Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues?

Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues?

Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues? I’m talking racing, but first… THANK YOU for joining us in 2017 for the Weekly Wrap. This link up is to keep us all accountable in our active life. Training for a race? Just trying to keep active?? Recapping a fun weekend? We want to support you in whatever you do! You may link up your posts with us, Holly from HoHo Runs and myself here at MissSippiPiddlin each week. For all the scoop and a few rules too, please visit the Weekly Wrap Link Up Tab at the top or simply click the words Weekly Wrap.

weekly wrap


We have the first full week of 2017 behind us. How well did your week go? Have you already given up on some goals?Β 

Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues?

Well, I really thought I’d be sharing with you how my race went, telling you I survived the cold and sharing pictures with that awesome medal with the cool guitars hanging from my neck…. I am singing quite a different tune this afternoon, before we get to it, in true Weekly Wrap style here is what did happen this week!

Weekly Workout Summary

How about some blues

I will be very glad to get back into a more routine workout week. With Monday being an observed Holiday and the weekend weather conditions this was everything but normal!

Starting the year off right

Missing Monday’s strength session, Tammy had a doozie of a circuit workout for the both of us to do on Wednesday. I suck at push ups, all the more reason to do them right? I can’t go all the way down but I did the best I could and my arms and abs both were screaming at me. To add insult to injury I accepted a 100-push up Instagram challenge. You know, since I was half way there after the circuit. πŸ˜‰

Mississippi Blues Half Marathon – CANCELED

My very first race of 2017 was canceled due to weather. As I said Mother Nature really threw Mississippi for a loop when she unleashed rain, sleet, snow and threw in some of the coldest temps we’ve seen all season. It did made for treacherous conditions, to say the least. I wonderful plans to drive over to Jackson and enjoy a night and the race with my friend Teresa and her husband. I was all packed and ready and report after report came in about road conditions between here and there and they were not appealing at all! After much agonizing, I finally came to my senses and decided it just was not safe to travel and I would have to miss the race IF it was still on. It in-fact was canceled but not until after 9PM that night. SOOooo, no racing this weekend, I’m over it and my focus now is on Louisiana next weekend.

I am not finished with my “Firsts of 2016” post but I did finish and publish my Goals for 2017. One of my goals is to keep a check on how I am doing and there is no better place to be accountable than with my Weekly Wrap tribe, wouldn’t you agree?

Goals Check In

Goals Check-In

Fitness and Running

Run – 7.44/850Β Missing my half this weekend hurt my mileage for this week but it’s still way early in the game to stress over it.

Mini-Challenges – Yup, calling it a success this week with the 100 push-ups.


Post / Link up More –Β 3 Posts this week and I got to participate in Tuesday on the Run, Wednesday Word and Friday Five


Good for the SoulΒ – going to continue to be up and either walk or run with my daughter every morning this week. It is good for my soul!

Planning –Β I have already written my Tuesday on the Run post for this week! Yay Me!!!

Maybe a little more detailed but hey doing it while I have the time.

That is going to wrap up this Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues. What’s going on with you this week?

Dealing with weather challenges this week?

Do you feel better if a race has to cancel vs you deciding not to go?

Care to give me a suggestion for a mini-challenge for me this week? What other challenges are you participating in?


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Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues

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  1. When I heard that the race was cancelled I immediately thought of you!

  2. I’m doing that Strava/lululemon challenge–I put the details in my post. I’m going to try for 50 miles in 2 weeks–I know I can do 25 in 2 weeks, so that is my safety net!

