Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

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Weekly Wrap

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Welcome to the Weekly Wrap 87 and I am yet again coming to you from a new location!  My husband and I are celebrating big time in North Carolina.  Ok, yes there may have been a race or two but for the most part, we are celebrating US.

weekly wrap 63 mid october

This is a picture from last fall but it is still a favorite of mine and hey we don’t have on running attire.

I am very fortunate to have a husband who not only supports me in whatever crazy idea I come up with but one that wants to be there with me every step of the way!

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

I barely recovered from our weekend in New Orleans before it was time to pack things up again for our North Carolina trip. I can summarize my activity fairly easy too.How did I fair this week in activity? Let’s take a glance at my Workout Summary

Monday – Rest not a darn tootin thing

Tuesday – Slow 2.6 miles just to get the legs working again

Wednesday – Strength training upper body workout

Thursday – Only walking (mostly from the house to the motorhome packing)

On the plan –

Saturday Rock n Roll – Raleigh 5k

Sunday – Rock n Roll – Raleigh Half Marathon

Let the Fun Begin

We had the RV all packed up and all I had to do was get home and jump in on Thursday afternoon.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

All packed and on the road

Rain was in the area and moving the same direction we were but really we moved out of it faster than expected and turned out to be great traveling weather.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip


Got this shot out our back window

All was fine until I get this notification on my phone about a 2.5-hour delay in Atlanta on my route. Since we were about 90 miles out I figured it would all be moving along once we got there. Ummm that wasn’t true, in case you missed it, a main interstate bridge running right through downtown Atlanta collapsed.

So we decided to peel off, have supper and get a game plan. In the restaurant which wasn’t far from Atlanta, you could hear people talking about it, and watching the news casts on their phones. Our apps are smarter than we are most of the time and I swap back in forth between Google Maps and Waze. I love Waze because it tells you things like when traffic is backed up, hazards on the road, and the best feature is you can actually leave comments and drivers can respond. Many who were in traffic told us what was going on way ahead of us. Things like left lane is closed and merge far right are essential when driving an RV where you can’t just whip into the other lane!

Getting back on topic, sorry. 🙂 My app had already re-routed us onto the bypass around Atlanta. This was crazy busy traffic even at the late hour it was. We finally made it about an hour out and decided to pull into a Walmart and get some shuteye about midnight.


I don’t even remember going to sleep just that my alarm was going off the next morning. After a quick trip inside the Walmart, we were back on the road.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Instead of going around Charlotte, I wanted to surprise my husband with a few stops here. He keeps up with Nascar and you are in Nascar country around Charlotte. I did my homework and talked to the visitors center about parking for the RV and got us downtown and parked with no problems.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

RV Parked downtown = Check

We headed out on foot seeing some sites and ended up eating at this cool diner called Redeye Diner.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

We knew we had to get to Raleigh but talked about coming back here at some point in this trip.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

I really wanted to visit both of these places at night

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

I was in good hands in Charlotte

Once we left we stopped just north and visited Joe Gibbs Racing. That was a neat place.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

We then were on the fast route to the North Carolina Fairgrounds in Raleigh. I found this place which was less than 5 miles from the start of both races and downtown. We didn’t have any problems getting in and hooking up, but we were on a time crunch to get to the expo before they closed at 7 PM.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

The expo was at the convention center in downtown. We took an Uber there and our driver turned out to be the most entertaining with his “Uber Stories” I was truly in stitches when I got out. We quickly picked up our packets. We were both running the 5k and I was running the half on Sunday.

Then we got another Uber to our friend’s house. The couple we met in New Orleans last year and have visited a few times, their daughter lives here so they had us over for dinner.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Tyler, Bethany, Me and Greg

We had a fabulous time catching up with them and it was time to leave before we knew it.


It was race day for the both of us running in the 5k. It was held at Dorothea Dix Park. This park would give us a good taste of the hills.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

For about .20 I some how managed to pause my Garmin. 🙁 When we run together and do back to back challenges we usually run the 5k pretty easy. I have to say I was running on feel and feeling pretty good I was. When we hit the 1-mile mark we averaged 9:33, oops. We both slowed down significantly but still finished in 33 minutes.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Race one is done!

