gotten busier. Hoping to get back to it now! My week wasn’t very active because I took a few rest days to give my foot time to heal. It was finally back to normal on Friday so I am hoping this week will be a better one!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Baltimore 10 Miler 2016 Race RecapMy Profile

    • It sounds like you have your foot issue under control. It’s still smart to lay off to not make it worse. I think I overdid my quad muscle during training today. I really want to take a class tonight but I’m afraid I won’t be disciplined to skip it if I find out we’re doing a lot of leg work πŸ™
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome SummerMy Profile

  3. I also love your slide shows! It’s makes me feel like I am right there with you…camping…kayaking…eating your delicious bbq…we may need a hammock for 3 though πŸ™‚ You are killing those daily steps lady!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Have an excellent week!
    Diane recently posted…Protein Powered Weekly WrapMy Profile

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s behind on blogging. You always look like you’re having fun camping! I love the hammock. Great workout week! I think the classes are a nice way to add variety and not get burned out.
    Sonia recently posted…NYC Marathon Training Week #1My Profile

  5. The new graphic looks good! I like the slide show too. I’m so glad the Chick Peas worked. I was worried you would think I was nuts. But, you know I eat them right out of the can. Every.day. I’m happy you are enjoying your classes. If I lived near you, I’d go with you! I think we are all in the same blogging boat right now. No worries. Don’t forget to pick a weekend for water skiing. Before we know it, summer will be over.

    • You just don’t know, your idea was just perfect! I don’t think I’ll ever eat regular ol rice with it again even if I’m not watching my carbs. Yes, it was that good!
      We’d be a mess and no telling what all we’d get into if we lived closer. I want to come soon, well talk about it! πŸ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome SummerMy Profile

  6. I try to schedule posts out so I don’t get to far behind, although it doesn’t always work. Your Black Bean Soup sounds good, to bad my hubby doesn’t like beans. Sigh.
    Shandy Jo recently posted…Sunday Cup of… #24My Profile

    • I was doing pretty good then staying caught up with our growing link up was getting harder and harder. I am finding out a lot of people are struggling so it does make me feel like I’m not in the same boat.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome SummerMy Profile

  7. Your daily step counts are so impressive! I try not to eat too many carbs, but rice goes so well with beans! The chickpeas are a good option. Small white beans (I think that’s what the can calls them!) would be good too.
    Coco recently posted…Suffering From Vacation EnvyMy Profile

  8. Quinoa is my favorite grain and so I guess I would say that would be my favorite rice substitue. I definitely don’t watch carbs! Runners NEED carbs! I think I’ll rate my week an 8 πŸ™‚ Looks like y’all had a good one. I really love your workout summary graphic. That is so cool and crafty!

    • Thank you Sam. I did think about Quinoa after Holly said the chick peas. I had never had chick peas so I had to try it but that would be a great sub as well.
      I love my carbs and my trainer and I have discussed them a lot.
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 47 Welcome SummerMy Profile

  9. I think my week was a 6. Nothing too crazy, mainly due to heat. I don’t watch my carbs unless I find that I’m really hungry and need to focus on protein or something more filling. I like your new weekly workout graphic!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Week 2: June 20-26My Profile

  10. My blogging always slows down in the summer too. I really like your weekly workout graphic! And I think it’s great you mixed in so many different classes – keeps it interesting!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Weekly Wrap – Regaining My FootingMy Profile

  11. Gosh, that black bean soup sounds delish!!! My week, on a 1-10? Ummm, I’ll go with an 8.5 πŸ˜‰ Not as much running (per the wonky heel recovery), but I did stay pretty active.
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Heat. Humidity. Hills. UGH.My Profile

  12. Great quote! Nice job last week with your workouts and steps! I like your workouts graphic! That’s an interesting idea to substitute rice with chick peas.
    Sherry recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 3 and Weekly Wrap (6/20-6/26)My Profile

  13. Have you ever tried making the cauliflower rice?

  14. My week was not active at all. Probably a 3, but that is because I had so much travel. Getting back to normal routines now, and marathon training started today.
    I would have substituted rice for cauliflower rice. Just grate it, then steam it for 10 or 15 minutes. Works great.

    I was busy too and didn’t blog this past week. I missed it but that happens, sometimes life gets in the way. LOVE the quote !
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Weekly wrap : The big appleMy Profile

  15. Life certainly has a way of getting very busy over the summer, doesn’t it? I’d much rather be active and enjoying life than trading it for sitting behind the computer all of the time. The weather is just too nice right now to not be outside and enjoying it.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Weekly Recap – Week of June 20thMy Profile

  16. I need to try that recipe! Looks yummy!! I have more time to blog during the summer but find myself with nothing exciting to write about. I don’t run too many races either and writing about my marathon training eventually does get boring. πŸ™‚
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted…2016 Chicago Marathon Training Week 3My Profile

    • I would imagine you would have more time. I seem to have thrown all blog organization tips to the way side. Maybe I can hang on and get back to a regular schedule come this fall. Thanks again for your support.
      Tricia recently posted…5 Minutes to Happier HipsMy Profile