    I’ve never had a race canceled for bad weather, and you know we have our share up here. I wonder if RDs are getting more cautious than they used to be. Especially canceling in advance like they did for WDW. Who cares about rain? Ice and snow, a different story. Altho I’ve run in those conditions too!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Frost on My Running ShoesMy Profile

  3. That is a bummer about the race. You know here in the north races do not get cancelled because of rain, ice, or snow. πŸ™‚ 100 push up challenge? Yikes!
    Zenaida recently posted…Rock β€˜n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Week 5My Profile

    • Yup Zenaida, and a lot of Northern racers voiced their opinion on the fb race page too about it. We just don’t have the infrastructure to handle conditions like this. Plus you sure don’t want some of us behind the wheel of a car anywhere near a race route!
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues?My Profile

  4. Sorry that your race was cancelled, but even it if hadn’t been it was a good call to be safe and not drive!! Good for you doing the 100 pushups! That’s awesome!
    Sonia recently posted…New Year, New Me?My Profile

  5. Im so sorry to hear about the race! I cant believe this one and WDW half were both cancelled this weekend! Crazy weather in many places I guess. Great job with your goals! 100 push-ups is amazing!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Looking Forward to 2017My Profile

  6. Good for you for already getting a post written for this coming week! That always makes me feel so good on the rare occasion I do that!

    As always, thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…We Get To Run In Snow!My Profile

  7. Aw, sorry to hear your race was canceled. I’ve had that happen twice – two years in a row, the exact same weekend. The first time was because of insane flooding, the second was Hurricane Matthew. 100 pushups is awesome. Go you!

  8. Such a bummer that your race was canceled! Darn that mother nature. 100 push ups is pretty intense. Hope you have a great week
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…January Ultimate Coffee DateMy Profile

  9. That stinks about the race getting canceled… but better to be safe! Good for you with pre-planning/writing… I need to get into that groove.
    vicki recently posted…Workouts – Last Week Today – January 8My Profile

  10. I’m so glad you didn’t trek all the way over there in that terrible ice only to have the race cancelled! I think the RD made the right call but wow they sure waited until the last minute. Gosh crazy weather seems to be the norm lately. Here we are bone cold but NO snow. So weird. Thanks for the linkup and yay for having your totr post ready! More than I have, haha!
    Marcia recently posted…Be Kind to Unkind PeopleMy Profile

  11. You probably know my challenges (if not, there’s a pic of them on the WW ;post)…but YOU should join me for some planking! 5 minutes of planking everyday…not a big deal (especially if you break it up). What ya say?
    Kim Hatting recently posted…I named her ‘MillyMy Profile

  12. I had a running buddy who travelled from Pittsburgh to run the Blues Marathon. Glad you didn’t make it all the way there just to find out it was canceled. But what a bummer. Sounds like the south really got pounded with some weather this weekend.

    Hmm, don’t have any challenges to issue, but I did 10 push-ups & 10 squats every day for a year, and my push-up game was incredible at the end of the year!

    Thanks for hosting. πŸ™‚

    • Wow push ups every single day really is something! I tell you I avoid doing them I shouldn’t and this challenge really was quite the challenge. Guess that is the whole purpose behind it.
      Hate your friend headed down to do this race and it turned out like it did too. πŸ™
      Tricia recently posted…Weekly Wrap 75 How about some Blues?My Profile

  13. You did 100 pushups in ONE day?! Way to go!! Pushups are my nemesis! I’ve been having shoulder annoyances for the past few months, so that makes it even harder to do them.

    I would definitely feel better about missing a race if it were cancelled, as opposed to just deciding not to do it. πŸ™‚
    Clarinda recently posted…Week in Review – 1/8My Profile

  14. I’m sad for your cancelled race! And SO IMPRESSED with 100 pushups in a single day! I have pushups on my bucket list (I think 10 consecutive) — I’ll have to try this as a part of my work toward getting there!
    Lauren @ Lauren Runs recently posted…Weekend Warrior or RaceCation?My Profile

  15. Sorry to hear your race got canceled, but living in snow country I totally know what it’s like to have stuff canceled due to weather. Have a great week!
    Shandy recently posted…Sunday Cup of…My Profile

  16. I couldn’t believe the race was cancelled – when I heard about it on the news (all the way in cleveland!) i thought of you. What a bummer. Way to go on the mileage this week anyway – and those pushups – wow!!
    melissa recently posted…My Weekend: Surviving 10 Degrees (and Sub-Zero) Temps with a BabyMy Profile

  17. I have definitely had the blues this week. Not going to Disney and having to defer Louisiana Half again has been tough. I’m glad you didn’t risk driving up to Jackson and played it safe. I’m glad you are walking with your daughter too. I enjoy being active with my girls too. Hope you have a great week and wonderful trip to Louisiana. Thank you for offering for me to follow y’all!

