Weekly Wrap 58 Yak-A-Du What ??

Weekly Wrap 58 Yak-A-Du What ??

Weekly Wrap 58 Yak-A-Du What ??

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Yak-A-Du What ??

Weekly Wrap #58 Yak-A-Du What, you might ask. Pretty good huh? I always name my Weekly Wrap post something to tell me about the week. This one is called Yak-A-Du What because it’s the name of the Kayak Duathlon I begged persuaded 😉 Mr. Sippi into doing with me on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

yak-a-du what

I’ll have more on our trip a little further down but let’s take a look at my activity for the week.

Activity ??? What activity?

Not exactly the activity you’re used to seeing, huh? Yea, my thoughts exactly. After ending my Runstreak on Monday, I didn’t do anything except keep up my #Stepbet challenge, not that it’s not something mind you! If I told you yea I needed a break or a slow down, that would be fine right?? Well, if truth be told I didn’t run any because I could hardly put my tennis shoes on! Yup, wore wedges to the game and new ones at that and tore my feet up! Hell, we walked 1.3 miles to the game in the first place! Oh well, the lesson to be learned here is not the obvious of dress for comfort, oh hell no, we are Ole Miss by damn and we dress up. The lesson here is to bring more shoes!!! 🙂

yak-a-du what


Enough of that business, let’s get to the fun part since I have a lot of practice in it.

Travel Fun

We are back on the road! Ok, so it’s not too far or too long, just down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast but still. We couldn’t leave until after work on Friday so it was 11PM before we pulled into Magic River Campground. I really had to ask for some favors to stay here like this. Apparently, it’s not normal policy to arrive so late and leave so early. But the CG was just over a mile from where we were racing in the morning and since we did not tow the car we had to be at the race to park the motorhome in a spot before the crowd.

Racing Fun

We get a little shut eye and were up about 5:30 to pull out and get to Wolf River Canoe where the race was held. We had plenty of time to relax with an 8AM start. Gosh, this felt like I was running at noon!

Neither of us has ever raced in a kayak before. We I thought it would be something different and fun. So we really had no clue what to expect. Thankfully the nice organizers and volunteers were very helpful and full of tips and tricks. I’m sure when they saw us pull out our Walmart Special Kayaks they may have had thoughts of feeling sorry for us.  Hats off to the Gulf Coast Running Club for putting this on.

The race consisted of a 2-mile run, then 2-mile kayak and finished with the same out and back run. Neither the running nor the water was exactly 2 miles but a little shy (which is better than being over, right?)

yak-a-du what

My first mile averaged 9:11 (really fast for me and surprising). The end of my second mile was getting my kayak and pulling it to the water and getting in the water and it still averaged 10:01. I never looked, all of the stats are from afterward. My goal was to do the best I could. With the turnaround, you could see all the faster runners before you and I only saw one woman! What??? No way! That kept me at a good pace.

I was really worried about the transition part, even talked in detail with Holly about what do I do with my shoes having to run twice? Both Holly and one of the organizers suggested I just wear older shoes and get them wet. I’m sorta of tookie. Is that a word?? Anyway about getting my feet in squishy mud on top of having healing blisters and having to run 2 miles in them. Well, I fretted over nothing!!! Would you believe I never even got my feet wet!! Skill I tell you! I hopped in my boat as I pushed off with momentum! YES! My feet aren’t wet! I was good!

I paddled and paddled and oh my goodness paddled. I’m sure I wasn’t doing it right but I was digging deep whole body strokes. Just like the run part the faster mostly guys were way ahead I couldn’t see them, and the slower ones behind me. But soon as I turned the half way bridge I saw people gaining on me. Women too, damn it. Before I got close to the end of the paddle, 3 women who looked as if they were out for a river float had slid by me. It sure pays to have a nice fast kayak!