We hopped on the shuttle that took us back to downtown where we found the Mecca Restaurant to eat breakfast. We did not have mimosas but sure had some great southern cooking.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Eggs, biscuits, bacon and grits oh my!

weekly wrap 87 anniversary trip


After getting out belly’s full, we walked to the convention center where we had more time to go through the expo there.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Fun in the City

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Shucks should have come yesterday 🙂

Back at the expo, we kept seeing people had these cool tie-dyed head bands. Well turns out at the Toyota booth they were hand dipping them. You should check out my Instagram Video to see mine being made!

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Not only did it match my outfit on Sunday, it also brought me good running luck!

We headed back to the RV where we showered, took a well-deserved nap and visited the flea market right there on the fairgrounds.

Tonight we went back into town and visited the strip on Glenwood Avenue. They had a lot to choose from as far as restaurants and bars. We ate dinner at a unique place called Clockwork. It was sort of an Alice in Wonderland meets funky mod deco. The ambiance was perfect too.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

After that,  we walked down the strip and stopped in Raleigh Beer Garden for a night cap. It was a multi-level sports bar and with NC in the final four, it was lively, to say the least!

We retired back to our RV so I could get ready for my big race.


Ahh, Sunday morning came early. We had about cut it too close getting to the 5k race yesterday and with an even earlier start I started the Uber process about 6:05. Just getting out of our campground was a challenge because the address didn’t come up to the drivers and we were having to direct them more than usual to get to us. Some drivers don’t follow directions well either, which has me wondering why those people drive anyway. Hmmm??? What normally would have been a 10 or so minute ride was much longer. The course basically did a circle around downtown Raleigh and a lot of roads were closed.

It was 6:50 and we were still in an Uber! I wasn’t too too worried because it is chip timed and if I didn’t make it in my correct corral it didn’t matter but I was already nervous and this just added to the stress.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Do I look a little stressed?

Thankfully, one of the officers let us go through because I was a runner and it put me not a block from the start. I retreated into a Starbucks as I listened for my corral to go off.

I was able to settle my nerves and casually walked to the start and no sooner had I slipped in I was running.

The Race

I had read a few articles about this race. I knew it had a lot of hills, which normally doesn’t scare me. Other than Panama City, my last 3 PR’s were on hilly courses. It’s flat courses I tend to have more difficult with. I know that’s odd but I constantly push but give me a hill and I’ll push going up but I get to go on auto-pilot coming down. I’m using different groups of muscles both ways and I don’t tend to tire out that way.

According to my Garmin Raleigh had an elevation gain of 532.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

Lots of hills

My game plan was to redeem myself from last week’s swamp fest in New Orleans. I had a blast but my running sucked in the heat and humidity.

With race #6 in 6 consecutive weeks, I am in the “having fun” mode so trying for a PR was nowhere on my radar. Several of the articles I read talked about pacing at the beginning of the race. I am notorious for going out faster than I should (Ummm yesterday) and then petering out at the end.

I talked to Holly and she gave me great advice. She told me to ease up on the hills and push going down. I knew I would need gas at the end so I needed to be smart about it. I had it in my head if I could just average a 10:30 m/m I’d be happy with that. Well, guess what my first two miles were? Exactly 10:30. So far so good right?

I did just what she told me too. I saw the hills as a time to take it easy and once at the top push to fly down them. There was only two that I felt were too steep to take too fast but other than that I did it on everyone.

The end result was amazing. I felt really good the entire race, sure all those hills were hard but very doable. I was at the top before I was ready to give up and I thought many times, well that one wasn’t so bad, on to the next one.

My average heart rate was even lower in this race than many of the previous ones. Don’t read to much into this number alone, I do have the wrist monitor on my Garmin BUT it is used in every race so the numbers are measured across the board. Max HR this race = 186, Max HR in super flat NOLA = 201!

I ended up with my average pace of exactly 10:30 (Garmin) the course was 13.16 and I finished in 2:18 and still had gas at the end. I will take that any day!

