Wrapping Up Racing in 2016

Wrapping Up Racing in 2016

Wrapping up racing in 2016 – There is just one more weekend, and that will wrap up the racing year of 2016. Since I am not planning a race I can go ahead and start tallying my races this year.

Wow, have I had a pretty good year! I am very pleased with how I have been able to do a variety of races, and actually, most are not even local. 18 is the number of races I’ve completed this year and they are broken down like this:

One Full Marathon

One 10k

One 6k

One Kayak/Run Race

Three 5k’s

Eleven Half Marathons

Eighteen Total Races

Just some random comments and pictures wrapping up racing in 2016 for your entertainment and mine alike:

Wrapping Up Racing in 2016

Taken during the WDW Marathon – In Hollywood Studios

I freaking ran a marathon! In Disney, no doubt with a bummedย IT Band, which still makes me want to do another one… What??? That is until I ran my last half of 2016, Ole Man River, it made me realize I may just be an ole woman. Nah, it’s how you feel right?

Mississippi Gulf Coast Half

Ohhh look, a camera

I think back at how much fun I had just a week before where I ran a 5k on Saturday and got a super awesome race picture and a half on Sunday and hardly could tell I ran at all!!!

Frostbite 10k was an epic failure but the Mighty Half in Oxford had an awesome finish line.

Wrapping Up Racing in 2016The City of New Orleans is where I ran in two races that were flat as a pancake while Montgomery, Nashville, and Meridian all tested my fitness with their hills!

montgomery half marathon recap

The beach was the setting for 4 races and who doesn’t like a Thanksgiving Day Race? I think this will be a tradition.

Wrapping Up Racing in 2016

And we did it!

I was singing the Blues 3 days before Memphis with some foot pain and little did I know the stars would align to get me within a minute of a PR.

Panama City Beach Half and HoLottaFun

This is the face you make when you think about how hard it was

I chased that coveted personal record for over eight months and with 7 other Blogger friends I crossed the finish in time to snag a shiny new number to chase once again!

Wrapping Up Racing in 2016

All in all, this has been an amazing ride for me. I have met so many friends I’ve connected with over social media and I’m riding this bus until the wheels fall off! And that will do it for Wrapping Up Racing in 2016!

magic carpet ride

I appreciate each and every one of you who have supported me on this journey and I look forward to another great year in 2017!

wrapping up racing in 2016

Looking back, are you happy with how 2016 went? What would you change for 2017?

What is one thing that you are particularly proud of?



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Wrapping Up Racing in 2016


  1. Eleven halfs and a full! Most impressive my friend! Cheers to.all you have accomplished and best wishes for a fabulous 2017!

  2. I didn’t realize you did that many halfs! YIKES!!! You were a busy (running) gal ๐Ÿ˜‰ Looking back, myself, I’m happy with 2016…though there were a few low spots. I have had a lot of time to think and reassess what kind of a “runner” I am. Stay tuned…there’s gonna be a “grand unveiling” soon LOL Congrats on a great year ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Kim Hatting recently posted…2016 Year in ReviewMy Profile

    • What is up with all these teaser comments everyone is putting out I want to know everything right now!! Okay okay I will be patient I can’t wait to see what is in store for you Kim!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Get it girly!!

    A great running year indeed!! You freaking ran a marathon….whoohoo!

    I feel OK abut 2016 races but have some goal in my mind for 2017.

    Good luck I 2017!!

  4. You were a racing machine this year! It was an epic year for you and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!! <3

    I don't see any karaoke after any of those other races. Just sayin'….
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Finding Joy in the JourneyMy Profile

  5. Great job on catching that PR! That blogger weekend sounds like it was a total blast. And way to go on all the races.
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…Wrapping up another year as MCM MamaMy Profile

  6. You had a great year! It sounds like there were a lot of fun races ๐Ÿ™‚
    Chaitali recently posted…Year of Running – 2016My Profile

  7. Wow you’ve had a stellar year of racing. I absolutely loved following your adventures this year.
    You’ve really got a great group of running friends and family to surround yourself with.
    Great job! I can only imagine the great things next year may have in store for you!

    • It has been a good year for me Kristy! I can hardly wrap my brain around what all I got to do and where I’ve been but just taking it one step, one adventure at a time!
      I’d love to add a meet up with you to my 2017 list of things I accomplished. Hoping you have a great 2017!
      Tricia recently posted…Wrapping Up Racing in 2016My Profile

  8. I wish I would have known back then that you were running the wdw marathon! Congrats on all the races you accomplished. I’m pretty please with my 2016 in running too!

  9. you have had a fabulous racing year!

  10. Wow great job on all of your races and accomplishments! I had 4 PR’s rather quickly earlier in the year and my health declined. It’s been a struggle coming back from that. We have moved into our new home and trying to make new friends. Katherine and I have been running together some which has really lifted my spirit. My favorite race was Disney Princess weekend. It was so much fun and I enjoyed meeting a new group of women who all love to run! I am thankful for meeting you nearly 2 years ago thanks to social media! You are doing so well and I am so happy for you! Happy New Year friend! Love you!

    • I am just tickled to see you back at it Katie. Glad to hear the move went well and it’s great you and Katherine can run together!! Hope to see you at more races in 2017!

  11. 18 races! Awesome!!! Congrats!

  12. I think you had an amazing year. I am always so impressed by hard far you will drive to run a race (that would take me halfway across Europe !) and how many races you have done. And your husband is extra special for going with you to all of them !

    I am sure 2017 will be just as great. So… another marathon ?
    Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Goals : Looking back on 2016 & forwardMy Profile

  13. You had a really great year with so many fun races! 2016 didnt turn out the way I planned but I definitely learned alot this year. Looking forward to seeing your adventures in 2017!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Reflections on the Past Year and Intentions for 2017My Profile

  14. What an awesome year!! So many accomplishments!! Way to get that PR!!! I think 2017 will bring good things your way…my Magic 8 Ball tells me so!!

    I’m excited that I ran as much as I did, being as I like to nap soooooo much!! I have Chicago in October, so I’m hoping to keep it healthy and injury free in 2017!!

    Looking forward to sharing the road with you in 2017!!!


  15. A great year of racing for you! It was fun to share the ones we did together. My proudest moment? Getting up…

  16. What a great year! I am so proud to share it with you! I love how our friendship and determination motivated us both to do our best! XXOO!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Not the year end I expected…………My Profile

  17. haha, I love it, you are riding the bus till the wheels fall off! I am going to make that my goal LOL
    You had a quite a year my dear, those are impressive numbers ๐Ÿ™‚ and a #holottafun for sure
    Cheers to many new adventures in 2017 and I hope I get to see you again.
    I love that you manage to look so freaking purdy too even when you are sweating ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Karen recently posted…New Year ~ Same Old StoryMy Profile