Weekly Wrap 97 Treading Water

Weekly Wrap 97 Treading Water

Weekly Wrap 97 Treading Water

Weekly Wrap


We are moving right along with our Guest Host series and this week Kim from Kooky Runner is taking over the Weekly Wrap!  Thank you lady for doing that! I hope you’ll stop by and visit Kim to show her your support as well! You can even link up from her blog!

Holly and I are taking a much needed break and opening up the Weekly Wrap to a Guest Host for a bit. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please contact us about it!

Weekly Wrap 97 Treading Water

Last week I titled my post “Throw Me a Rope” cause I was just sinking. Well still on that trend, but at least I’m “Treading Water”.  Still waiting for that black and white sign to hit me on top of my head as wo why I took on this part time job. Maybe I’ll have some answers soon.

Weekly Activity

Despite my long weekend, I was able to get in some activity!

Sunday – Rest Day
Monday – Leg day!!! Afternoon 3.07 mile run
Tuesday – So sore 🙁
Wednesday – 3.78 mile run
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 3.78 miles

In a nutshell, I had plenty of lingering DOMS from Monday’s leg workout. I believe what did it was the box step ups! We did 90 of them in total and boy did I feel it! My running miles slacked off this week, no excuse. Working very late one night didn’t help and I slept later than I should have on Saturday to get any more. Course I was itching to get out on the lake. 🙂

The weekend

My weekend could not have started any earlier either! On Thursday my friend texted me asking if we wanted to take a road trip to look at a Pontoon for them. It was a late night getting back but they pulled home a new-to-them, boat! Let the fun begin!

weekly wrap 97 treading water

What a great way to start the weekend by a boat ride on the lake.

weekly wrap 97 treading water

We again ate well with all of us. Hibachi seems to be a favorite and it fills everyone up.

Saturday we spend most of the day on the water, in and out of it. I forget how swimming will wear you out! I made it a point to try and swim around the boat several times too. Hey every little bit counts and I did need to burn off some of the added calories I’ve taken in.

weekly wrap 97 treading water

The lake was just beautiful after dark as well too. We set out some noodles, to try our luck at snagging a catfish but no luck there. We’re going to have to brush up on our noodling skills, but it was still a lot of fun.

Today we are still out enjoying the lake but we will be packing up this house on wheels and heading later.

I know several of you are in Utah this weekend! I had a major case of FOMO as I scrolled through all of your pictures on social media. I’m so very glad to see all had a great time there!

What is one exercise that makes you sore most often?

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Weekly Wrap 97 Treading Water

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  1. Looks like another fun weekend! I always get sore when I try something new or that I havent done in awhile. Hope your legs are feeling better!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Global Running Day 2017My Profile

  2. I have enjoyed all of your lake pictures! Definitely leg day at the gym makes me super sore! My mileage has slacked off too but hey it’s summer! Laziness is starting to kick in and I have enjoyed sleeping later. Hope you have a great week!

    • It sure doesn’t take long to get out of the habit of getting up super early does it? You have a nice lake to enjoy all the time!!

  3. Absolutely loving your photos from this weekend! You’re so busy so I know you must really enjoy the weekends when you get a much needed break. I hope that things even out on the work front soon, but happy to hear that this week was better than last week.

    Thanks for letting me guest host this week, I really appreciate it!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Recap – Week 3My Profile

  4. I don’t know your personal situation, but do you have to work that extra job? If it’s stressing you out so much…

    I cut my hours at work and my husband had a fit but I needed less work, more time. I’d love to be out on a boat! No worrying there!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…I Get To RunMy Profile

    • I could quit yes. It’s my choice but I came highly recommended and feel the need not to let this person down. Plus I think there is a reason I don’t know yet what that reason is that this fell in my lap. I’m. Hanging in there for now.

  5. Those box step ups will do it to you for sure! I like to feel the DOMS every once in a while though. Thanks for the link up have a great week
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Weekly Wrap Recovery weekMy Profile

    • I almost feel like I don’t get a good workout if I don’t feel something afterwards but not being able to walk right is a bit over the top don’t you think ? lol. Thanks for hanging in there with us Deborah.

  6. I love your lake photos. I have FOMO from all your water pics!! It sounds like so much fun all the time. I’m sorry about all the stress in your life right now. Sending you happy and healthy vibes – good luck with everything!!
    melissa recently posted…A Weekend with a Wedding, Birthday and BaptismMy Profile

    • Thanks Melissa I sure appreciate that very much. I miss you guys and I’m hopeful things will start to balance out.

  7. I’m glad you’re treading & not sinking! You’re not at all slacking — give yourself a break!

    A boat. What fun! Enjoy your travels!
    Judy @Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Half #17, State#15: 6/5- 11 Weekly WrapMy Profile

    • That’s Judy but I sure feel disconnected from everyone right now. This new job has got to get better. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. I had a major case of Utah race envy, too! Another race, right? If I haven’t done lunges for over about six days, they really make me sore. Since I didn’t do any while in Chicago, I’m sure tomorrow’s lunges will do it to me!