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

All smiles at the end!


Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

I rocked my Run!

Sometimes it’s not about the time, it’s about how you felt at the end and I felt great! Races like this are why we run and why we sign up for the next one!

I wanted coffee so we went back to the one I stood in before the race. We relaxed a bit, talked to a super cool guy from Toronto, Canada with a pretty amazing story.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

If you complete both the 5k and the Marathon or Half on Saturday you get the 3rd Guitar Medal

I had almost forgotten I needed to pick up my Remix Challenge medal and I walked back to the finish party and I all of a sudden heard Hey! I didn’t know a soul at this race and it caught me off guard a bit but it was Ciara from EatRunLoveCiara! Out of all of the people, what is the chance the two of us would meet up and she recognized me! It just made my day!


Ran into Ciara!

I retrieved my husband from the couch at the hotel where the Starbucks was and we headed to find some brunch! One of the local runners we met yesterday at the 5k gave us a suggestion for a restaurant near the convention center. We decided to take her up on it and turned out to be Beasley’s on S. Wilmington. They didn’t open until 11 and we got there at 11:30. It was a small place and the host said it would be 45 minutes and she was spot on. We tried to order mimosas but they don’t serve them until noon on Sunday, I thought that odd since their menu on the wall said Special Brunch Mimosas every Sunday at 11 AM. This must be a new law? Anyway, the bartender had our drinks ready and was in our hands at 12:01 as we waited for a table.


This place is known for their chicken and waffles but I just had the plain ones with roasted sweet potato wedges on the side!


We walked to the Capitol building where I snapped some traditional medal pictures.

Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary trip

Half Marathon Medal

Back at the RV, we again took a nap. I don’t usually take naps but for some reason, my husband has not been sleeping well at night and when he doesn’t sleep, I don’t either. 🙁

We packed things up and traveled the 2.5 hours closer to home and ended up in Concord not too far from Charlotte. We parked in the Walmart lot and took an Uber to the City for Dinner.

We walked past this Irish Pub called Ri Ra’s and had to try it. Our waiter just came from Ireland not 6 months ago.

weekly wrap 87 anniversary trip

I had to get the shepherds pie too! It was amazing or I was just so darn hungry!

Sunday night in downtown Charlotte, after the NC games were almost dead. We enjoyed drinks at Whisky River but the Howl at the Moon Dueling Piano Bar was closed! Boo.

After that, we headed back for the evening.

I’ll spare you the traveling details from yesterday, the weather we were headed into had much more of a bark than bite thank goodness!

We got home about 9:00 PM and other than getting a few essentials out of the RV, I showered and went straight to bed!

All in all, I had a wonderful get away. I picked up a new state in my running, got to visit two new cities and made it home safely!

Coming UP…

You’d have to look at the end of the month before you see anymore “official” races. Ahhh, it is about time!!!! I will no doubt find a 5k or maybe a 10k but haven’t signed up for anything just yet. I may not race at all! Who knows. My last half of the Spring season is going to be in Louisville, Kentucky for the Derby Half Marathon. This has been a bucket list item for me so I’ll be thrilled to get to check it off!

What’s your longest racing streak? I use to think I could not do back to back race weekends, but hey turns out I was wrong. This weekend marks the 6th one in a row. Are you as tired as I am? Are there meetings for this kind of thing….???

I hope you have a great week!




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Weekly Wrap 87 Anniversary Trip

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  1. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend for you. Enjoy!
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    Your busy training and travel schedule always amaze & inspire me! Happy Anniversary, love the picture of you & your husband 🙂

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  5. Happy anniversary! It sounds like you’ve been enjoying another fun weekend!

    Thanks for the linkup!
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    Hope you guys enjoyed your anniversary! <3
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  7. You’ve had a busy couple of weeks! I enjoyed seeing your photos this weekend from Raleigh – I can’t wait to read your race recaps and see all the photos! 🙂

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    Safe travels home.!!
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  9. Last summer I did a few Thursday/Saturday race combos. That’s hard. You only have like, 36 hours, to recover from the first race. Then I’d do it again the next weekend. No wonder I was so burnt out by the end of the summer, ugh!