  18. I prefer the race to cancel before I do. I had a race cancelled on me last year due to Hurricane Matthew- I was supposed to go south to do the Spartan Sprint, but ended up having to cancel that trip because of the weather. The place we were staying was a campground and even if the race didn’t shut down, that place did because it flooded and no one could pitch tents! I was upset at first because the race was part of a series, but I’m over it now. Oh well.

    Disney cancelled their half marathon this weekend due to weather. I was there working the expo. Because of that, my workouts didn’t go as planned either- it was hard to get workouts in when I’m staying somewhere and working a lot. So my mileage didn’t happen for 2017 first week, but like you, I’m saying there are plenty more weeks and I’ll be ok for my first half next weekend!
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Gasparilla Amber Challenge Training Week 7 & RunDisney Marathon Expo: 1/1/17-1/7/17My Profile

  19. The weather was crazy this weekend! I’ve had races that I wouldn’t have minded if they canceled – they do have to focus on runner safety, I think we have another three day weekend next weekend (MLK Jr.) and then some of us have the next Friday off for the inauguration (my husb does, but I don’t, but I might stay home anyway!), so it will be a while before we have a “normal” week.

    Way to go on the push-ups. I used to hate them, but now I love them because they make me feel so strong! I try to do some every week because I don’t want to lose the arm strength that took so long to build up.
    Coco recently posted…Moving On In 2017My Profile

    • I’ll agree we’ve all been dealing with crazy weather. This weekend in LA it’s supposed to be back warm! Ugggh.
      I’m going to really put forth an effort to continue these mini challenges and try for the pushups several times a week. I know that is the only way I’m going to get over hating them!
      Tricia recently posted…Local Weekend Warrior Day Tripper or RacecationMy Profile

  20. 100 pushups?! I can’t even do ONE!!

    Too bad about your race. But at least you didn’t drive or fly there and then have it cancelled .like Disney.

    I like your mini-challenge idea.

    I should try.
    Darlene recently posted…My Apple Watch 2 ReviewMy Profile

  21. I’m not a challenge type of gal. I have a plan & I try to stick with that. I invited runner friends for some pancakes next weekend — my challenge is that will force me to clean!

    I’ve never had a race canceled (yet).

    Many years ago, I was supposed to give a talk at a conference — me? Can you imagine? I don’t think I would have been all that good, but I really worked hard on my talk. It was in NOLA. And then a hurricane was forecast (not Katrina). I finally canceled, after much agonizing — and in the end it wasn’t that bad a storm. So I kind of get what you’re going through.

    Here’s to better things in your future!
    Judy @Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…The calm after the storm: 1/2-8 Weekly WrapMy Profile

  22. That’s too bad about the race cancellation but I’m sure it was for the best. Great that you didn’t travel. I’d feel better that the race cancelled. Do you get a refund? Great job with your 100 push ups!
    Sherry recently posted…Vernonia Marathon Training Week 7 and Weekly Wrap (1/2-1/1)My Profile

    • No refund but they did say we’d get a discounted 2018 rate, which I’m not planning on doing this race again for a long long time! Nothing to do with the cancellation at all, that’s out of our hands and the RD made the best decision even if it was later than I thought. My reason was he responded very rudely to a runner when she asked about packet pickup. We got the feeling that us “in-state” runners were not important and they only cared about the out of state runners. So I’ll support another race that actually wants us to run at their race! Ok I’ll get off my soapbox!
      Tricia recently posted…Local Weekend Warrior Day Tripper or RacecationMy Profile