Oh no, here we are again dealing with my feet getting wet! I gave it all my arms could handle and pushed myself fast on shore and guess what??? I stepped out of the boat onto dry land! Yippee, and one lady was messing with her shoe, the others heading up the hill. They told us our legs wouldn’t work well after sitting to take it easy. My legs? What legs? These slower ladies were going to beat me!

yak-a-du what

I really have no idea where this competitiveness came from today, I’m not usually like that but I think I had a point to prove.  It’s kind of like in the barrel racing world. Some people show up in theses quarter of a million dollar rigs and pull off these mighty fine specimens of horses and then someone pulls up in a cattle trailer and brushes off the dust on their horse and smokes everyone! Teresa reminded me of this saying:

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog!

yak-a-du what

Top 3 Females

There wasn’t any smoking this race but I felt like I came out strong even with the disadvantage of my kayak. I felt very accomplished when it was done and getting a 2nd place overall female trophy was the icing on the cake!

Mr. Sippi did great too and told me afterward he and another guy were discussing how much they love their wives, apparently, he too was persuaded into this race.

yak-a-du what

Both got awards

And the rest of the day

yak-a-du what

Nice shady spot

After our race, one benefit of having the RV right there is we both got showers and cleaned up before heading on into Biloxi.  We pulled into a campground we have stayed at before that has several restaurants within walking distance and mostly right across the street. We got lunch, relaxed a bit, watched some football, walked to eat dinner and took an Uber to get ice cream! Yup, and I didn’t even feel a bit guilty!

yak-a-du what

Looking West from The Reef Restaurant

I was so tired I was in the bed before 10PM and slept like a baby too!

Advantages of getting up early

yak-a-du what

First picture of the morning

yak-a-du what

It’s like the sky just opened up

Coming up

We are headed home this afternoon. Next week hopefully will be back to a more normal schedule. I’ll be in training mode building miles for my first half marathon of this fall season. I’m still trying to decide if and what I’ll wear to run in the Jazz which is right before Halloween in New Orleans.

I may try and throw in a 5k or two before then, who knows.

Did you race this weekend?

How competitive are you? What motivates you to push harder in a race, someone? A time?

Tell me something fun you did.

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Weekly Wrap 58 Yak-A-Du What


  1. Wow! Great job on the race! Congrats on 2nd place!! And for your first time?? That’s awesome. Ice cream is well deserved! The sunrise on the beach is stunning. Didn’t do much fun this weekend, but it’s nice to have a relaxing weekend now and then!

  2. Ha ha…I’m not a southern gal, but I too believe in dressing nicely, thank you very much 😉 Fashion before function, no exceptions. Congrats on your great finish!!
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Wrapping up another week….My Profile

  3. I’m so proud of you for doing something different and challenging! And looky there — you nailed it. Whoa at that first mile split too! I have to admit, it is wonderful to have hubbies that indulge us. 😉 (Mine got up at the ass crack of dawn to ski me today. So, yeah.) Love.that.quote! Here’s to starting with a building mileage week.

  4. Loved all of your photos in your post this week – so beautiful!

    Awesome job on the race and its so cool that you BOTH got age group awards – way to go!!
    Kimberly G recently posted…NYC MARATHON TRAINING RECAP WEEK 8My Profile

  5. Yak-a-du sounds awesome. Really enjoyed your recap – way to go on the award! I also like the idea of beating people with fancy gear. Those beach photos look great! My mom used to live in Biloxi — I should get down there one of these days… Have a great week!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Week 12: work is stupidMy Profile

  6. I would totally do a race like that! I do love my kayak. I’m sad that I didn’t get out as much as I hoped this year. Damn, summer is just too short.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Running Back to CenterMy Profile

  7. I was thinking of you this morning as i was scooting across the lake- how long does it take to go 2 miles in a kayak? Sounds like you had a fun weekend and that is a cool race- I would do it in a heartbeat! My StepBet challenge is done!!!! WHEW!!!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Take that StepBet Challenge! Weekly Update!My Profile

  8. Sounds like fun. Kudos to you for doing something new.

    Kayaking is something I want to try. Never enough time to do it all.

    Yes, I am competitive! Very!