  17. Look at you getting all those classes done! I am impressed! I wished my hubby liked black beans that recipe looks great- I will try it during hunting season πŸ™‚ I love your quote! and sometimes the thing to do is not blogging, I would not fret over it! I love the photo slide! How did you do that? Happy Monday πŸ™‚
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Happy June Week Four- Back HomeMy Profile

  18. Love your active week and that calendar graphic is cool! You’re going all high tech on us…

    I’d rate my week an 8 on the active scale…
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Rewind, Reset, RechargeMy Profile

    • Ha it took me long enough to create the graphic. Now updating will be a breeze! I like it, it’s colorful! I wonder if it will be too cold in December to kayak in the ocean πŸ™‚
      Tricia recently posted…5 Minutes to Happier HipsMy Profile

  19. I love your photo slide! Looks like you are doing summer right. My blogging has fallen way off and I refuse to stress about it. Summer is so fleeting we need to seize the day and enjoy it! I’ll give my workout week a 7. Thanks for the linkup!
    Marcia recently posted…Training Around Summer FunMy Profile

  20. I keep blogging because it’s my escape. The past couple summers have been quite busy, but I hope this summer isn’t as crazy. I can’t believe we’re almost through a month of summer.

  21. I am definitely blogging less this summer. I’m trying to be outdoors as much as possible with my free time. I can’t believe I actually posted today, usually I’ve been relegated to Fridays. Love the photo slide! I am a big fan of black bean soup, yours sounds amazing! I don’t have a sub for rice – I just eat rice. πŸ™‚ Quinoa or some ancient grains if I’m looking to be a little healthier.
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Weekend Festivals: Fitness & BBQ!My Profile

    • Thanks Mar. I know what you mean about being outdoors too! I sometimes don’t come in until 9:30 at night which puts me to bed way later! Thanks for your link up too. I try and hit it when I can.
      Tricia recently posted…5 Minutes to Happier HipsMy Profile

  22. that soup sounds great! I’d probably add some greens and serve over either basmati or quinoa. I love quinoa πŸ™‚
    Wendy recently posted…The Joy of 5KsMy Profile

  23. Eh, I don’t think 3 classes is going overboard! Like you said, summer is break time and the time to try different things since it’s the off season for race training. I tend to do more things in the summer, too, like paddleboarding and maybe some extra barre classes.
    Christine @ Into the Glimmer recently posted…Weekly recap (6/20-/6/26): Lancaster, PA vacationMy Profile

  24. Substitute for rice? uh.. that’s a toughie! I would say protein pasta, brown rice and/ or couscous…. and neither sound half as respectable as chick peas!

    That food looks amazing!

    I love the work out chart!
    Ana recently posted…VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #4 and RunfessionsMy Profile

  25. Great active week for you!! So great that you can do more classes! I hear ya on the blogging. It is so much harder to do it in the summer! The kiddos need more attention and just so many things to do. Love the slideshow pics!
    Sharon recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 1: 6/20-6/26My Profile

  26. I like your graphic showing all of your workouts! You always do such a great job with those steps…I need to do a better job, especially now that I moved and I don’t have to walk several blocks to my car anymore! Camping is so much fun, glad you’re having a great time. Your recipe looks so good!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Philly Marathon Pre-Training Week 3 RecapMy Profile

  27. That soup sounds delish, will definitely have to keep the recipe on hand for the fall once it’s cool enough to eat it πŸ™‚ My week was definitely an 8 on the activity scale-I did just over 8 hours of workouts…and it’s just a build week!
    Stacey recently posted…Weekly Sweat Report: 6/20-6/26My Profile

  28. Hi Tricia – I just love this quote. Something that really makes you think, doesn’t it? The black bean soup recipe sounds delicious! I think Chickpeas are a great filling substitute – the protein and fiber is so filling! I really try to go easier on the carbs at night, too! It’s so not easy – especially if you stay up late! A few times per week I cook delicious Mac & Cheese for my kids’ dinner, they just love it, and it’s soo hard to resist! The one thing I can never give up at night is a piece of chocolate. If I can have a piece of quality chocolate I’m fine with skipping the starchy carbs! :):) I would rate my activity this week at a 7, considering I’m still in recovery from my injury. Love the rating btw, that’s a great thing to ask yourself at the end of the week. I have to remember that! Enjoy your Camping and Kayaking – so fun! pinning and stumbling! Have a great week!

  29. I monitor carbs… but also fats and proteins. Mainly to make sure I get enough of each thing. Somehow I have no trouble going overboard on fats (mostly healthy fats, but still). Hooray for all the classes you did, I think those are great in the summer if it’s really hot out and you’re not training for anything running related. May as well enjoy indoor workouts for awhile! I love your graphic, too.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: June 20-26My Profile

  30. i would love try fitness classes-I need to try and find a few good deals by me. most of the ones here are 30-40 dollars a pop! and the graphic for your workouts is adorable

    • Oh man, thankfully our classes are free to gym members and just $5 for non-members, which in my opinion is a steal! I like the variety and there is something Mon – Thurs each week I can pick and choose which ones work better for me.
      Tricia recently posted…5 Minutes to Happier HipsMy Profile

  31. Love your graphic and your slideshow. I don’t really monitor carbs … I sometimes use farro or quinoa as a substitute for rice.
    vicki recently posted…Vegan Tex-Mex Loaded Baked PotatoMy Profile

  32. love all your pictures!!!! feet up after the sun set (or before dawn?) is my favorite.
    I need to try that recipe too!
    Great job keeping up with steps/activities this week!!!!!