  23. Bummer that your race was cancelled, but I’m not sure I’d want to run in that crappy weather! And 100 push ups is awesome-my arms would fall off!
    Stacey recently posted…RnR DC Half Training: Week 3My Profile

  24. I cannot believe the weather this weekend! Awful until Sunday and it was gorgeous! I hate it that you missed your first half and plans with friends! It was a double suck! Oh well , better safe than sorry! 100 pushups like all at one time? What were you thinking???? LOL!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Just like that, back on track!My Profile

  25. I wondered if you were affected when I heard they’d cancelled the Blues race. Definitely sounds like it was the safer thing for everyone though. Great job with the push-ups!!

  26. I have not experienced a cancelled race…but since I travel for most races, I would feel pretty upset! I hoped that the crazy weather wasn’t as bad as they were saying…but that isn’t something we have control over πŸ™

  27. Having a race canceled would make me feel better after the whole situation for sure, your gut was right. It was not good travel conditions. Hopefully this weekend will make up for it! I hope it turns out nice.
    I am impressed with your strength training πŸ™‚ I ordered push up handles so I can try to work on proper form, I am terrible about over extending my shoulders.

  28. What a bummer that your race was canceled. I know somebody else who was supposed to run the Mississippi Blues, and I was so sad for her when I heard about the cancellation. But with winter weather, its definitely better to be safe than sorry.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Rock β€˜n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log – Week 1My Profile

  29. My friend traveled from Charleston to Mississippi to run that race and it was cancelled! He is a half fanatic and was so excited because it was very highly recommended. But then he said when he went to get his medal, the roads were so bad he understood why it was cancelled. Thankfully the Charleston Marathon half has given them a big discount to come run this weekend, so he said he will do that to “earn” his 13.1 medal from the other race. When I heard I thought you may be running it as well and hate that for everyone, but it sounds like they made the right decision. That was a rough storm!
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: January 2-8My Profile

  30. I do find it easier if a race is canceled because my competitive streak kicks in and says I can still do the race. It’s not safety smart :-p I’m glad you stayed home before knowing it was canceled. If the roads are bad, I do decide to stay home. There’s no sense in risking my safety and my car’s safety.

  31. I’m sorry to hear about your race being cancelled AND that you weren’t able to cheer on Holly at Disney…
    But I’m glad you played things safe and didn’t travel!
    Congrats on the 100 pushup challenge chica- I think its great you are willing to jump in on these kinds of challenges!
    hope you have warmer weather ahead of you this week and can get in a great race in Louisiana!
    melissa cunningham recently posted…WK4 HM trainingMy Profile

    • Looks like our weather is back to normal high in the 70’s this week after the brutally cold temps. I’d like something in between but hey I’ll take it over ice any day of the week.
      I’m liking the mini-challenges. I need to make it a habit of incorporating the push ups more often since I’m weaker in that department.
      Tricia recently posted…Local Weekend Warrior Day Tripper or RacecationMy Profile

  32. I’m sorry you race got cancelled! it sucks that it happened! I had a race in the summer that I couldn’t get to. There was a hurricane coming, and the drive up there was going to be a dangerous one, so we opted for staying home. It bothered me for a whole 3 days.

    I love the idea of challenges, but I suck at staying motivated for them! Good luck to you with your new year Challenges!
    Ana recently posted…Weekly Wrap 01.08.17My Profile

  33. Sorry the weather did not cooperate and your half got canceled, that is always a bummer. Great job with the pushup challenge and all the planning! I am working on my planning skills this year.. so far πŸ™‚
    Christy recently posted…Week 1 of 2017 Failed to Freeze me OutMy Profile

    • I need a lot of help. I have good intentions really I do I just lack sticking with the things I should be doing an not get sidetracked with things I want to do!!