    I ran a 5k and won champagne. Then went on our boat the next day and drank the champagne.
    Darlene recently posted…Malta 5K Race RecapMy Profile

  9. oh wow you won 2nd place the first time you did this type of race?! So cool! It sounds like such a fun and different kind of race.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Go Bold or Go homeMy Profile

  10. Wow what an entertaining post! If I thought I had a chance at winning an award, i’d be keeping track of how many people were ahead of or behind me too..lol! Congrats on 2nd place and a trophy too! Congrats to the Mr!

  11. Oh how I’d love to see video of you pushing your yak and hopping in like a pro! This race sounds fantastic. Congrats again to both of you. Mr. Sippi is such a good sport. There used to be a race here that was kayak bike run. Sadly it is no longer because Wendy and I would be all over it!
    Marcia recently posted…What Does Your GU Say About You?My Profile

  12. That sounds like fun, doing two miles, followed by two miles of kayaking. I think my arms would be so tired! Congratulations on 2nd place female, that is so awesome! Sometimes, races can be fun with a little more competition 🙂
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Sweat, Strengthen and Flow Outdoor Workout and Top Weekend EatsMy Profile

  13. How fun! I’d love to try some sort of duathlon someday that’s running and something that’s not biking or swimming. (Likely at some point it will be a beer race LOL). Congrats on the second place. I very seldom anywhere near the podium, but there are always a few people in every race that I “compete” with, even if we are competing to not be the last runner.
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…Preparing to run Ragnar DC againMy Profile

  14. This sounds like a lot of fun ! Congrats on your award ! And love your morning pictures.

    I ran a race with 40 000 people and in all honesty, didn’t really enjoy it that much. Too many people, too long of a wait, too many walkers. But then again, its always nice to run by the Eiffel Tower….
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Weekly wrap : ALL the FITNESSMy Profile

  15. Way to go on your Kayak duathlon! So cool you and Mr. Sippi competed in it and you guys did awesome! Congrats on 2nd place overall female!! Cool trophies! Great sunrise pics!
    Sherry recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 14 and Weekly Wrap (9/5-9/11)My Profile

  16. Congrats on the 2nd place win!! Way to go. I love that it was you AND Mr. Sippi 🙂 How sweet.
    And for not doing much activity, wow your steps are impressive! I am always in awe of how active you are. I’m not training for anything at the moment, just enjoying getting back into running, the weather cooling down, and the occasional run with the baby.
    melissa recently posted…Baby’s First Apple Picking and Golf OutingMy Profile

  17. I love that you signed up for this cool event. 2 miles sounds like a long way to paddle for me. You did great and most importantly had fun! I would want dry feet to run too!
    Coco recently posted…Pedaling And PlankingMy Profile

    • Coco 2 miles IS a long way to paddle in a slow kayak!!! I think looking back at my stats I was in the water about 31 minutes. Non-stop paddling too!

  18. Nothing wrong that you’re taking a break from running. Completing a run streak is hard, both physically and mentally. In the long run, I’m sure the break will do more good than harm.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training Log – Week 11My Profile

  19. Congrats to you and your husband getting trophies, too cool! I love this idea for a duathlon. I definitely need a LOT more practice on a kayak before I sign up for any races, but it looks like a really fun activity! It’s so funny sometimes how the competitive side can come out. Looks like it worked in your favor! 🙂
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Philly Marathon Training Week 6 RecapMy Profile

  20. I certainly dress for comfort if I’m going to a game. It may be Texas, but our attitude is don’t like it, tough! I hate shoes to begin with, so my feet need to be as comfortable as possible.
    Lesley recently posted…Monday Musings 9/12My Profile

  21. Yak-a-du… I love it! Congrats on the trophies. This is something my family would love! We’ve been going kayaking together since we were young. I need to find one of these around me!
    Heather @ HeatherRunsFast.com recently posted…Brownies, Babies, 22 & PumpkinMy Profile