    Thanks for the linkup!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…A Whirlwind CelebrationMy Profile

    • There was a lot of us dealing with Utah Fomo wasn’t there? Side planks is another exercise that leaves me sore every time I do them.

  9. I love lake weekends! The water’s a little too cold here to swim, but at least it’s pretty. Long, hilly workouts always get me — especially downhills. Have a great week!

    • I was a bit surprised how cool the water was here in spots. There’s a creek that runs through the lake and you hit pockets of really cold water. It’s kind of eerie actually.

  10. Hope you figure out your part time job situation and it gets better! Great job with all those step ups! A boat on the lake sounds nice!
    Sherry recently posted…Last Week’s Workouts and Weekly Wrap (6/4-6/11)My Profile

  11. I don’t really get sore from running, ever, probably because I do it so much… but lifting can make me super sore, especially upper body, because I never do it! I’m jealous you got to spend time on a boat this week, even if you had a busy and crazy week- you just can’t beat being on the water.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: June 5-11My Profile

    • My work week is about as full as it gets and my weekends are recovery. Time on the boat and out in the water was just what I needed.

  12. Pretty much anything with a kettlebell leaves me super sore for days. Or yoga – which I guess is a good sign I don’t do it often enough! Oops!

    • A kettle bell workout will get me too!!! I hope my trainer doesn’t see this I’m sure it’ll be on the list for next week lol

  13. It looks like all had a blast while out on the lake. Swimming is such a great cross training workout.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 1My Profile

    • I don’t swim a lot. I’m a bit scared of water I don’t know what’s under me. But I’m trying to face my fears and swimming instead of just treading water was great exercise and but was I tired at the end of the day.

  14. Looks like 3.78 is s magic number for you! Is that just the length of your regular route?

  15. man! me and you both were green with the FOMO for those fantastic ladies at Utah!!

    I really love that you live for your camping weekends! Thanks for hosting!
    Ana recently posted…Weekly Wrap 6.11.17My Profile

  16. The one exercise that seems to always make me sore is side lunges. I don’t do them every day like some exercises, but the side lunge does a number on my inner thighs.

    • That’s a good one too to make me sore!!! It’s good to mix things up to keep our muscles guessing whats next!

  17. Girl, if Tammy is in charge of legs ….I will be sore for days! Heck, maybe even weeks! lol

    Pontooning sure looks fun …but wait….where’s your drink? I didn’t see a drink in your hand! 🙂

    Regarding that job ….hang in there, you will find the answer! Love and miss you!
    Teresa recently posted…This Week’s Gallivantin’: Utah Rocks!My Profile

  18. I guess it is a good time to strength train and let your self be sore since you aren’t heavy duty training for races 🙂 I need to do that this summer, I’ve slacked off.
    Every little bit does count and swimming is kick butt!
    It is so pretty where you camp…the pontoon ride looks fun!!
    I was having serious FOMO too!!

    • I try to do more cross training activities in the off months. I run enough fall through spring. If I don’t lighten up on running I’m afraid I’ll burn out. Karen you decided on Vegas yet?

  19. I need to find someone that has a boat! 🙂 Looks so nice to be out on the water! Great pics! I too was jealous of all those in Utah last weekend!
    Sharon recently posted…Last Week’s Workouts and Weekly Wrap 6/5-6/11My Profile

    • They sure seemed to have a great time in Utah didn’t they Sharon. Your kids would love tubing behind a boat!

  20. Love pontoon boats – they are so much fun!

    I can identify with the work stress. At least we have running and weekend fun.

    Serious FOMO about Utah. Can’t wait for Vegas.
    Darlene recently posted…TOTR: Summer Running GearMy Profile

    • We’ve been wanting a boat for several summers. The hubs is about to wear me down so I’ll give in. I know you have a great time on yalls boat.

  21. Lake time sounds like a good way to balance the FOMO in Utah 🙂 Looks lovely!
    Jessica S recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: Back from vacation!My Profile

  22. Sounds like a fun weekend! I would love to swim in a lake but here in Florida most of them have gators!

    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Tough Mudder Kentucky 2017My Profile

    • Our lake has gators too but we swim out in the middle and usually a lot of boats keep the gators on the North where its more quiet and secluded.

  23. Don’t those sneaky DOMS need a smack? As much as I love stair-climbing, if I don’t run stairs for a couple weeks, I can almost guarantee I will be crying a day (or two) later LOL Utah gave me serious FOMO…looking forward to Vegas 😉
    Kim Hatting recently posted…Running into the SunMy Profile

  24. Swimming in the lake sounds like a GREAT idea. Temps for this week in California should reach triple digits (so HOT!!!). I can tell my legs get super tired after a few days of good running. Two intervals days and a tempo run leave me worn out. I have not done box steps in a long time and I am sure when I do I will be in the same “boat” as you!

    Have an awesome weekend!