  34. Too bad about the cancelled race πŸ™ I had heard about Disney but I hadn’t heard about the Mississippi cancellation. But better safe than sorry. I definitely feel better about it when it’s a race cancelling rather than me making the decision.
    Chaitali recently posted…RNR DC Training Week 1My Profile

  35. Sorry to hear your race was cancelled. Looks like you made the right decision not to travel, that would definitely make me feel better hearing it was cancelled. Awesome job on your 100 push-ups! Good luck in Louisiana!
    Sharon recently posted…Last Week’s Workouts and Weekly Wrap 1/2-1/8My Profile

  36. I am so happy you didn’t drive there just to have it canceled. I would feel better about decided not to go to a race if it ended up being canceled. It’s so hard to make the call whether or not to go, but no race is worth dangerous travel conditions! I love your new goal checklist at the bottom. Nice job this week — even with the canceled race!
    Elizabeth recently posted…ORRRC Week 7: SO COLDMy Profile

  37. Aww man…sorry your race got cancelled ;(. Mother Nature was giving bringin it in for 2017-wasn’t she?!

    100 push-ups….get it girl!!

    Good job on your blogging goals…I am working on getting back at it. Let me head over and check out TOTR topic for tomorrow.

    Have a good week lady!

  38. We had quite some stormy weather here, too in Palm Beach over the weekend. Sorry your race got cancelled. I heard the Disney Half on Saturday was cancelled as well. I felt bad for all these people who spent a lot of money to run in Disney.
    I totally hear you about the push-ups are not easy, but the beautiful thing is they get much easier the more you do them.
    Have fun in Louisiana next weekend Tricia – I hope the weather stays up!!
    Ilka recently posted…Training for the Treasure Coast Marathon – Marathon Training and Novo-VirusMy Profile

    • I remember when I couldn’t hold a plank for more than 30 seconds, the more I did them it did get easier! Hoping for that to happen with these push ups. I just gotta make myself do them. It’s easy to get lazy! Thanks Ilka for the well wishes in Louisiana, looks like weather is going to be much warmer than the forecast for the my last one.
      Tricia recently posted…Local Weekend Warrior Day Tripper or RacecationMy Profile

  39. That’s just awful about the race being canceled. The weather here was a mess – nasty thunderstorms and a big ol’ freeze, which we just aren’t used to. The WDW half was canceled, too.

    I’m just trying to get back into my groove. The cold temps put me off running (more specifically, put me off getting out of my toasty bed in the early morning), but I’m getting back to it.

    You’ll make up those miles in no time!
    Jenn recently posted…weekly wrap: 1.1 – 1.7.2016My Profile

  40. The cold weather must be hitting up the whole country these days! It totally stinks that your race got cancelled (and the WDW Half, too!) but I KNOW you’re going to make it up this year. You were a racing machine last year and I know you will rock ’17!

    Ummm, stay warm and drink some extra coffee or hot cocoa. Cold weather is no joke!
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…A Quick California Catch-UpMy Profile

  41. Crazy weather! I can’t believe so many races were canceled. What a way to start the new year!
    Jennifer @ Dashing in Style recently posted…Boston Trail Half Marathon Training: Week 4My Profile

  42. It’s odd how long they waited to call off the blues. I know you were disappointed. There is usually no reason to call off races around here. I’m glad you had another scheduled right behind it. πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the extra challenges.

  43. Talking about calling off races…Disney’s half on Saturday. Weather happens! I’m sure you were disappointed. My first half marathon that I registered for was cancelled 3-4 weeks before the race because of planning problems. It was a major race with woman’s running magazine in San Diego. I was too new to running to be disappointed. Love that you did 100 pushups!!! That is on my list every week!
    Jolene recently posted…Disney MarathonMy Profile

  44. Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com says:

    Wow, sorry to hear about your half marathon being cancelled. How frustrating, but it sounds like you have many other races to tackle this year! Have a great week πŸ™‚