  33. Welcome summer!!!! Woop. I consider May and June to be part of summer, too, just so it seems longer πŸ™‚ Winter feels like 6 months around here (with snow at least) so when I make the other half of the year “summer”, it feels less depressing.

    Love your picture slideshow and that soup, YUM. I’m a carbaholic, so I have no idea on the rice substitutes. Rice = deliciouso! With our first-ever week of swimming lessons and teeny ball for my oldest plus the usual running schedule, my week felt like a 7 or 8. Summer wears a person out, in a good way!
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Making a New “Home”My Profile

    • Oh my Amy you are on the run and I’d say a 8 at least with all you do! Ha I know what you mean about long winters. It;s a trade-off we don’t have really cold ones but we do have very hot summers!
      Tricia recently posted…5 Minutes to Happier HipsMy Profile

  34. What did you use to make your workout summary?
    Cassi recently posted…Signs EverywhereMy Profile

  35. A good week for you as always πŸ™‚
    I like that idea, do it now! That is what I keep telling myself, seize the moments. I spend a lot of time doing things I don’t really want to do lol
    I love the picture scroll πŸ™‚
    Karen recently posted…Tale from the TrailMy Profile

    • Well Karen there are things we must do that are unpleasant but I think we should try to like you say seize the moment on the things we do like! I’d love to run the trails with you
      Tricia recently posted…5 Minutes to Happier HipsMy Profile

  36. Black Bean Soup is so yummy! I do watch carbs – I watch them go right in my belly! But seriously, chick peas are delicious and you could also probably use any roasted veggie (think broccoli or brussels sprouts).

    I think it’s ok to let blogging ease off in the summer. There are so many things going on and it’s ok to let life take over πŸ™‚
    Jenn recently posted…weekly wrap: 6.18 – 6.25My Profile

  37. Isn’t your little infographic the cutest thing ever? Love it!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Ups And Downs Of The WeekMy Profile

  38. I saw once on Confession of a Mother Runners blog that Cauliflower Rice is a great substitute. (I don’t know where you buy it, but if I remember she made it look very easy to make yourself.)
    So I have followed you on IG and your having one of the most awesomest summers. Loving the Kayak, I am jealous you have one. I have wanted one for years, I love Kayaking!
    Fun workout week summary!!!
    Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…A Little Explanation…My Profile

  39. I feel behind on blogging as well. Part of my goal with cutting back posting for the summer was to help myself get ahead…but, I have not managed to do that one bit!

    My week didn’t hold too many workouts, but it held a decent amount of walking around. + a decent amount of lounging in the pool. But, can’t win ’em all.

    A sub for rice? Hmm. I guess pasta is the wrong answer? Honestly, I would maybe use a big pile of stir fry veggies? Or I love zucchini. Maybe spaghetti squash?

  40. Black bean soup — sounds delicious! I do keep track of carbs and try to limit them when I’m watching my weight more closely. I use cauliflower rice as a substitute, and make zoodles (zucchini noodles, or with sweet potatoes) as alternatives.
    Lauren @ Lauren Runs recently posted…Pleasant Prairie Duathlon Race RecapMy Profile

  41. I’ve made ‘cauliflower rice’ as a substitute for rice. I also like quinoa for its protein content.
    My active week? – I would rank it a 7. You’re having such a grand time camping. We will be tent-camping for the long weekend so looking forward to it.

  42. I think my week was about a 9! I was able to get in my goal of 5 workouts per week, plus fit in time to move. I like your chart to show your workouts and steps for the week! The black bean soup sounds good and easy to make! I’ll have to try it soon!!
    Kaleigh @CodeBikeRun recently posted…Weekly Wrap: MovingMy Profile

  43. Your black bean soup looks amazing! I need to try this. And I somehow missed the Strawberry Moon even though I kept telling everyone about it. Whomp whomp… oh well. Happy Tuesday!
    Rachel recently posted…Race N Taste and Bittersweet MilesMy Profile

  44. Sure I watch my carbs as I shovel them down my throat.

    My week was busy – lots of tennis and some running.

    I love your pics. You are always having so much fun.
    Darlene recently posted…Adirondack Distance Run RecapMy Profile

  45. I love your slide show! It looks like you are having so much fun this summer! I also love that quote. It is so true! I try to remember that daily and enjoy life and not just go through the motions to get through the day. Your black bean soup does sound really good. I do try to watch my carbs. But, I have never been one to eat a lot of carbs anyways, so that makes it a little easier. And, I would rate my week last week at around a 7. I did pretty good working out and running. Have a great holiday weekend!
    Tara recently posted…Protein Powder CrepesMy Profile