    I’m glad you had a great anniversary and trip to NC! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about Raleigh because i’m considering a race there later this year.
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  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! I can’t believe our 5-year anniversary is coming up later this month… feels like just last year that we got married! I love the idea of celebrating with a trip, and I can’t wait to hear about North Carolina!

    I’ve raced back to back weekends… biggest thing was when I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012 and then a half the following weekend. But usually it’s smaller stuff, and usually not super serious for any/all of them.

    Thank you for hosting the link-up!
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    • Just finishing is the only way I can do as many races as I can. If I really buckled down and raced them all, I’d be dead! 🙂

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    Saw you met my friend Ciara at RNR Raleigh! How fun!

  18. I race a lot November-December, usually, but most are smaller races. But since we like our racecations to be vacations, and can’t afford to be traveling all the time, I don’t do back to back halfs . . . or haven’t yet. The most I’ve ever done was two in one month.

    Looks like you guys are still having a #holotta fun!
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  19. It looks like y’all had a great weekend in Raleigh! Congrats on conquering those hills! I lived up there when I was a little girl. Happy anniversary to you and Greg too!

  20. Oh my goodness. I haven’t been keeping track, but six race weekends in a row definitely gives you bragging rights. I’m tired just thinking about it! I also can’t imagine a 12-hour drive. I was complaining on our 4-hour drive to DC, ha ha! Happy you had fun in Raleigh. Looking forward to reading the details!
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  23. Happy anniversary to you both! You two are such an amazing runner couple <3 The closest racing "streak" I've ever had was 2 full marathons in 2 weeks. That's it though, otherwise my races are all super spread apart. Keep up your streakin', Tricia!
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  28. 6 half’s in a row….that’s amazing! I’d have more stress fractures and joint issues than you could shake a stick at! I’m living vicariously through you! Have fun!

  29. I hope you had a great time in Raleigh and enjoyed what I’m sure was a hilly race!

  30. You two are a super cute couple and I am glad you took some YOU/US time! Your butt has to be dragging just a little, my lord you have been everywhere! You need to prop those feet up, rest a little- Las Vegas will be here before we know it!
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    • I’m actually looking forward to being home this weekend for sure. It’s all fun but even you can have too much chocolate cake ya know.

  31. Sorry to hear you had to reroute in Atlanta! Sounds like another fun week! Great job on your RnR races! You have completed so much in 6 weeks! You are awesome!
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  32. Love the Charlotte pictures! I used to live there, only a few minutes from Uptown and loved it! Whiskey River and Howl at the Moon in the Epicentre are pretty fun but yeah, uptown is totally dead on Sunday nights (and most week nights, too).

    Another weekend, more races! Amazing, as always. 🙂

  33. It is wonderful to have a hubby that is right on board for traveling and having fun! It really makes for some great memories and you two are racking them up! You ran a great race. You sure had some interesting travel woes this time, but thankfully you arrived safe. I love Joe Gibbs racing I have visited there before and actually I think I have covered all every race shop in existence! LOL I love nascar!! I actually logged on to see if I could sign up for this at the last minute, I wanted to see you so bad, but it was sold out. That would have turned out rough because I got a huge blister running the 10K the day before and I could hardly walk Sunday LOL I am running a race April 29th too, so no Kentucky chance. Glad you had a great run and fun anniversary weekend ? xo

    • It sure helps that the hubby is running too. I would have loved to see you Karen but blisters are no fun. Trail toes Holly and I swear by it. Nascar is fun I hope all these new rules and regulations don’t have a negative impact on it. I say let them race! Rubbing IS racing right! ?

  34. What a fun and exhausting weekend!! Congrats on both races and for running that hilly half SMART. I love all the medals you got!!! Glad you had a great weekend Chica, I don’t see how you race so often but you do! ??
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  35. What a fun weekend!! I am slowly getting back in to things, and hope to start linking back up again soon! Miss you all!
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