  22. I’m so glad that you did this and also that you were able to persuade the hubs to join in! I really wanted to do this one too..but that dang Guard duty always interferes with my adventure planning! 🙂 I’ll have to keep it in mind for next year because I’m in love with the trophy!! Congratulations!
    Teresa recently posted…This Week’s Gallivantin’ ~ Getting LostMy Profile

  23. Congratulations on the duathlon and winning the trophy! Maybe the rest from stopping the challenge helped you on race day? Sorry about your feet after wearing the wedges- I typically stick to just running shoes but I don’t have anywhere fun to go to wear fancy shoes either. Hope you have a great week!
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: September 5-11My Profile

    • I do think ending the running streak helped me that day! I felt rested and even the blisters kept me from running so I was on fresh legs! It was sure fun to win an award!

  24. I LOVED reading your recap, especially since I’ve never heard of a kayak/road race duathlon and that sounds like something I’d love to participate in. Congrats on your second place women’s finish! You’re a rock star!

    Also, thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Training For A Hot RagnarMy Profile

    • Thank you Deb! Not knowing what to expect sometimes takes away all the expectations don’t you think! I went into this race with a goal of finishing and had no idea I’d be in the running for an award.

  25. Trying for a certain time definitely pushes me in a race, but for something where I have no idea what time I should be aiming for the thought of ending up on that podium makes me push for real. Especially if I see a lady, no matter her age, in front of me. I WANT TO PASS HER. Congrats on placing! I do love when the ‘Walmart Special’ beats out the fancy schmancy!
    Jessie @ The Acquired Sass recently posted…Weekend Highlights : Lake Erie & the BluffsMy Profile

  26. That sounds like such an interesting race… congrats on the award! I am usually motivated to beat a particular time that I have set as a goal, but I do admit to seeing people on the course and wanting to push hard enough to pass them.
    vicki recently posted…Sauerkraut & DumplingsMy Profile

    • I had no expectations of either part of this race, heck it’s been the end of May since I’ve even entered a race. I really was tickled I did so well!

  27. Congrats on a fantastic race Tricia! You really worked those arm muscles! The pics of the sunrise are super beautiful – love the pastel colors! Linking-up later! Have a great week Tricia!
    Ilka recently posted…Sunday Fitness & Food Link-UpMy Profile

    • Thank you Ilka! I really expected to be more sore in my arms, but you know I was really sore in my quads I guess from running much faster than normal! Did I say much faster??? lol.

  28. Awesome job Tricia!! Way to show the fight in you! Congrats on the AG award and kuddos to Mr. Sippi for doing the race too!
    Sharon recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Week 12: 9/5-9/11My Profile

  29. You had some impressive step counts this week! And congrats on that overall 2nd place! It’s so cool that there was a kayak duathalon. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before. It’s so sweet your husband was talking to another guy about how much they love their wives 🙂
    Chaitali recently posted…Race 13.1 Baltimore Training Week 2My Profile

    • This Stepbet is killing me Chaitali! But I’m making my goals one way or another!
      I think they were being a little sarcastic talking about loving us so much! I don’t’ think either of them would be there if it wasn’t’ for us!
      But hey, he sure was glad to finish and get an award!

  30. Congratulations on your win!! That is amazing! The kayak race sounds amazing! I’m getting all sorts of jealous here ! I wish I could do a kayak race!!

    Congratulations to your husband too!!
    Ana recently posted…BIH Half Training Last WeekMy Profile

  31. congrats on your overall placement!!!! that race sounded like a lot of fun! I really enjoyed reading about your competitive edge coming out,and I loved it that your husband was able to place as well!!! yeeee!
    as always, I LOVE those early morning pictures of the sunrise!!!!!
    melissa cunningham recently posted…Calamity of errors part 2: sept 5-11thMy Profile

  32. AWESOME job, Tricia, and thanks for introducing me to a new form of racing! Racing in a kayak would be quite an adventure! I hear you on the competitive edge sneaking in! I am very competitive and am doing my best to tone it down a bit 🙂 Learning to compete against myself and my own times has helped BUT a little healthy competition and racing is good for the soul!
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Training Week 10: Ready, Set, TaperMy Profile

  33. Haha I love the competitiveness and congrats on the sweet trophy! I get that way too in races sometimes where I’m trying to pass people. The sunrise photos are awesome!

  34. Woooohooooo! Great job on the overall 🙂 Congrats to you and Mr. Sippi I absolutely love your Wal-Mart special comment LOL no need for specialty items indeed lol you got all the skills. Every once in awhile I will get a hair up my butt and want to crush it A few years ago, I knew a lady racing near me in a 5K was probably in my age group and I was having a good run so I pushed hard. I did not want her to pass me. I was so bummed the course came up short! I was relieved I beat that time at the beginning of this year on a legit course 🙂
    Congrats again! Sounds like such a fun event.
    karen recently posted…High Bridge Half Marathon 2016My Profile

    • It was fun Karen, it may have been a small race but I so earned that finish. I did not expect it all all but once I realized it was within reach I went for it!! I still can’t believe I hit the running paces, like where did that come from???

  35. That’s awesome! Congrats! It is amazing how realizing that you’re close to winning does a lot to stoke the competitive fires. Good work!
    Jessica S recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up: 19 miles in one weekend!My Profile

  36. Woohoo! I love how you and Holly both got awards this past weekend! Congrats! The race sounds like a lot of fun. I had to laugh at the lesson of having your feet torn up by shoes was to bring more shoes. Ha! Glad you had a fun weekend away!
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Marathon Training Week 10 & Montour Trail Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  37. what a fun race and congrats on the age award! You and holly rocked it this weekend

  38. Those are some beautiful sunrises definitely worth getting up for, for sure!
    Congrats on the race and finish! I think you did incredible, this must mean if you had a fancy kayak you would have smoked them all, right!!! Either way awesome job you earned that ice cream for sure!!!!
    I didn’t even know races like this existed, so much fun I wonder if they have something like that around me, I’ll have to look!
    Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Palm Trees, Mermaid’s and Dangerous AnimalsMy Profile

    • Exactly I blame it on my kayak! HA! I did not know there were kayak races either, turns out there is another one I want to do called “Gator Bait” and you race against kayaks in your class so it would be more fair. But that one is 5 miles more than 2 times what this was. I’d have to work up to it I think but I’d do it just to get a t-shirt that says “Gator Bait” bahahaha!

  39. Great job placing in your race! That race sounds like so much fun! And you were cracking me up with your walmart kayaks and barrel racing metaphors. Sounds just like me and my husband! LOL Your beach pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love watching the sun rise and being the only one on the beach. It’s the best!
    Tara @ Run and Live Happy recently posted…The Perfect WeekendMy Profile

    • Thank you Tara! The placing was totally unexpected but I sure gave it my all! I can only imagine what they thought before the race seeing our kayaks and then again after the race! All in fun right?!?!

  40. I love the name “Yak-A-Du What”!!! Great job on placing – way to push through!!!!!!! You are ROCKING it out on that kayak!!!!!
    Emily @ Out and About recently posted…Saying hello to BudapestMy Profile

  41. A kayak duathlon! First time I heard of it and what an amazing race for you especially to get 2nd place female overall. Kudos to your husband as well. Power couple 🙂
    Elaine @myRUNexperiment recently posted…This Week’s Fascinating Food ReadsMy Profile

  42. Tricia! That’s awesome! Congrats!!!!
    Rachel recently posted…Marine Corps Marathon Training: Week 11My Profile

  43. Congrats Tricia! That kayak duathlon sounds like such a fun event!

  44. Whaaaat?! That is amazing! Awesome job- looks like it was so much fun!!! Congrats 🙂
    Annmarie recently posted…How to Keep Your Running Legs Fresh Between Ragnar LegsMy Profile

  45. That race sounds so interesting..and definitely fun! 🙂 Congrats on 2nd place! That is awesome!

  46. That sounds like so much fun and congratulations on 2nd place!! I always love reading about your week, thanks for sharing 🙂